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July 2012
19675380Fortune: Evolution Game 6-3 (Arctic)The evolution game continues, as players now take the reins of animals residing in the frostbitten Arctic of the Beta Continent.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, Arctic, Beta Continent2012-07-02 5 
February 2013
22933569Guy's Civilization Game: Arctic Goblins #1Just getting a feel for the land around us, we find some food sources, a tower with a golem inside, and prepare for a blizzard. Also we plan to kill all the gods.Guy, civilization game, civ game, civ, collective game, arctic goblins, goblins2013-02-02 6 
23073087Guy's Civilization Game: Arctic Goblins #2Fucking humans fucking our shit up, we find some giants living underground, and build a bat/spider farm.Civilization game, arctic goblins, goblins, guy, civ game, civ, collective game2013-02-10 4 
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