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December 2009
73464208-Bit Dystopia, Crunch ThreadThe basics of an 8-bit Dystopia system. I, for one, welcome our new Dreamland overlords.8-Bit, Dystopia, Crunch2009-12-30 0 
January 2010
7637308Wal-Mart setting thread contNot as fluffy, but some good ideas and discussion from the perspective of a game.Wal-Mart, dystopia, writefaggotry, setting2010-01-18 2 
September 2010
12240979FreemarketA viral marketer tries to pimp shitastic game. /tg/ dumps on it to hilarious effect, then begins the slow process to sift out the fun parts at the expense of the game's fluff. The game's "utopia" is shown to actually be a dystopia of horrifying scope. Beware the frownie. >:(Freemarket, >:( , Floooooooooooow, dystopia, frownie,2010-09-27 11 
March 2012
18219208/tg/ MetaQuest Thread 67We scrap with a SUE version of Metal Sonic, Gondegal nearly gets ghostbusted, and we learn that Heat Man is one hot dude.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, 8-bit Dystopia, Robotnik2012-03-06 10 
18351662/tg/ Meta Quest 70We get the rest of the gems with our Most Valuable Poltergeist, Gondegal, after a troll brings down the building. Now, its time to diggy diggy hole.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, 8-bit Dystopia, Metroid2012-03-17 12 
18385365/tg/ Meta Quest 71The fight against Air Man does not proceed as well as hoped.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, 8-bit Dystopia, Mega Man2012-03-21 10 
18434125/tg/ Meta Quest 72As Light's Resistance assaults WilyCorp HQ, the Command Crew mulls over how to attack Dr. Grimm. We drill to the planet's core with the Mikasa, and begin the boss battle of this world.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, 8-bit Dystopia, Mega Man, Ultima2012-03-24 11 
18468727/tg/ Meta Quest 73As the world collapses around us, we try to take whatever and whoever we can. We transit back to Sector HQ, to find a Black Ops fleet ready to tackle the moving distortion. We then begin discussing what to get in our next round of Requisitions, before they go into lockdown.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, 8-bit Dystopia, Mega Man, Ultima2012-03-27 11 
April 2012
18837867Magical Girl DystopiaMagical Girls take over and stunt human emotions by making everything into happy land. Rebels use gene therapy to become monsters and fight them. Fluuuuuuuuufffffluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-04-24 21 
May 2012
19085077Magical Girl Dystopia IIIMore fleshing out about the girls and the resistancefluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-14 5 
19119894Magical Girl Dystopia IVThe setting is solidified, ideas are developed, and issues from the last thread are snipped in the bud.fluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-18 2 
June 2014
32678291Fern IslandFern Island: Come for the view, stay for the murder, cannibalism, psychotic fern-worshipping zealots, wars over fern, hissing ferns, cannibal natives and geckos! A vacation for the whole family!fern, ferns, fern island, land gulls, geckos, holy war, dystopia, minecraft,2014-06-10 8 
August 2014
34032004Lawful Evil CivilizationsOP requests ideas for how a Lawful Evil city would work. Worldbuilding, dystopia and the prospect that North Korea is actually ran by a chaotic stupid LOLevil That Guy player character results.Alignments, dystopia, hell, lawful evil, Ayn Rand,2014-08-11 2 
January 2015
37171170The Book of SauronOP makes a "Sauron did nothing wrong" joke thread. /tg/ proves untrollable and starts worldbuilding the Book of Sauron and his possible return.LotR, Sauron, Worldbuilding, Writefag, Book, City, Dystopia, Horror2015-01-06 6 
March 2015
38813543Declining World HeadlinesI'm fishing for headlines from a world in which stuff is slowly but inexorably crapping out, like Atlas Shrugged, or Interstellar. Something a bit less obvious than CHOCOLATE RATIONS INCREASED TO 19 GRAMS A WEEK.Dystopia, Dystopian, News, Depressing2015-03-20 13 
November 2015
43646188/tg/ creates utopiaIn which OP asks how /tg/ posters would create a utopia if given reality warper powers. Discussion of human nature, religions and the need for evil results. Surprisingly civil.ethics, utopia, dystopia, god, power, good, evil, Skull-King The Giant Robotic Scourge Of Mankind,2015-11-15 2 
January 2017
51194361American HellA hell based off the most hellish aspects of each American state is created.hell, afterlife, dystopia, american, worldbuilding, funny,2017-01-15 4 
April 2017
52871104Original Dystopias/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds ideas for new dystopian settings.worldbuilding, setting, dystopia, dystopian, 2017-04-29 3 
July 2017
53916206Communism in CyberpunkWorldbuilding for a cyberpunk setting where rather than megacorporations, communism has taken over society. kafkaesque, dystopia, cyberpunk, communism, soviet, eastern bloc, setting, worldbuilding, 2017-07-05 1 
January 2018
2165968Silent Stars: Side Story vol 2An AI commits fraud, becomes a cop, gets molested, meets and kills strange people, develops a sense of morality, and starts a city.NonGent, Dystopia, Cyborgs, Tanks, Ultraviolence, Collective game2018-01-01 2 
February 2018
2241861Silent Stars: Side Story vol 3A maintenance drone fixes some things, fights some rats, becomes a nuclear power, and accidentally wipes a city off the map.NonGent, Dystopia, SciFi, Drones, Collective game2018-02-01 1 
March 2018
2355353Age of Strife #2We take odd jobs and battle mini-boss Beelzebub. Our apartment gets trashed and we sit down to read a magic book.Orpheus, Demon Hunter, Magic, Future, Semi-Dystopia,2018-03-19 1 
2390194Age of Strife #3We finish buying a styling coat before we look for our friend in a stripper bar, before burning it down.Orpheus, Demon Hunter, Magic, Future, Semi-Dystopia,2018-03-29 1 
June 2019
66704603headlines of the future/tg/ writes their ideas for the newspapers of tomorrow!future, predictions, utopia, dystopia, setting,2019-06-22 -2 
August 2020
74404212Dystopian Cyberpunk Setting/tg/ attempts to worldbuild a cyberpunk dystopia, only to discover everything they propose has actually happened.worldbuilding, cyberpunk, dystopia, metafictional, depressing2020-08-23 -4 
October 2020
75306716non-corporate cyberpunkWhat are some alternatives for cyberpunk dystopias where the power of the megacorps has been broken?worldbuilding, cyberpunk, dystopia,80s Czechoslovakia, fall of the soviet union,2020-10-10 -1 
December 2020
76279790/tg/ debates the morality of Brave New World and Iain Banks' Culture seriesDo people require the knowledge that nothing more powerful than them exists to be happy?philosophical, post-scarcity, post-singularity, utopia, dystopia, religion, 2020-12-10 -1 
January 2021
76699814you've been charged with making the next great cyberpunk setting/tg/ discusses cyberpunk.worldbuilding, setting, dystopia, cyberpunk,2021-01-02 -1 
76720490Boring FutureMundane uses for cyberpunk technology.cyberpunk, cyborg, cybernetics, transhuman, posthuman, DRM, planned obsolescence, spyware, dystopia,2021-01-02 1 
March 2021
78105088contemporary cyberpunkWhat would cyberpunk based upon modernity's fears of the future rather than those of the eighties be like?cyberpunk, worldbuilding, dystopia,2021-03-18 -12 
April 2021
78328758solarpunk made punkHow to make a dystopian solarpunk setting?worldbuilding, solarpunk, cyberpunk, dystopia, setting,2021-04-03 0 
July 2021
80049491modern cyberpunkWhat would cyberpunk based off the modern zeitgeist rather than that of the eighties consist of?cyberpunk, worldbuilding, dystopia, feudalism,2021-07-02 -5 
February 2022
5156274Spineless Quest Episode 1F-Inal Drone mk.IV, a Formicidaean-powered corporation project escapes her holding facility. Solenopsis V. Sparrasid.Spineless Quest, insectqm, arthropods, female MC, mutants, dystopia, genetic enhancements, 2022-02-21 1 
April 2022
5170799Spineless Quest Episode 2Final Drone tries to blend in. Spineless Quest, insectqm, arthropods, female MC, mutants, dystopia, genetic enhancements2022-04-16 1 
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