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April 2012
18747684Armored Core Quest 14: TRAINING DAYWe get some much-needed practice in the sims. Having already taken down 5 ACS without having fired a single shot, a mysterious stranger livens up the game a littleArmored Core Quest, Collective Game, Armored Core, Mech, Mecha, Mechs 2012-04-17 13 
April 2013
24493975Muvluv Alternative Quest 01Tuning the main character and then introduction, we get kidnapped. Muvluv Alternative Quest, Collective Game, BETA, Espers, Mechs 2013-04-28 9 
May 2016
160514Mechs & Dragons S01 EP01A marooned mech pilot wakes up from thousands of years of cryosleep to find that a world of magitech evolved around his bunker!collective game, Lazard, Mechs & Dragons2016-05-21 1 
188017Mechs & Dragons S01 EP02We go down into the earth to hunt some monster bugs before lunch, then go back to Serd Wedas.collective game, Lazard, Mechs & Dragons2016-05-29 1 
June 2016
244610Mechs & Dragons S01 EP03We miss having a bigger mech when we fight a demon shark, and then go on a date with Lyanncollective game, Lazard, Mechs & Dragons2016-06-16 1 
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