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November 2008
3049699Get out of here M.A.R.T.I.A.NIt seems there has been a time shift! Steampunk STALKER, an not-fully-thought-out cyberpunk setting with some potential and Macross 1942. And More!Steampunk, Time Shift, Macross, STALKER, World War 2, War of the Worlds2008-11-24 5 
April 2010
9434393/tg/ Debates Scientific Accuracy of PictureTroll photo deconstructed in true /tg/ style.Granite, Metamorphic, Dragons, High Pressure Worlds2010-04-26 23 
October 2010
12536809The Judge of WorldsA bit of epic storyfaggotry, detailing the adventures of a homebrew space opera discovering an ancient superweapon, Manly tears were shed.Judge of Worlds2010-10-23 8 
December 2010
13025479Dawn of WorldsAnother Dawn of Worlds game is played on /tg/. Gods are made, terrain mucked about with and general chaos all around.Dawn of Worlds, Collective Game, creation, roleplay2010-12-05 0 
13089743Dawn of Worlds: The First AgeThe first age of a Dawn of Worlds game. Features lava filled land, fire raining wasteland, eternally dying forests, and mountains with plenty of riches.Dawn of Worlds, Collective Game, creation, roleplay2010-12-09 1 
13111020Dawn of Worlds: Land is boring, acquire civilization. Dawn of Worlds game where a race gets started quite early. Much shenanigans included.Dawn of Worlds, Collective Game, creation, roleplay2010-12-12 0 
13123435Dawn of Worlds: RACES AND AVATARS.Races and avatars everywhere! Continuation of the previous Dawn of Worlds thread.Dawn of Worlds, Collective Game, creation, roleplay2010-12-12 0 
13215659Dawn of Worlds: Most convuloted family tree EVER!!!So two Gods made a God that made them before... and everyone live happily thereafter. Nature prevailed!Dawn of Worlds, Collective Game, creation, roleplay2010-12-19 1 
August 2011
16010222Dawn of Worlds Part 1: Pink SwampsA vibrant pantheon paints the world in their varied images, laying the foundations for high adventure. Dawn of Worlds, Collective Game2011-08-21 1 
16019862Dawn of Worlds Part 2: Elder RacesNew deities join the pantheon and living things populate the world.Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds2011-08-22 3 
16031813Dawn of Worlds Part 3: Flourishing MortalsIn this rather short session the barren land is all covered over, and the elder races make some advancements in technology. The world also sees its first armies.Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds2011-08-23 1 
16042889Dawn of Worlds Part 4: Tensions RisingThe Humans solidify their presence and all the races expand, with Naga blood being spilled by the Orcs. Torrmal arrives to bestow curses. Gabu technology advances by leaps and bounds, and the subterranean sun is sundered by Nzrqnr. All in a day's work for our Pantheon.Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds2011-08-24 1 
16054713Dawn of Worlds: Return of Neutrality 1Dawn of Worlds game where neutral alignments dominate the pantheon and the first age is completed in record time.Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds, Neutrals2011-08-25 0 
16068442Dawn of Worlds: Return of Neutrality 2The second part of Return of Neutrality. The Second Age is filled with Faerie civil war, spider invasions and demon Minotaurs (Demotaurs) mining their volcano. Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds, Neutrals2011-08-26 0 
16097344Dawn of Worlds: Explosive edition 1 After quickly jumping into the second age there's a purple crystal forest, fire dwarves, and interdimensional elemental exploding musicians. What else is there to say?Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds2011-08-29 1 
16110309Dawn of Worlds: Explosive edition 2A short session expanding the world of Explosive Musicians, Walking Egyptian Statues, and now Specters.Collective Game, Dawn of Worlds2011-08-30 1 
January 2012
17519063STALKER homebrew Version playable with Savage worlds system.STALKER, Rpg, Savage Worlds, GM2012-01-13 5 
March 2012
18398432War Of The Worlds game/tg/ is given a copy of the War Of The Worlds strategy vidya. Much nostalgia is had. War Of The Worlds, HG Wells, Scifi, Martians, Tripods, Strategy, vidya, game2012-03-21 12 
18518605Dawn of Worlds: A broken world: Age 3The third age begins in bloodshed and death.Dawn of worlds, collective game, creation2012-03-31 1 
May 2012
19279527Zerg Quest LXXXVIIIaPart one, due to mod faggotry. Screw 'em.Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Cerebrate Anon, mod faggotry, Worldship poking2012-05-29 7 
June 2012
19671858Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 2With the basics of character creation done, Minifig now works on specific animals. Suggestions are made, things are refined, alliances are forged.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, cordova is awesome2012-06-30 2 
August 2012
20389334Dawn of Worlds: The First AgeGods Descend Upon a Barren World, Jungles, Tundra,and all manner of landmarks are created and Lizardmen walk the developing worldCollective_game dawn_of_worlds Gods Winter_Is_Coming2012-08-20 0 
20403237Dawn of Worlds 2nd EraThe second Era of the Dawn of Worlds game hosted by Satlof where the gods now create races for the terrain created last age.[Collective Game][Dawn of Worlds][2nd Era]2012-08-21 0 
December 2012
21831384Dawn of WorldsDawn of Worlds the cooperative world building game. A game in which multiple gods build a worlddawn of worlds, gods, world, creation2012-12-01 3 
21845316Dawn of Worlds 2Most of the world is built and multiple races are created. Then suddenly killer vegetables.dawn of worlds, gods, world, creation, Killer Vegetables2012-12-02 1 
August 2013
26468972Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 3Minifig finally gets off his fanny and finishes off the conversion, then gives a storytime.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, Savage Worlds2013-08-06 0 
January 2015
37685658Flying Tigers & Crimson SkiesA planefag wants to run Crimson Skies in Savage Worlds. /tg/ provides discussion and resources. P-51 best planeplanes, crimson skies, fighters, flying tigers, savage worlds, air combat, pulp fiction2015-01-30 3 
August 2016
48586784The Martian War/tg/ dicusses the idea of a campaign set during WWII fighting Martians from War of the Worlds. war, world building, mars, warships, creative, HMS Exeter, War of the Worlds, WW22016-08-04 6 
November 2016
776242Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest 2 #??the fuck is going onGuP, Girls und Panzer, LGA, Collective Game, GuP:LGA2 Quest, War of the Worlds2016-11-01 6 
August 2017
54693330Deadlands Discussion and InspirationTalkin' about the meanest game in the west, pardner.Deadlands, Savage Worlds, Cowboy2017-08-15 2 
November 2017
2012583Will of WorldsThe protagonist Coralie is introduced and the motive of fear is behind her wanting to leave her home worldWill of Worlds, Sci-Fi, Fictional Worlds, Collective Game2017-11-03 -1 
January 2020
70308393The Prince Of Elysia - Part 3: The Core WorldsThe god-game expands campaign settings, suffers casualties, and encounters plot twistsStorytime, Elysia, Core, Worlds, Daies, Hitsito, Dowjin, Tel`ryn, Destamona, Stefan, Sahzralaith2020-01-06 5 
December 2020
76454598Draw your party threadPeople talk about their games, share advice, & post cool drawings. Campy musicals, grim mythology, treacherous techpriests, & more.draw, painting, party, byzantine, human sacrifice, dnd, Savage Worlds, 40K, nechronica, robotica, pathfinder, FATE, Rogue Trader, musical2020-12-22 1 
January 2021
76585688Draw your party thread: Christmas 2020 and New YearsDrawings of parties, GMing advice, people talk about games, storytime, a drawfag starts on a new template.Draw, party, storytime, noir, Black Crusade, Nechronica, Genesys, d&d, WFRP, Only War, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, Ubiquity, Savage Worlds2021-01-03 1 
May 2022
5225669Dawn of Worlds: Apoch - First Age #1A gaggle of gods collaborate to remake the dead world of Apoch.Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest, Dawn of Worlds, Apoch, Multiplayer2022-05-12 4 
June 2022
5253825Dawn of Worlds: Apoch - First Age #2The age of Land and Beasts continues, and reaches a conclusion.Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest, Dawn of Worlds, Apoch, Multiplayer2022-06-24 0 
5278157Dawn of Worlds: Apoch - Second AgeThe second age, of Culture and Strife, begins anew. Collective Game, God Game, World Building, Quest, Dawn of Worlds, Apoch, Multiplayer2022-06-24 0 
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