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September 2008
2633867Go Go Power MarinesAfter 10000 years, Rita's Free! /tg/ attempts to recruit a team of Space Marines with ATTITUDE.Power Rangers, Space Marines2008-09-22 -4 
March 2010
8750225Power Rangers: The GatheringAnon posts a custom card of the Green Ranger. Other anons endeavor to make it better, and more comprehensive.Power Rangers, Magic the Gathering, Magic2010-03-24 2 
April 2010
9251334Commissar RangersA thread about what would happen if Horus came back to fight Terra turns into a discussion about the Chaos-Stomping Commissar Rangers and their fights with Chaos.Commissar, Power Rangers, Horus Heresy, What if,2010-04-17 18 
January 2011
13712986ITT: Organized Rangers.OP asks for ideas for Ranger organizations. /tg/ obliges.Rangers, OC2011-01-30 2 
June 2011
15417996RitaQuest #1Image meme threads becomes quest thread. Rita is a lesbian. Goldar finds a power coin. Many shenanigans happen.Collective Game, RitaQuest, Power Rangers2011-06-29 11 
August 2011
16073432I.G. JOE: a REAL Imperial hero!TG talks about 40k as Tv shows.40k, Power Rangers2011-08-26 -3 
December 2012
22140457Power Rangers Villians and 40KOP posts a picture of Lord Zedd calling him a heretek, one anon points out that Zedd is more of a sorceror than a heretek. Brain Storming Session involving Fluff for reworked Power Rangers villians as Antagonists for Dark Heresy and Black Crusade follows./tg/_gets_shit_done, Power_Rangers, 40K2012-12-22 8 
June 2013
25716223Madgod Quest 1Anon is now Sheogorath and proceeds to recruit 5 Dunmer with ATTITUDE! Also Cheese.Skyrim, elves, POWAH RANGERS, Madgod Quest, Collective Game,2013-06-30 8 
January 2016
45077312Power Rangers Primal QuestIntroducing Lord Zedd as your mentor and a bunch meta-human mercenaries as your rangers and animal people as the bad guy!power rangers primal quest2016-01-29 4 
February 2016
45142231Power Primal Rangers #2You're rangers meet three false rangers, three real rangers and then meet up with Rita as you face Ivan Ooze and his Beast Generals!power rangers primal quest2016-02-02 3 
45203007Power Primal Rangers #2.5After your meeting with Ivan Ooze and several bad rolls we get to the meaty business of things!Power Primal Rangers Quest2016-02-04 1 
45584896Power Rangers Quest: Episode 1We are the red ranger, and we get them morphing powers and fight a knight.Collective Game, Power Rangers Quest2016-02-23 2 
45643122Power Rangers Quest: Episode 2 Part 1We help the yellow ranger but are cut off early as Zordon continuously loses power.power rangers quest, collective game2016-02-26 1 
August 2016
429326Black Company Quest #13The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. During knifework we meet exciting new Adventurers, then kill them.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Knifework, Adventurers, Rangers lead the way2016-08-01 25 
April 2021
4677197Evil ranger quest ep. 1An evil Power ranger is created deep underwater, and has trouble finding her place in this strange politics-ridden world.Power rangers, Collective Game, White ranger, First quest, Adventure, Female protagonist, Evil protagonist, Rangers, No coom (unfortunately)2021-04-04 0 
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