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July 2012
19675380Fortune: Evolution Game 6-3 (Arctic)The evolution game continues, as players now take the reins of animals residing in the frostbitten Arctic of the Beta Continent.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, Arctic, Beta Continent2012-07-02 5 
December 2012
21928723OP the Beta fa/tg/uySomeone seeks sympathy on /tg/. He discovers why this is a terrible mistake and things soon become amusing. Whining, Beta, Cruelty, Humour, Suicide, Chinese, Thin Your Paints, Disappointment2012-12-07 7 
April 2013
24493975Muvluv Alternative Quest 01Tuning the main character and then introduction, we get kidnapped. Muvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs 2013-04-28 9 
24533355Muvluv Alternative Quest 02Where a certain esper talk with a commander and resolve herself to take her first stepsMuvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs2013-04-30 8 
May 2013
24608072Muvluv Alternative Quest 03Where our esper choose a mentor and then cliffhanger happen.Muvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs2013-05-04 11 
24978663Muvluv Alternative Quest 04Where our esper take a one way trip down someone mental trauma and almost lose her identity.Muvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs2013-05-23 9 
June 2013
25303750Muvluv Alternative Quest 05Training is hard when you are out of shapeMuvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs2013-06-08 6 
25438925Muvluv Alternative Quest 06Where seriousness morph into silliness, fun time with the Eishi where it end up with a championMuvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs 2013-06-15 11 
25701540Muvluv Alternative Quest 07Where sillyness morph into seriousness. We've gone full circle. Also training is hardMuvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs2013-06-29 5 
July 2013
25976891Muvluv Alternative Quest 08The tomfooleries intensifies as we try to help out our pupil with a certain problem.Muvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs 2013-07-13 6 
January 2015
37472628Hive Queen Quest BetaA new hive Queen is hatched, her start is a bit cold.Collective Game, Hive Queen Beta, Quest2015-01-19 6 
37496518Hive Queen Quest Beta: 02 The cold reality.The queen has her HIVE set up, it now can finally rest as her nutrient supply grows.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-20 7 
37513274Hive Queen Quest Beta: 03 A dish best servedOur queen grows her hive, has her new set of worker go out and then encounters a new creature, it ends badly.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-21 5 
37556573Hive Queen Quest Beta: 04 the queen's gambitThe queen tries a hail mary and sends out the best workers it has for food, they face many challenges only to realize its not enough.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-23 6 
37598686Hive Queen Quest Beta: 05 the lone roadThe hive tries to expand its operations, meets an old foe, learns of new lands.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-25 5 
37710957Hive Queen Quest Beta: 06 A precipice and WolvesThings are looking up for the hive, until a strange objects falls from the sky.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-30 6 
37733489Hive Queen Quest Beta: 07 Of Keeks and BugsA news species is found, captured, and almost eaten. Strange blurs fly in the sky.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-31 5 
February 2015
38340170Hive Queen Quest Beta: 08 A Tale of Two KeeksThe queen finishes her second farm sends a scouting party east, loses a flying scout to god knows what. Decides to start farm 3.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-02-27 6 
November 2016
802406European Dragon Quest 37: New Title Image Edition!In this episode, Ren discovers the meaning of friendship, and that tumbling isn't the answer to everything, and hear the sound of beta tearCollective Quest, Terrorism, European Dragon Quest, Tumbling, Beta Tears, QuestingQM2016-11-14 3 
February 2017
1089542Hive Queen Quest Beta: 09 Lord of the KeeksStuff happens.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2017-02-02 5 
1192881Hive Queen Quest Beta: 10 War and KeeksThe Hive is dealt a massive blow as an unknown enemy breaches deep into the throne room leaving a wake of devastation.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2017-02-23 5 
March 2017
1301850Hive Queen Quest Beta: 11 Moby KeekThe queen establishes her base and grows a large number of soldiers, and her miners are eaten in a freak incident with a giant rock worm.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2017-03-26 5 
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