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April 2011
14631553The Rising SonA weeabo hate thread turn into a creation of a Samurai space marine chapterSamurai, Japan, Japanese, Warhammer, 40k, Space Marine, Deathwatch2011-04-18 3 
14638189The Rising Son official threadNow with 100% more historical discussionSamurai, Japan, Japanese, Warhammer, 40k, Space Marine, Deathwatch2011-04-19 0 
14681874Rising Sons part 4More art for the Rising Sons stuffRising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter2011-04-22 0 
May 2011
14786803Japanese hunter game ideasOP comes in requesting ideas for a sort of Hunter; the vigil game type thing that takes place in Feudal Japan, ideas are brought forth and he reveals the system for it as wellJapan, grim, Noir, Hunters, Spirits, Malaign, interesting2011-05-02 3 
14974910Rising Sons thread 5More discussion on the chapter.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-19 -2 
15052506Rising Sons thread 6Honestly, a bit crapper then usual. Archived for clarity's sake.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-26 1 
August 2011
15869516Vidya Game Name Generator/tg/ fluffs out names into games that put the game industry to shame. Can you type faster than the Nazi's in 'Stupendous Typing Over Normandy'? Enjoy quality edutainment with 'Viking Robot Phonics'! Experience the total sum of wargaming in 'Enormous Chainsaw - Total War'! Strain your brain over 'M.C. Escher's Bandicoot Melee'! AND MORE!vidya, game, name, generator, viking, nazi, hitler, time, travel, space, hillbilly, gokart, race, japan, werewolf, blast, mario, writefaggotry, awesome, barbie, beatdown, bible2011-08-09 9 
December 2011
17127438/tg/'s foreign relations protocol/tg/ reports from around the world on the wonderful day they've had/tg/, Britain, Australia, Japan, Scotland, Germany, funny2011-12-06 12 
17145726StorytimeSamurai, Chosen of the Emperor, Prisioners rocking out; oh mystorytime, awesome, japan, glorious2011-12-08 10 
May 2013
24598986Song of Swords: The Swords Sing AgainExcellently informative discussion on Team Galt's Song of Swords, with extra info on everything from Finnish knives to Japanese swords.Song of Swords, John Galt, Jimmy Rome, Shinto Onna, Japan, Finland, History2013-05-03 9 
June 2013
25517171Imperial Japan in Orient-FantasylandWe are Colonel Tatsuo Miyamoto, of the Empire of Japan. A veteran of the war in China, we have arrived at our new posting due to our firm grasp of military insight and experience. We scope out the various military, scientific, political and potentially criminal powers surrounding our preparation into investigating the mysterious Gate, ultimately favouring the military factions above all else. The unknown world beyond the Gate awaits.Empire of the Sun, Imperial Japan, Fantasyland, Orient, WWII, Collective Game2013-06-19 11 
25554628Imperial Japan in Orient-Fantasyland IIColonel Tatsuo Miyamoto embarks on a mission for the glory of the Japan, requisitioning the Imperial Army and Marines to brave the unnatural Gate. Almost immediately coming under attack from a lakeside castle, retaliation is swift and merciless. Through the superiority of Japanese technology and the daring of our Marines a beachhead is established and much of the castle laid to waste in short order.Empire of the Sun, Imperial Japan, Fantasyland, Orient, WWII, Collective Game2013-06-20 8 
July 2013
26078442Imperial Japan in Orient-Fantasyland IIIThe castle is taken. Prisoners are also taken, one of which claims to be of royal blood. The Gaki & metal called "Mithril" is discovered. Repairs & new constructions around and of the Castle begins.Empire of the Sun, Imperial Japan, Fantasyland, Orient, WWII, Collective Game2013-07-19 6 
November 2013
28057330Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 2We learn how to hold a particle accelerator, count to 10, and is that a flying flaming table?Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Okiku2013-11-02 29 
28163102Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 3We meet priests, paramedics, and Peck; get attacked by china in Japan; and slime and plot thickens.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Seto Taisho2013-11-08 30 
28274432Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 4Doomsday desperate deals with devils, and a side of exploding cakes.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Youkai2013-11-14 27 
28404543Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 4What better way to top off a date and a movie than encountering apocalyptic cultists, a trip to the land of the dead, an iconic well, and the ghost of a virulent long dead plague? Also we're less one star.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Smallpox2013-11-21 26 
December 2013
28661138Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 6Defeating devious decadent degenerates and deranged diseased damsels. Also we find a rock.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Rock2013-12-05 25 
28804452Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 7We agree to help a lady from out-of-body opera and become the cure to a dreaded disease.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Rock2013-12-12 23 
28971501Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 8We find out about Akira's history with the incorporeal and find evidence from the ghost in the machine. Also, we fortify our headquarters as the First Night falls...Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Youkai2013-12-20 23 
28988933Ghostbusters: Japan Episode 8 Part 2We speak to a ghost of a ghost and find out that she has no faceCollective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Youkai, 2013-12-21 23 
29114845Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 9Got a little bit of everything today. Started off with a bit of comedy, transitiones into a police procedural and end up in a gameshow. It's like we were really watching TV. Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Youkai, Gameshow2013-12-28 22 
January 2014
29445953Nechronica Fast ChargenOP made a chargen guide for Nechronica, made three chars with /tg/.Chargen, Nechronica, Undead, Loli, Japan,2014-01-13 11 
March 2014
30961767Ghostbusters: Japan Episode 10I survived a Japanese gameshow edition.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Youkai, Gameshow2014-03-21 22 
31104958Ghostbusters: Japan: Episode 11We go hunting for the Gentlemen's Club with Sachiko, find some stockings, and meet a vampire.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Youkai, Gameshow2014-03-28 22 
April 2014
31247263Ghostbusters Japan Episode 12 We turn an ambush right back onto a bunch of apex predators in a train station. Legacies, evolution and mysteries are discussedCollective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Chinese Vampire, Jiang-shi, 2014-04-04 20 
31390768Ghostbusters: Japan Episode 13We get in a fight with one of our teammates before an assault on a hidden lair of sorcerers. Also, we slime another teammate into revealing some embarassing secrets. Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Chinese Vampire, Jiang-shi, Sorcerer2014-04-11 20 
31692537Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 14We bust the Gentlemans club, conduct the overture at the met, take half a soul and the body, and get paid in paperwork for our troubles.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Chinese Vampire, Ikiryo2014-04-25 18 
May 2014
31852498Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 15We have a date at the Library, discuss the feasibility of laying siege to a haunted house, interrupt a priestess' ritualistic soap-opera, have a ghost party at our house, drink with our buddy Akira, and on the whole roll phenomenally well. Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Library, Party, Yurei, Akira2014-05-02 15 
32003403Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 16 We scout out the location and it's beyond bad. Meetings with the priestess and GB Worldwide have lead us to a plan. We're gonna stike it at its Corrupted EssenceCollective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Akira, GB Worldwide,2014-05-09 14 
32146528Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 17We head up to an abandoned temple and discover that's it has new inhabitants. But its the old inhabitant that puts sharp object to people's necksCollective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Akira, Sachiko, Temple, hostage situation2014-05-16 13 
32292567Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 17Shingeki no Obakeyashi. Now with 100% more logical dilemma and risk of death.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Akira, Kayako, Haunted House, Logical Dilema.2014-05-23 12 
32445395Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 18In the Dark Heart of the Grudge, we battle.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Akira, Kayako, Haunted House, 2014-05-30 12 
June 2014
32594382Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 20Saving Sana from Sexual Sociopaths Selling to hopeful Soap Opera Stars. Somebody actually dies edition. We accept payment in advance from a ghost we plan to bust. For tracking purposes, of course.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Fury2014-06-06 12 
32740152Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Part 21"Come on Yasuo, get it together" edition. He gets ensnared by a hot fox, literally.Collective game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Yasuo, Bubbles2014-06-13 15 
32884535Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 22A sibling reunion almost ends in tragedy. Oiwa. Will. Pay.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Kaede, Kappa, Kuchisake2014-06-20 16 
33027920Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 23Ghostbusters meets The Raid.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Mitsuko, Tengu2014-06-27 13 
July 2014
33171481Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 24I know what you're thinking, punk. You're thinking "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a Proton pack, powered by a backpack nuclear reactor and will blow you head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Yakuza, Oni, Kitsune2014-07-04 12 
33320485Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 25After a surprisingly civil conversation with a pair of Oni, the Ghostbusters come up with the best, worst plan ever.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Oni, Mitsuko2014-07-11 12 
33476163Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 26We give lil'Mitsuko the spanking of her unlife.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Mitsuko2014-07-18 12 
33632523Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 27We pay off our debts to the supernatural yakuza and embark on a job in the sewers. And then a miracle occursCollective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Yakuza, Oni, Mandala, Lucking out2014-07-25 13 
33803409Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 28The first (and hopefully not only) Gankoji Sachiko episode.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Miko, Sachiko, Vampire2014-07-31 12 
August 2014
33966144Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 29Into the belly of the giant P-COC we go, looking for clues about a conspiracy unknown.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Miko, Sachiko, Youkai2014-08-08 13 
34139675Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 30Evidence gathering in the bad guy's lair and we didn't get mind whammied. Also, we didn't have vegetable stir fry.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Miko, Sachiko, Youkai2014-08-15 12 
34302752Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 31 The grandsmothers try to find a wife for Daisuke, parents aren't much use and we look like a pedophile as young girls think ghostbusting is wicked cool. Until a foxy witch rescues us just like in the movies. Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Youkai, Kitsune, Grandmothers,2014-08-22 13 
34488561Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 32We are Hasutora Daisuke, disgraced janitor. And we are having an odd night.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Timey Wimey, Janitor2014-08-30 13 
September 2014
34630427Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 33Yurei leads this episode, showing PAGAN that ghosts aren't the best thing ever. Plans are hatched, and apparently we did a great job. Now if only we could figure out how.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Yurei, Rei2014-09-05 13 
34796705Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 34Reika asks us for help with an unusual patient of hers, a 'polite gentleman' who wants a male doctor to diagnose him. A good impression is not made.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Yakuza, Youkai2014-09-12 13 
34957225Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 35In the aftermath of a PKE explosion (not our fault), the crew raids P-COC HQ for some sweet, sweet intel.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Bomb, EMPRS4EVA2014-09-19 15 
35115208Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 36Operation: Rescue Sachiko and Yurei commences! Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Containment Unit, Towers2014-09-26 13 
October 2014
35268387Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 37With the help of some unlikely allies, we free Yurei and Sachiko only to end up in the fire.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Sandman, Syren2014-10-03 14 
35412214Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 38 Gankoji Sachiko's Spiritual Adventure 2: Electric Boogaloo! Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Miko, Sachiko, KM2014-10-10 13 
35591031Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 39We make plans and learn some truths while stuck in the nut house.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Insane Asylum, Pokemon2014-10-18 15 
35713454Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 40GB Japan and their allies make plans for WARCollective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, War Council, WH40K 2014-10-24 14 
35858211Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 41 The curtain rises on the first act of the finale...Or something like that.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Sato, Rei, Kali, Gramps2014-10-31 14 
November 2014
36002593Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 42 What has one hand, an RPG, and is trying to kill you? Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, YOMI-1, RPG, Stumpy2014-11-07 16 
February 2015
38256612Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 43 (FIN)The Epilogue to the Final Chapter that should have been. Ghostmaster returns and brings us resolution. It's been fun.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, End2015-02-23 16 
June 2015
40597146What would you put in a mythic japan setting? As title describes, ideas from japanese folklore that could be used in a setting.japan, fluff, myth, oc, setting2015-06-15 1 
July 2015
40936127Fallout: OkinawaFallout in Japan, around the US military base in OkinawaFallout, Post Apocalyptic, Japan, apocalypse, world building, setting2015-07-01 20 
July 2017
54365418Go Go Godzilla!Where OP tells the tale of a homebrew Godzilla campaign.godzilla, story, japan, kaiju2017-07-17 21 
August 2018
2788964Boshin War Quest 1Daniel Stockton, a Civil War veteran, arrives in Japan during the twilight of the Shogunate. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-08-18 21 
September 2018
2822876Boshin War Quest 2Daniel Stockton is taken captive, then makes a deal to train Shogunate troops. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-09-02 12 
2859575Boshin War Quest 3Stockton and his sergeants are attacked. Afterwards, training continues, and Stockton discovers something interesting in a nearby forest. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-09-12 7 
October 2018
2893985Boshin War Quest 4Stockton finishes training the company. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-10-01 6 
2937292Boshin War Quest 5Stockton meets with Matsudaira, then some arms dealers, then awakens to find a strange guest at the base. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-10-14 8 
2975507Boshin War Quest 6Stockton is reunited with his ex-fiance, then meets with the Shogun to discuss arms deals. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-10-29 6 
November 2018
3001149Sengoku Quest IYositomu Morisada, old servant of Otagaki, finds himself as a ronin after losing his master.Sengoku, quest, collective game, Yositomu, Morisada, Japan, Samurai, Ronin2018-11-02 1 
3011041Boshin War Quest 7Renovations begin at camp. Stockton goes into Yokohama once again. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-11-09 7 
3042509Boshin War Quest 8Stockton meets with another potential weapons merchant, and the company goes into battle for the first time. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-11-26 6 
December 2018
3072096Boshin War Quest 9Stockton's company defeats the enemy, attends a strategy briefing, meets Nakajima's family, and trains some troops personally. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-12-10 6 
3102404Boshin War Quest 10Stockton begins learning the ways of the Samurai, then goes on an investigative mission, where he encounters old foes up to no good.Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2018-12-29 6 
January 2019
3162275Boshin War Quest 11Stockton completes his secret mission, then conducts preparations for the SECOND CHOSHU EXPEDITION. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-01-20 9 
February 2019
3196456Boshin War Quest 12The Second Choshu Expedition begins. A shore landing nearly ends in disaster, and Stockton discovers a great and troublesome secret. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-02-02 7 
April 2019
3395641Boshin War Quest 13The campaign's forward progress grinds to a halt as Stockton is forced to solve problems amongst the military. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-04-10 8 
3424035Boshin War Quest 14The army pushes inland, and the BATTLE OF HOFU takes place amidst political maneuvering and deception. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-04-21 8 
3444459Comiket Question: Episode #1Ouji Kaiji, a retired doujin artist, goes to Comiket, but is drawn into a series of ridiculous events he could've never predicted.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short2019-04-28 2 
May 2019
3454699Boshin War Quest 15Stockton's forces settle in at Hofu for some much-needed R&R. Not all is well, however, as Stockton learns the Shogun is on his deathbed!Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-05-06 6 
3474118Comiket Quest: Episode #2Ouji Kaiji finally gets the doujins of his waifu that he so desires and his feud with Higeki Enno heats up.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short 2019-05-16 1 
3489847Boshin War Quest 16Stockton receives news of the Shogun's demise, and prepares to march on the Choshu stronghold of HAGI. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-05-20 6 
June 2019
3512313Comiket Quest: Episode #3Day two of Comiket begins and Enno launches another diabolical scheme. anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous2019-06-06 1 
3521154Boshin War Quest 17Stockton's forces engage an enemy reinforcing army on their way to Hagi. This puts Stockton into some hot water, however. Also, Nakajima. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-06-07 5 
3561056Boshin War Quest 18Stockton goes before a military tribunal, proves his dedication to total victory, and participates in a soft coup against the new shogun. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-06-21 6 
3564644Comiket Quest: Episode #4Ouji Kaiji gets to the root of Enno's plans, fights in a "shadow duel", and tracks down Navine.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, QMWalrus2019-06-26 1 
July 2019
3600334Boshin War Quest 19Daniel Stockton's forces finally take Hagi, ending the campaign. He then returns to Edo and the politics begin. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-07-07 5 
3611868Comiket Quest: Episode #5The battle between our main character and Enno's cult comes to a close and he debuts on television. anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, QMWalrus2019-07-12 1 
3651822Comiket Quest: Episode #6Kaiji enjoys the third day of Comiket, meets his favorite manga artist, and the story comes to a close. anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short, QMWalrus2019-07-22 1 
3642500Boshin War Quest 20Stockton visits Nakajima's parents, then goes to Edo Castle again and learns a startling truth from the Princess. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-07-23 6 
August 2019
3687072Boshin War Quest 21Stockton meets with Herr Zorn, gains a new wardrobe, and makes contact with Hijikata Toshizo. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-08-10 6 
3740583Boshin War Quest 22Stockton meets with Hijikata, then sorts out some things before heading on the Foreign Outreach Mission. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-08-25 3 
September 2019
3776924Boshin War Quest 23Stockton meets with the captain of the Great Eastern, then the foreign outreach mission begins. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-09-14 3 
October 2019
3870744Boshin War Quest 24Stockton Gets an in-depth look at the Great Eastern's engines, then meets with a notable member of the overseas mission.Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-10-28 2 
December 2019
3945654Boshin War Quest 25Stockton talks with a notable member of the Shogun's administration, then arrives in San Francisco. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2019-12-18 2 
January 2020
3992881Boshin War Quest 26Stockton and Company talk money with the American bankers.Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-01-15 2 
March 2020
4101796Boshin War Quest 27Stockton negotiates a deal for lines of credit, then stays at a rather fancy hotel while waiting for the Great Eastern to be re-coaled. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-03-14 2 
April 2020
4138719Boshin War Quest 28Stockton leaves San Francisco and spends some time in New York. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-04-03 3 
4173661Boshin War Quest 29Stockton travels across the sea, beginning his mission in Europe.Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-04-23 2 
May 2020
4230827Boshin War Quest 30Stockton travels to HollandHistoric, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-05-23 3 
July 2020
4294904Boshin War Quest 31Stockton and Company finish their adventure in Holland and prepare for a journey to Belgium. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-07-02 2 
September 2020
4419276Boshin War Quest 32Stockton meets the King of Belgium, Leopold II. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-09-18 1 
November 2020
4485285Boshin War Quest 33Stockton and Company continue their adventure in Belgium, and attend a steam engine show. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2020-11-06 0 
January 2021
4576011Salary Man: Whitecollar Vigilante (1st Shift)Sugimoto Daisuke, a 49 year-old salaryman, gets fed up with his tortuous life and decides to become a superhero.Collective Game, Salary Man, Superhero, Japan, Weak protagonist, Male protagonist, QMWalrus2021-01-09 8 
February 2021
4601857Boshin War Quest 34Stockton and Company arrive in Antwerp. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2021-02-06 1 
4613249Salary Man: Whitecollar Vigilante (2nd Shift)Salary Man enforces justice at a metal concert, gets assaulted, and engages in mock romance.Collective Game, Salary Man, Superhero, Japan, Weak protagonist, Male protagonist, QMWalrus2021-02-16 5 
March 2021
4639711Boshin War Quest 35Part-number typo Edition. Stockton does a diamond heist. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2021-03-11 0 
4655953Salary Man: Whitecollar Vigilante (3rd Shift) Salary Man goes on a deito, meets a formidable opponent in Uyeda Raiden, and prepares for a major job as Salary Man.Collective Game, Salary Man, Superhero, Japan, Weak protagonist, Male protagonist, QMWalrus 2021-03-19 1 
April 2021
4705224Boshin War Quest 36Stockton has a conversation with Zorn on a train. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2021-04-22 0 
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