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November 2007
763257Most Terrifying Thing EverAAAHHHHHHHHHscary, lolwhat2007-11-02 7 
August 2009
5351932Transcription ErrorsAliens make a copy of Austin so they can run an experiment there without alerting anyone. This is how they fuck up the copy.homebrew campaign scary horror2009-08-05 2 
5665007Knocking on the DoorFreaky stuff DMs pulled on their players.Horror, DM, Stories, Scary2009-08-31 6 
December 2009
7014112The Wayward ScoutA short story about the Scary Marines. It is most excellent.writefag, writefaggotry, 40k, Scary Marines, awesome2009-12-05 6 
November 2010
12705930Horror thread generalWhat's on the tin. Goes from some generic description help to a good thread with youtube links and pics abounding. Sleeping optionalHorror, links, number stations, terror, fright, scary2010-11-07 0 
December 2010
13323951How to run a horror gameA discussion of how to run a horror game that actually scares your players. Many good ideas are forthcominghorror, DMing, atmosphere, scary,2010-12-29 2 
March 2011
14184815Uncommon monstrosities in modern horrorOP asks for uncommon monsters for an urban setting, many ideas were given.monsters,urban,uncommon,horror,weird,scary,ideas2011-03-11 6 
14417993Hobo: the HomelessA thread about possible homeless magic characters for OP's homebrew. A lot of them sound very (n)WoD'ish. Also very scaryhomeless, hobo, nWoD, WoD, monsters, scary2011-03-30 6 
April 2011
14640939/tg/'s fearsWhat makes you afraid /tg/?horror, fear, question, afraid, dark, silence, scary2011-04-19 1 
14755334Tabletop 'NOPE' MomentsOP invites /tg/ to post tales from their game tables which have made them 'nope'. One tale from CoC in particular captures /tg/'s attention.Call of cthulhu, CoC, nope, scary, terrifying, story time, stories2011-04-29 10 
May 2011
14978204Early Video Game BrainstormingOP has severe case of writer's block, and /tg/ helps him develop an increasingly complex and disturbing idea for a video game.video game, game design, scary, creepy, horror, ideas2011-05-19 4 
15053294Scary MarinesWe take the scary marines and flesh them out some using rites of battle.Scary Marines, Children of Istvaan, Rites of Battle, Space Marines2011-05-26 0 
October 2011
16559736Spooky Archives ThreadOP scares the shit of us with some twisted idea..... Way to go OP....Spooky, Scary, Paranormal, Horror, FRP Ędeas2011-10-08 40 
November 2011
16827147/tg/ Shares DreamsDreams are shared and discussed, everything from the crazy to the nightmarish. Great campaign idea fuel.dream, storytime, storytiem, creepy, awesome, scary, weird2011-11-04 5 
March 2012
18507017Yandere ThreadQuestion about ERP derails into Yandere talk.yandere, scary, ideas, evil2012-03-30 10 
July 2012
19884507Zerg Quest XCIVbThe Swarm investigates the Galactic Center and finds something intriguingCerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Zerg Quest, Big bird monster, scary cube, Metaquest crossover after-effects!2012-07-15 6 
19971290Zerg Quest XCVThe Great Eye opens on the universe at moonrise, and nobody will get this He-Man reference.Starcraft, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Big scary crystal, What a tweest, Xel'Naga2012-07-21 5 
September 2012
20693047Scary Shit, DMing Tipssubtle things are the scariestscary, bricks shat, DMing, tips2012-09-13 6 
October 2012
21057598CoC Haunted House BrainstormOP asks for non mythos stuff to put in a haunted house, gets it.Call of Cthulhu. CoC, Lovecraft, haunted, horror, scary, spooky2012-10-10 2 
21245545Zerg Quest CVIIIHe abandoned us! For a whole week? Will the Swarm forgive Cerebrate Anon?Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Oops, Xel'Naga, Protoss support needs support, Scary glowy bird...thing2012-10-23 6 
November 2012
21523416If Lies To Children Were TrueThere's no sex, you can make boys with snips, snails and puppy-dog tails, and stepping on a crack will break your mother's back. More neat suggestions inside.game ideas, scary, creepy, humor, setting, worldbuilding, childhood, myths2012-11-11 18 
June 2013
25731506Paranormal ExperiencesHorror inspiration thread full of stories.Scary Stories, Horror, /x/, Paranormal2013-06-30 12 
July 2013
26184686Shit that scares /tg/A thread about phobias and fears to exploit on players that evolves into some crazy conspiracy theorizing, legitimately horrifying ideas, and great creepypastascreepy,phobias,homebrew,skinwalkers,scary,creepypasta,2013-07-23 9 
October 2013
27538057Unconventional WeaponsOP asks /tg/ what their favorite unconventional weapons are. Cannonball muskets, MOAR DAKKA, and flaming crack gorillas follow.unconventional, weapons, murder, assassination, awesome, scary2013-10-03 2 
October 2014
35877896SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST 001A terrifying tale of a Chosen of the Neverborn who had a minor dermal malfunction.Golden Lark, Shyft Nine, drawquest, SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST, spooky, scary, skeletons, halloween, Exalted, Abyssal, The Just and Neccesary Executioner, Collective Game2014-10-31 6 
March 2015
38875280SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST 2A Chosen of the Void meditates; she must first kill the bandit to become the bandit.Golden Lark, Shyft Nine, drawquest, SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST, spooky, scary, skeletons, Exalted, Abyssal, The Just and Neccesary Executioner, Collective Game2015-03-22 6 
May 2015
39874250SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST 003Fuck ghosts, get swords. Golden Lark, Shyft Nine, drawquest, SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST, spooky, scary, skeletons, Exalted, Abyssal, The Just and Neccesary Executioner, Collective Game2015-05-11 3 
40017930SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST 004 TAKE 1A fuck up in thread titling made this one collapse. Trying again next week! Golden Lark, Shyft Nine, drawquest, SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST, spooky, scary, skeletons, Exalted, Abyssal, The Just and Neccesary Executioner, Collective Game2015-05-17 1 
October 2015
42995783Addams Family What alignment would the Addams Family be? Thus begins a rare thread of meaningful dialog.Addams Family, Alignment, story, scary, writefaggotry2015-10-17 20 
November 2017
56200296Demon Hunter Halloween 2017 Aftermath/tg/ counts casualties and takes inventory of survivors. It does not look good.halloween, 2017, aftermath, demons, skellingtons, spooky, scary, skeletons, survivors, demon hunters, hunters2017-11-02 3 
July 2019
3580812[NRPZ2] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #2 Part 1Nations RP by Zakovrp, NRP, skele, spooky, scary, skeletons2019-07-01 1 
3619601[NRPZ2] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #2 Part 1Nations RP by Zakovrp, NRP, skele, spooky, scary, skeletons2019-07-13 1 
3659197[NRPZ2] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #2 Part 3Nations RP by Zakov (Now with correct numbering!)rp, NRP, skele, spooky, scary, skeletons2019-07-29 1 
August 2019
3703876[NRPZ2] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #2 Part 4Nations RP by Zakovrp, NRP, skele, spooky, scary, skeletons2019-08-13 1 
September 2019
3745407[NRPZ2] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #2 Part 5Nations RP by Zakovrp, NRP, skele, spooky, scary, skeletons2019-09-01 0 
3790047[NRPZ2] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #2 Part 6Nations RP by Zakovrp, NRP, skele, spooky, scary, skeletons2019-09-20 0 
October 2019
3829331[NRPZ2] Nations RP (by Zakov) Game #2 Part 7 (Final)Nations RP by Zakovrp, NRP, skele, spooky, scary, skeletons2019-10-09 0 
June 2020
73359891Mystery Flesh Pit National ParkWhat if we discovered an unfathomable eldritch horror and turned it into a family-friendly tourist destination? LOTS of info and images.scary, Scary, setting, lovecraft, horror, Lovecraft, settings, Setting, Settings, Horror, Eldritch Horror, Campaign Setting2020-06-23 36 
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