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November 2007
763257Most Terrifying Thing EverAAAHHHHHHHHHscary, lolwhat2007-11-02 7 
January 2008
1010369Ways to mindfuck your players.Mindfucking with liches, dolls and other creepy things to keep players on edge.Creepy, lol2008-01-14 17 
September 2008
2499093Random Fanfiction Generator/tg/ plays around with a random generator and posts the results for epic lulz!lol random XD2008-09-04 5 
2653172Drizzt of NecronMaybe he's the Drizzt of Necron.drizzt necron lolcron mortified2008-09-24 33 
October 2008
2754620The 666 Rituals of DetestationDiscussion on the fabled 666 Rituals of Detestation of the Grey Knights40k, lol2008-10-07 1 
2782214NecronthirstNecrons plus Powerthirst. Also, Tom Jones.40k lol2008-10-11 6 
April 2009
4261658The EmperorHe gave his life so you would be a slave to chaos and darkness.emperor, chaos, lolwut, uplifting primer2009-04-12 29 
August 2009
5484341/g/ QuestWhat started in another thread as 4chanShow bullshit inspired a game run by a traveller from /g/. Serious mindfuck, anguish and shitloads of blood followed. But it was good./g/, loli, mindfuck, clones2009-08-17 4 
5522923Gemini Quest pt. 3The conclusion to Vlad's Game/g/, Gemini, Quest, Loli, Mindfuck2009-08-20 1 
5626533/tg/ bustin' some rhymes yallDo any other boards do this?rap, tg, lol2009-08-28 1 
February 2010
8203254Dr. Alexander Fumblebottom's mirrrrrracccculous Snake oil and cocaine ointments!Step right up, folks, and witness the wonder of Dr. Alexander Fumblebottom's mirrrrrracccculous Snake oil and cocaine ointments! This revolution in medicine is Absolutely prrrrrroven to cure dizziness! depression! erectile problems! Gunshot wounds! You name it, we got it! Buy now, folks, we've only got a limited supply!Dr, Miracle, Samefag, Nigger, Troll, Roleplay, lol2010-02-21 5 
March 2010
8587949Mecha musume gone grim darkA "This is your <x>" thread goes horribly wrong in all the right ways involving girls in war machinery.grimdark mecha_musume mecha loli war2010-03-15 2 
May 2010
9824964Death Star RemembranceWhere were you when the rebel scum murdered a million of our loyal comrades in what was certainly the greatest Imperial Tragedy of our generation?Star Wars, LOL, What /tg/ is here for, writefaggotry2010-05-15 15 
June 2010
10376500MAID QUEST XXXVIIIFireworks and shit yo.Maid Quest, loli demonesses, fireworks2010-06-09 13 
10378714XXXIXCuddle process is started. Goushujin is bannedMaid Quest, loli demonesses, fireworks2010-06-09 11 
10526077Maid Quest #(Last one + 1)^_^;;Maid, Quest, Trolls, Spam, Loli, Haters gonnna hate2010-06-16 11 
September 2010
11985698Humanity trolls the galaxyThe entire galaxy thinks humans are evil monsters, but really we are playing a prank of epic proportions.Humanity fuck yeah, humans, lulz, lol, fuck yeah, writefaggotry2010-09-07 50 
October 2010
12577592Apollo does Abbot and Costello... for D&DWho's the Fighter, What's the Rogue, I Don't Know's the Cleric... classicAbbot and Costello, Who's on First, D&D, classic lols2010-10-26 5 
March 2011
14275854When Players Go Full RetardSometimes Player deny good sense and logic; then they die.Players, Herp, Derp, Lolded, Funny, lulz, epic, awesome2011-03-17 7 
14374990Magical BurstOP said... "So, the guy that translated Maid RPG watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica, liked it, and used it as inspiration for an RPG, Magical Burst." And as it was written, it was done.puella magi madoka magica, loli, magical girl, mahou shoujo, despair, horror, magic, wishes, dark, maid rpg, anime, manga, weeaboo2011-03-28 1 
April 2011
14754121The Game (Classroom)/tg/ finds vid of VA teacher running large-scale world RP in classroom. Contacts him for information, win ensues.homebrew, cooperative, getting shit done, original, collective game, loli2011-04-29 12 
May 2011
14890671Random Class Refluffs!Hilarity ensues as the Internet Haet Machine(and a writefag or two) refluffs non-sensical Random Class combinations. Good for a laugh or two.Stupid, refluff, haberdasher, character creation, lollercoaster, internet hate machine, writefaggotry2011-05-12 1 
August 2011
16047730Do you...Catan?Awesomely hilarious thread. So bad it's funny, then sergal shows up. Catan, so bad, Sergal, lol, funny, lulz2011-08-24 0 
February 2012
18118824MLP and WH40K Civil DiscussionWhat begins as saging and late night cynicism changes into two divergent but equally civil discussionsMLP, WH40K, 40K, Warhammer 40K, discussion, civil, civility, informational, interesting, lol2012-02-27 13 
July 2012
19838953Wizards with Human FamiliarsA fa/tg/uy asks if you can take human familiars, and /tg/ invents one of the most broken mages ever; the Lolimancer.wizard, loli, lolimancer2012-07-12 16 
December 2012
21867380Worm that walks variations"lobster that licks" "but lobsters don't have tongues" "indeed. Roll for san loss." It only gets better from there.surreal, creepy, lol, undead, 2012-12-03 10 
22146679/tg/ Prophesizes their OWN end-of-the-world/tg/ bands together with an ancient evil, a virgin, a dog, a half-fae catboy, akuuuuuu, and for some reason michael bay to end all timemayan calendar, end of the world, lol, lulz, funny, humourous indeed, greentext, foolish samurai warrior2012-12-21 14 
February 2013
23205251Shadowrun Cyberloli ArmyWhen a group of runners find themselves with a small army of augmented little girls, /tg/ knows just what to do with them.Shadowrun, loli, fun, adorable, just another day on /tg/, clips, d'aww2013-02-17 24 
June 2013
25652914Bromont Quest WhateverBromont finally learns how to put quest in the subject field. Maybe he will actually put it to use in the next threadMonstergirl, Collective Game, Bromont Quest, erp, shotacon, lolicon, futanari, monstergirl, is it really proper to call em girls when they all have dicks2013-06-26 -4 
July 2013
25845913Sadistic Immortal Loli Rape Victim: RecapBecause everyone knows the best part of any anime is the recap episode!Collective Game, Vampire Doll Quest, Edgy, Lolicon, Rape, Guro, erp, Redundancy2013-07-06 15 
25938722LOL, Elfsex!LOL, Elfsex!LOL, Elfsex!2013-07-10 14 
September 2013
27154619Loli Fight Club QuestWatch little girls brutalize each other for your sick and twisted amusement!Collective Game, Loli Fight Club Quest, Fetish, Guro2013-09-11 49 
27291940Samefag QuestDON'T YOU MEAN LOLI FIGHT CLUB QUESTCollective Game, Samefag Quest, Lolis, Fetish, I guess you can't really call it collective when it's just one dude samefagging2013-09-18 0 
27332789Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. QuestIn which we enter the Zone and begin inflicting untold misery on the local garrison with weapon-grade cuteness.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-09-20 2 
27344108Eclipse Phase: Captain SilkbeardOne anon walks us through Eclipse Phases' life path character creation system. Dutch spider-pirates ensue.character cretion, eclipse phase, sci fi, spiders, lulz, lol, awesome, holland, knitting, weed, whores2013-09-21 13 
27351367Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 2)In which we forage for supplies and get ourselves abducted.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-09-21 -2 
27452864Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 3)In which we find some perfectly edible mushrooms.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-09-27 -3 
27469519Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 4)In which we part ways with the team.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-09-28 -4 
October 2013
27488162All-children ADVENTURE party ideasOP asks if an all-kids adventuring party would be acceptable. /tg/ jumps on the idea and awesome ensues.campaign ideas, campaign, Children, Adventure, loli, /tg/_gets_shit_done, I wish to be the little girl, Monsters, Digimon, Game Ideas, little fears2013-10-02 16 
27584308A Matter of Taste: An Epicure's QuestXiombarg's Storyteller takes up /tg/'s request for Adult Cannibal Loli Thread, with less lesbians than usual. loli, Xiombarg's Storyteller, quest, cannibal, horror, Collective Game2013-10-05 21 
27603168A Matter of Taste: An Epicure's Quest Pt. 2A small quest; driven by hunger, the villain finally chooses her prey. Collective Game, Loli, Cannibal, Quest , Horror2013-10-06 17 
27702838A Matter of Taste: An Epicure's Quest Pt. 3Finally, the prey is ensnared, and...apparently dogs are not a loli's best friend. Collective Game, Loli, Cannibal, Horror, Blood2013-10-12 13 
27810504Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 5)In which we dream of happier times, and find civilization.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-10-18 -4 
27822261Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 5 Cont.)In which we consider the need to be more paranoid in the future.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-10-19 -6 
27825521A Matter of Taste: An Epicure's Quest, Part 4What may be the final installment of Adult Loli Cannibal Quest....feeding time. Collective Game, Loli, Cannibal, Blood, Horror, Guro2013-10-19 9 
27935493Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 6)In which we earn ourselves a new nickname.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-10-25 -6 
November 2013
28054227Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 7)In which we smoothly avoid being drugged by a creepy old man.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-11-01 -4 
28179464Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 8)In which we whine about how unfair our life is being.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-11-08 -7 
28435343Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 9)In which we make the delivery with little trouble.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-11-22 -7 
28554670 Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 10)In which we return to Skadovsk.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-11-30 -8 
28563318Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 10)In which we return to Skadovsk.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-11-30 -6 
December 2013
29158243Genderbent Everloli Magical Monstergirl Exhibitionist QuestHow did it come to this, /tg/?Fetish, Monstergirls, Loli, Voyeur, Genderbending, Why is this even a thing, It makes me sick; how far we done fell2013-12-29 16 
29149777Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 11)In which the legend of Princess Loli of the Zone is born.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2013-12-29 -5 
29172627Genderbent Everjailbait Magical Monstergirl Exhibitionist With Big Hips Transformation QuestThis should be more accurateFetish, Monstergirls, Loli, Exhibition, Yuri, Genderbending, Harem, Why is this even a thing, It makes me sick; how far we done fell2013-12-30 42 
January 2014
29372744Monsterloli Vore QuestLittle girls eats people. Nuff said.Monstergirls, lolis, vore, arabs2014-01-08 4 
29367526Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 12)In which we make breakfast, and some new friends.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-01-08 -4 
29430930Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 13)In which we learn what it feels like to be a hero.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-01-11 -4 
29449266souls in asseswe discuss whether souls live in asses and what that means for the orksork, bum, butt, ass, soul, slaanesh, eldar, 40k, warhammer, epic, lol, funny, fluff2014-01-12 22 
29445953Nechronica Fast ChargenOP made a chargen guide for Nechronica, made three chars with /tg/.Chargen, Nechronica, Undead, Loli, Japan,2014-01-13 11 
29533166Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 14)In which we get to know our new friends a little better, and question their sexuality.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-01-15 -4 
29704936Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 15)In which weapon-grade cuteness finally gets weaponized.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-01-22 -4 
29772025Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 16)In which we develop some serious doubts about Kris.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-01-25 -4 
29876226Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 17)In which we prepare a chocolatey breakfast.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-01-29 -4 
February 2014
29995420Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 18)In which we [PERSPECTIVE SWITCH!]Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-02-03 -3 
30011031Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 18 Act II)In which we locate the treasure!Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-02-04 -4 
30113213Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 19)In which the team gains a new, clearly trustworthy member.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-02-09 -4 
30191465Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 20)In which another cute creature is recruited to our cause.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-02-12 -4 
30231807Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 21)In which he gives you the chocolate.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-02-14 -4 
30298735Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 22)In which we play tag and learn how to survive in the Zone.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-02-17 -3 
30388269Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 23)Rocks fall, everyone dies.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-02-21 -4 
March 2014
30610387Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 24)In which Kris plays a strategy game.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-03 -4 
30758571Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 25)In which the package gets returned to the sender.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-10 -4 
30916648Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 26 Teaser)In which we get a dapper new suit, and they have a tank.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-18 -4 
30992620Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 26)In which they definitely have a tank.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-22 -4 
31135127Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 27)In which they still have a tank, but at least nobody else has died.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-03-29 -4 
April 2014
31201399Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 28) Loli has a cunning plan.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-01 -4 
31445399Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 30)We have a short recap before the adventure continues.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-13 -4 
31489176Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 31)A midnight encounter goes better than expected.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-15 -4 
31554842Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 32)The team have breakfast, little of interest occurs.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-04-18 -4 
May 2014
31888036Sext Adventure Quest: "Sword" Sucking SagaSee, its quirky and cute when I write poorly written porn because I do it in pictures~Smut, bad writing, good grammar is for nazis, lolsorandumb, lwys2014-05-03 -9 
32013932Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 33)In which a few screws may be loose.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-05-09 -4 
32034496Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 33 Cont.) The team consider the benefits of the nine mike mike pension plan.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-05-10 -4 
32236976Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 34)We play a game.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-05-20 -4 
June 2014
33062002Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 35)A reminder that man and monster aren't the only threats in the Zone.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-06-28 -3 
July 2014
33186102Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 36)Loli gets some rest. Kris leads a supply run.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-04 -1 
33267927Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 37)In which we relax with Vasa.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-08 -1 
33353733Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 37 Act II)In which we learn a circus trick.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-12 0 
33425182Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 38)Kris tells a story, and not much else happens.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-15 0 
33650872Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 39)In which Dave is as helpful as ever.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-25 0 
33742257Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 40)A look into the mind of Dave.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-07-29 0 
August 2014
33907837Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 41)In which we spend four hours buying stuff.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-08-05 1 
34184777Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 42)In which we throw a tantrum.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun2014-08-16 0 
34475298Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 43)In which we get some answers.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-08-29 1 
September 2014
34595804Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 44)We chase after Dave, get railroaded, and then Kaleun pulls a TWEEEESTCollective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-09-03 1 
34671635Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Part 45)GRAND FINALE EDITIONCollective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-09-06 2 
34786767Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest: Wish Granter EditionDeleted and Alternate Scenes, as well as some Q&A.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Herr Kaleun,2014-09-11 1 
34792246Airport QuestAn exceedingly high class prostitute gets recruited for a special mission.Collective Game, XCOM, Loli STALKER, Dent,2014-09-11 6 
34976517Loli Talker Quest Episode 1Nee-chan engages cute lolis in a battle of wits and cuteness!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-09-19 13 
35045442Loli Talker Quest Episode 1 Part 2Nee-chan engages more cute lolis in a battle of wits and cuteness!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-09-22 9 
35066522Guardian Warlord Quest 1you are Takuji, a beta helped out of it by an old african spirit(?)Collective Game, Herr Kaleun, lol end, savescumming2014-09-23 7 
35087332Guardian Warlord Quest 2You are Takuji, a beta helped out by an African spirit.Collective Game, Herr Kaleun, lol end, savescumming2014-09-25 3 
35131418Loli Talker Quest Episode 1 Part 3The conclusion of Episode 1!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-09-26 7 
October 2014
35303854Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 1Nee-chan acquires a boat, a crew, and a hat, then sets off for adventure!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-10-04 6 
35337500Elder Loli QuestNila saves a young girl from kidnappers while drunk. Asra is the coolest goddess.Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-10-06 33 
35344293Long War Quest Part III In which we seduce a robot and rescue a Loli.Collective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-10-06 3 
35400195Elder Loli Quest 2Here, kitty kitty!Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-10-09 24 
35429974Long War Quest Part IVIn which our team meets and interesting person and we capture an alien. Collective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-10-10 3 
35454991Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 2Nee-chan escapes Easter Egg Island, only to be confronted with new challenges!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-10-11 6 
35522697Elder Loli Quest 3Nila befriends a cat god, gets drunk again, and is cuddled in bed against her will.Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-10-14 15 
35526981Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 3Nee-chan fights off evil pirates and explores the intricacies of headwear diplomacy.Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-10-14 7 
35608311Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 4Nee-chan embarks on a treasure hunt!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-10-18 5 
35610068Elder Loli Quest 4Guard ladies, enchanted items, magic lessons, and awkward fairy girls.Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-10-18 15 
35628206Long War Quest Part V In which we meet time travelling Soviets, Shota breaks and Dave remains a dickCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-10-20 5 
35703690A tired GM's taleSleep-deprived GM recounts his less than logical ploy to make his players move the plot via magical realm. Things do not go as planned.Storytime, magical realm, loli, john cleese, rhyming, history, psychology, derail2014-10-23 12 
35762376Elder Loli Quest 5Silly old guys and water spirit fights.Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-10-26 13 
35821782Jackles and the Blind Seer Loli/tg/ at its finest, going from FLGS That Guys to the Blind Seer Sharpshooter Loli to french gaming to the Jackless to legal ages to fuck to meta-talk./tg/, jackless, cult, blind, seer, loli, sharpshooter, That Guy, FLGS, legal, fuck, sex, meta, 4chan, wtf2014-10-29 6 
35874553Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 5Nee-chan is faced with a chocolate crisis and secrets!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-10-31 6 
November 2014
35915651Elder Loli Quest 6One long conversation sequence!Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-11-02 13 
35937742Long War Quest Part VIWe answer the phone, Rescue the Gimp and duel to the death with whiskyCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-03 5 
35986633Telepathically bound knightsImagining what it'd be like if a group of knights were all able to read and know each other's thoughts leads to amusing discussion.telepathy, knights, lol, shenanigans2014-11-06 43 
36018481Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 6Nee-chan suffers through more plot exposition than should be legal!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-11-07 5 
36058715Long War Quest Part VII - Part 1We discover our British friend won X-Com, the war became public and that the thread fell into autosage really quicklyCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-09 3 
36062206Long War Quest Part VII (Part 2)Seducing women with headbutts, Loli Riding a floater to the moon and chrysalids chrysalids everywhereCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-09 6 
36101744Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 7Nee-chan goes for a swim!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-11-11 5 
36163541Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 8Nee-chan has an eventful night!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-11-14 6 
36183925Loli Talker Quest Episode 2 Part 9The ending of episode 2. Nothing lewd happens!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-11-15 6 
36225317Elder Loli Quest 7Mystical trauma-eating rituals and setting out for a new town.Collective Game, Elder Loli Quest2014-11-17 12 
36327550Long War Quest Part VIIIIn which the Brit is kidnapped by a DutchmanCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-22 0 
36465554Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 1Andrea Special!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Cute, Nee-san2014-11-29 5 
December 2014
36643711Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 2Nee-chan makes new friends in a new town!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Nee-san2014-12-08 6 
36876217Loli Talker Quest Christmas SpecialImouto has a Christmas mission!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Christmas, Nee-san2014-12-20 6 
36893886Loli Talker Quest Christmas Special ContinuedAn imouto continues her quest to save Christmas.Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Christmas, Nee-san2014-12-21 7 
37003255Loli Talker Quest Christmas Special FinaleThe conclusion of the the Christmas Special!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Christmas, Nee-san2014-12-27 3 
January 2015
37462683Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 3Nee-chan returns after three boring threadless weeks!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Nee-san2015-01-18 6 
37589353Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 4Nee-chan talks until the early morning!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Nee-san2015-01-24 5 
37675091Guardian Warlord Quest 3You are Takuji, a beta helped out by an African spirit.Collective Game, Herr Kaleun, lol end, savescumming2015-01-28 2 
February 2015
38045705Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Friday 13th Hijack)In which a dead quest is ruthlessly defiled just for the fun of it.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Spin-off2015-02-14 4 
38064908Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 5Nee-chan plays a dangerous gameCollective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Nee-san2015-02-14 6 
38242068Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 6Nee-chan is horribly embarrassed.Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Nee-san2015-02-22 6 
38331571Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 7Nee-chan loses her senses.Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Nee-san2015-02-26 5 
March 2015
38393693Long War Quest Part IXUrban Combat and HelicoptersCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2015-03-01 2 
38516256Loli Talker Quest Episode 3 Part 8Nee-chan concludes her quest, whatever it was all for!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Nee-san2015-03-07 6 
38829941Loli S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Quest (Friday 20th Hijack)In which a dead quest is further defiled just to mess with you.Collective Game, Loli STALKER, Spin-off2015-03-21 4 
May 2015
40226688Magical Girl Thor QuestIn which you play Gretchen, daughter of Johan the Smith, as she fights off Frankish invaders with the power of Thor.Collective Game, Magical Girl Thor Quest, Lolithor, Saxons, Pagans, Marvel?, Franks, Mjolnir2015-05-28 10 
June 2015
40406241Loli Serial Killer Quest 1We're a Loli, and God tells us to kill people. We comply, and kill a grandpa.Loli Serial Killer Quest, Quest, Collective Game2015-06-05 -8 
July 2015
41347770JOHN CENA QUEST 1You are John Cena. We hit the gym and get in a match. And go through 3 QMs.Collective Game, BRRRRR APPLEDOUGH, CENAWINSLOL, John Cena, Cena2015-07-23 7 
41470462JOHN CENA QUEST 2You are John Cena. You hit the ring and defeat CHAOS INFUSED demonic basketball players while Donald Trump is ignored by almost everyone. Collective game, John Cena, Cena, Wrestling, Demons, CENAWINSLOL, BRRRRRAPPLEDOUGH, Basketball, wtf 2015-07-26 3 
August 2015
41680792Empyrean: The World-Eatersa thread about cosmic-level capmpaigns ends in a predictably /tg/ way, and with homebrewCosmic, Galactus, Epic Level, Space, All-Consuming Vore Loli, Planet Eating, Empyrean: The World-Eaters, Homebrew2015-08-07 -20 
41873664JOHN CENA Quest #3Cena trains to beat Cena at WWE SUPER SLAM, but no one takes over as QMJohn Cena, Cena, John, Cenawinslol, BRRRRAPPLEDOUGH2015-08-15 -3 
October 2015
43136228Loli Survivor Quest 1After a nuclear apocalypse, our protagonist wanders the wasteland seeking to reunite with her parents.Collective Game, Drawquest, Loli Survivor Quest, Yozhman, post-apocalyptic2015-10-19 -4 
43371012Loli Survivor Quest 2Lolibaws tries to get out of the cell for a bit but then QM dies. Anon pines for continuation.Collective Game, Drawquest, Loli Survivor Quest, Yozhman, post-apocalyptic2015-10-31 -2 
March 2016
46244963Humerus SpooksWhat starts with rib tickling skeleton puns and one liners turns epic with one anon's stories of playing as a skeleton in full plate armorD&D, skeletons, lol, story time, puns, bones, spooky, rattle, epic, humerus2016-03-26 41 
April 2016
46838831Be the BEG Chapter 21We tie up some ends, and meet new friendsCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Lolita?2016-04-22 6 
June 2016
243462Save Viva Piñata Princess Part 3We are halfway and another quest collides with us!Save the Princess, princess, quest, Collective Game, Candy, Lola, crossover, Magic Duel Quest2016-06-16 10 
July 2016
48057301How That Guys Can Ruin a Good Game Pt. 2OP is back with a followup and an update: GOOD END GET.Oriental adventures, that guy, problem player, cringe, storytime, poetic justice, fucking rekt, lol2016-07-01 1 
August 2017
1714687Loli civ AKA Shortstack civ This thread everyone has lots of fun UwU Quest, Civ, Loli Civ2017-08-04 8 
November 2017
56169195Nechronica PDF ReleaseFirst PDF release of Nechronica by the Miraheze translation team.nechronica, pdf, translation, loli, necro, japanese, system, zombies, gore, guro, anime, translation2017-11-01 10 
January 2018
2226962Ghost Loli QuestThe adventures of our protagonist Leonardo as he goes through a boring school life. He also yells at ghosts.Ghost Loli, SlimeAnon, Quest2018-01-29 1 
February 2018
2266931Ghost Loli Quest #2Leo wakes up somewhere he doesn’t know. A voice calls out to him before he wakes up covered in blood.Ghost Loli, Quest, SlimeAnon2018-02-15 1 
April 2019
3465756Afterlife Frontier QuestFrontier QM's first questcollective game,loli,starwars,jojos bizzare adventure,gundam2019-04-28 1 
May 2020
72325114Top Gear in a very special episodeClarkson, May, and Hammond have only 20000 pounds in order to buy a vehicle and take it from Ultramar to Terra.40k, story, Top Gear, not serious, lol2020-05-02 119 
August 2020
74410233o/nWoDg gets crashed by The OmnissiahThe God-Emperor's waifu/Sasha Vykos's childer invades WoDg with SASS and VULGAR MAGIC ADVICE FOR /tg/ CUCKS!oWoD, nWoD, AdMech, Sasha Vykos, MtG, deeplore, 40k, Warhammer 40k, Vampire, Vampire 2020, cyberpunk, CCGs, lolcows2020-08-19 -4 
October 2021
4964739Lolimort Quest #1Tammy Morgana Riddle seeks eternity, a life where she will never grow old and die. Lucky for her, she's a witch.Lolimort Quest, Tammy Morgana Riddle, CHARISMA, gymnastics, witch mc, rich mc, Harry Potter, evil mc, loli mc, Rose is best footstool2021-10-01 1 
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