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Archived Threads

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January 2009
3551125XcomEpic X-com threadXcom X-com tftd ufo defense defence2009-01-29 6 
3564667X-Com thread 2Sequel to the first X-Com thread. The "save the world challenge" continues.xcom2009-01-30 5 
August 2009
5351448Away missionWhat really happens when an X-Com Rookie is left in the base during a mission.Xcom X-Com Xenos2009-08-05 21 
5363368Gurps: Enemy UnknownWork is started on converting X-com into a GURPS settingX-com, Xcom, Gurps, Homebrew, setting,2009-08-07 2 
5395907GURPS: Enemy Unknown 2Continued with new work.X-com, Xcom, Gurps, Homebrew, setting2009-08-09 1 
September 2009
5902045WWII quest 2Canadian now lead the USSR with Alien,Super heroes,Cthulhu involveCthulhu, Collective Game, Alternate History, Alien, XCOM2009-09-18 1 
March 2010
8685039Lobsterman Quest 2Xcom Terror from the Deep as seen by an alien grunt, LM quest 1 is summarized in beginning. the alien grunt uses an anti-ship weapon to shoot down a missile and fixes damage to his craft, only to fall victim to poor aim and be shot down with the rest of his squad.xcom, collective game, quest, Lobster2010-03-20 3 
8801210Lobsterman quest #3glorious squad leader died, then we killed a bunch of humans with sniper-spotter tactics and ambushes. we'll be home next time!xcom, collective game, lobster, quest2010-03-26 3 
8819737Lobsterman Quest 4we killed the last of the human soldiers, found out Squad Leader didn't die, and saved him from death by freezing him. the human landing craft got away.lobster, quest, collective game, xcom2010-03-27 3 
April 2010
8937567Lobsterman Quest p5An Alien infiltration mission goes horribly because of continous bad rolls but at least we are not hurt badly.xcom lobsterman quest collective game2010-04-02 6 
8957101Lobsterman Quest 6Lobsterman quest continues after a failure. we get ordered to retrieve an artifact bust through some doors with DRILLS, but nothing really happens.lobster, quest, collective game, xcom2010-04-03 4 
9108250Lobsterman Quest 7Lobsterman quest continues, We killed some lizard-men and gained access to the second floor. Squad Leader is a badass.lobster, quest, collective game, xcom2010-04-10 5 
9252429Lobsterman Quest p8People did not post much so I decided to close earlier. Hopefully next Friday/Saturday it will be better.xcom lobsterman quest collective game2010-04-17 2 
9381231Lobsterman Quest p9The team downs two bio drones by using up all their grenades. Number 32 takes a shot but he is not dead.xcom lobsterman quest collective game2010-04-23 1 
August 2010
11651665Lobsterman p10The team continues to search the base and encounters a Tentaculat.xcom, lobsterman, quest2010-08-13 9 
November 2010
12824117The truth about X-Com/tg/ discusses X-Com and finds the horrible truth about a war-profiteering organization running a deadly double-game...X-Com Xcom2010-11-17 3 
January 2012
17449318Megacorp Quest: A New BeginningIt's not the old one, but it might be just as good. We'll just have to see where our new found cocaine addiction leads us.Megacorp, corp, corporation, cocaine, XCOM, quest, collective game, Megacorp Quest2012-01-07 5 
17476162XCOM:UFO VN 2XCOM Waifu Simulator, number 2XCOM, VN, waifu2012-01-10 5 
March 2012
18475950X-Com Mystara: Enemy UnsureX-Com and 2nd ed D&D? Campaign now underway. Drawfaggotry and fake screenshots ensue.x-com, xcom, mystara, setting2012-03-27 6 
April 2012
18560359X-Com Mystara: Enemy Unsure 2Full campaign transcript. Also, how would Leonardo design a UFO?x-com, xcom, mystara, setting2012-04-03 5 
October 2012
21100010Xcom StorytiemIn memorium to the most badass defenders of humanity.XCOM2012-10-13 7 
April 2013
23990637Pacific RimOn Pacific Rim and making a setting that takes inspiration from it and XCOMpacific rim, scifi, RPG, kaiju, eva, XCOM2013-04-01 8 
December 2013
28820709XCOM/Mass Effect: Thread 4"Where are the other three? Fucked if I know!" edition. Fourth part of a proposed crossover between X-Com and Mass Effect, discussing fleet sizes, the viability of Chryssalid as bio-weapons and exactly how stupid Cerberus really is. Also interrogation chamber pranks XCOM, Mass Effect, crossover, invisible chryssalids, thin mints2013-12-13 1 
September 2014
34792246Airport QuestAn exceedingly high class prostitute gets recruited for a special mission.Collective Game, XCOM, Loli STALKER, Dent,2014-09-11 6 
October 2014
35344293Long War Quest Part III In which we seduce a robot and rescue a Loli.Collective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-10-06 3 
35348532The Weapon of Humanity (Quest) 1A young girl with massive Psionic potential is tossed into the middle of the Alien War, narrowly avoiding abduction before being captured by a shady paramilitary organization.Collective Game, XCOM, X-COM, Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, Psionic, EXALTED2014-10-07 14 
35429974Long War Quest Part IVIn which our team meets and interesting person and we capture an alien. Collective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-10-10 3 
35459645The Weapon of Humanity (Quest) 2The MC makes it to extract.Collective Game, XCOM, X-COM, Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, Psionic, EXALTED2014-10-12 13 
35612707Weapon of Humanity Quest 003We have a strange dream, officially join EXALT, and follow our new companion to the hospital.Collective Game, XCOM, X-COM, Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, Psionic, EXALTED2014-10-19 6 
35628206Long War Quest Part V In which we meet time travelling Soviets, Shota breaks and Dave remains a dickCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-10-20 5 
November 2014
35937742Long War Quest Part VIWe answer the phone, Rescue the Gimp and duel to the death with whiskyCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-03 5 
36058715Long War Quest Part VII - Part 1We discover our British friend won X-Com, the war became public and that the thread fell into autosage really quicklyCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-09 3 
36062206Long War Quest Part VII (Part 2)Seducing women with headbutts, Loli Riding a floater to the moon and chrysalids chrysalids everywhereCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-09 6 
36327550Long War Quest Part VIIIIn which the Brit is kidnapped by a DutchmanCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2014-11-22 0 
March 2015
38393693Long War Quest Part IXUrban Combat and HelicoptersCollective Game, XCOM, Long War, Loli STALKER, Dent2015-03-01 2 
January 2016
44628880XCOM QUEST Codename: Sleeping knife We established a base in Brazil, had a contact with EXALT and secured more weapons for our soldiers. RIP Nurban XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-07 5 
44642930XCOM QUEST Codename: Lazy WidowWe freed some scientists/engineers with some Exalt operative. We are sorely lacking soldier, the council mission was something else XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-08 3 
44652254XCOM QUEST Codename: Dead RegretWe discovered an abandoned aircraft carrier stuck in Antarctica. It was all part of the hidden fourth player in the scene... XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-09 5 
44665310XCOM QUEST Codename: Rouge prophetWe landed our major first strike against the Advent. They are not going to be too happy about it.XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-10 2 
44688925XCOM QUEST Codename: Blood MoonWe had our first contact with a PSI Advent captain. We ready ourselves to stagean attack on the advent project.XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-11 1 
44709569XCOM QUEST Codename: Cold FeetAdvent surveillance project has been destroyed. The Aliens are upping their game after this attack... XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-12 5 
44729369XCOM QUEST, Codename: Rotten BeautyWe proceed on a mission to raid a seemingly conspicuous Alien plantation.XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-12 3 
44748557XCOM QUEST, Codename: Forgotten WindWe received a notice of a valuable asset within a seemingly ambushed containment facility.XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-13 3 
44770214XCOM QUEST Codename: Open WindowWe helped Exalt in reclaiming one of its soldiers. More research and projects underwayXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-14 2 
44790658XCOM QUEST Codename: Broken HeartWe captured a hacker. we have loads of moneyXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-15 3 
44812770XCOM QUEST Codename: Lone SonWe lost our first SHIV and things didn't go well in Alaska....XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-16 2 
44836302XCOM QUEST Codename: Deep FogMore research. Our contact in Egypt has been discovered, An extraction is on its wayXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-17 1 
44857571XCOM QUEST Codename: Happy friendWe extracted 4 rookies from Egypt. K.K Grahams will die this timeXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-18 1 
44882469XCOM QUEST Codename: Green Lightwe killed the director. we are about to raid a warehouse with ExaltXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-19 1 
44897097XCOM QUEST Codename: Nuclear winterWe succeeded in our mission in Morocco with the Hive. XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-20 2 
44942037XCOM QUEST Codename: Sodden HollowExalt has a new management, they now succumb under the alien controlXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-22 1 
44993854XCOM QUEST Codename: Shooting StarWe killed the Cuban president and his 'maids' XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-25 2 
45015362XCOM QUEST Codename: One fingerWe extracted the Exalt operative, more promises were given to OneXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-25 1 
45035665XCOM QUEST Codename: Twisted hairwe staged an attack on an containment facility in canadaXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-01-26 1 
February 2016
45537963XCOM QUEST Codename: Fallen IdolProject E.Y.E is on its way. We were to investigate a hideout of Exalt operativesXCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-02-20 1 
45683563XCOM QUEST Codename: Devil's DaggerAdvent is in the process of restricting the air space, Terrors from the deep awaits us.XCOM, Xcom quest, VIGILO CONFIDO, Collective Game2016-02-27 2 
August 2016
421192Resistance Warrior Quest Part 1Harold Startread finds his colony under unprovoked attack by ADVENT forces, and gets saved by and joins an XCOM strike team. Resistance Warrior, Resistance Warrior Quest, XCOM2016-08-01 1 
434693Resistance Warrior Quest Part 2Harry Startread has a bad encounter with an ADVENT MEC, is injured and wakes up in the Avenger. Private Will Williams embarks on a mission. XCOM, Resistance Warrior Quest, RWQ, quest2016-08-04 1 
October 2016
746446XCOM QuestIn which we play as Lance Hardwood, Porn star, Doctor, Spy, and killer of ayys.XCOM Quest2016-10-29 33 
November 2016
784189XCOM Quest 2We play good & bad cop with torture rules before becoming an actual cop, reenact a scene from a Schwarzenegger film, then learn ninjitsu.XCOM Quest, X-Com, Shifty, ADVENT,2016-11-11 7 
811344XCOM Quest 3We begin the assault on the train, Lose our mentor but gain a brother, and become the Shadow CommanderXCOM, Shifty, XCOM Quest, ADVENT, 2016-11-21 1 
January 2017
973811HEXCOM: Resuable AssetsA dusty desert town, some clones, and 4 missions that all go various shades of wrong.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-01-07 1 
1028790Hexcom: A Short, Victorious CampaignFort Valor has fallen to the invaders. While the legion marches deeper into the country, a small company tries to hold a smaller town.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch 2017-01-13 1 
1039357HEXCOM: Howart's CrossingAfter retreating from Imai, the company attempts to hold Howarth's Crossing. It goes fairly well, except for the fantatic assassins.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-01-26 2 
February 2017
1094805HEXCOM: Howart's Crossing P2The Pytherians are pretty good engineers. The Company is pretty good at getting stabbed.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-02-03 1 
1122183Hexcom III: Isvind Forest BumpThe company goes on an enjoyable forest stroll. Pointedly, nothing explodes. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-02-15 1 
1164964HEXCOM: Isvind Forest Barricadin'The Company lives through the night, but now have to deal with the messy business of stopping a Pytherian advanceSkirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-02-26 1 
March 2017
1255681Hexcom: Forest StrollAfter a long time setting up, we hold the line (maybe)Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-03-24 1 
June 2017
1579210XCOM Trooper Quest #1An FBI SWAT team gets in over their heads...XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-06-17 34 
1605745XCOM Trooper Quest #2You and the survivors of your team deal with the aftermath of the battle and meet the mysterious XCOM organization personally.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-06-24 24 
July 2017
1627836XCOM Trooper Quest #3After having been recruited into XCOM, you are sent off on your first mission to secure a crashed UFO.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-01 23 
1648049XCOM Trooper Quest #4An important decision is made and you meet the rest of the squad.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-07 16 
1667189XCOM Trooper Quest #5You respond to your second XCOM mission and things quickly escalate...XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-15 16 
1690407XCOM Trooper Quest #6You recover from the last mission, deal with the consequences, and then try out some new toys.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-22 11 
1717227XCOM Trooper Quest #7We finish testing out the beam weaponry and get to know our squad further.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-28 11 
1657098HexCOM - ReUsable Assets [Skirmish]The hot wind scours the skin out here. A small patrol responds to a emergency beacon for a weatherlogging station. And then, the bugs.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-07-30 2 
August 2017
1741370XCOM Trooper Quest #8Strike One is sent to extract a certain UN General.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-04 12 
1764544XCOM Trooper Quest #9You return to XCOM HQ after the mission and are met with an interesting reception before you are finally christened with a nickname.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-12 14 
1747988HexCom: Mission MeltdownEveryone is dead, Dave. Except the bugs.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, art?, Skirmish Sketch2017-08-17 2 
1786577XCOM Trooper Quest #10You get to know Peppermint better and increase your distaste for Thin Men even further.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-19 11 
1807540XCOM Trooper Quest #11You spend more time in Engineering getting before being interrupted by alien escalation. You then decide an important decision.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-26 11 
September 2017
1831082XCOM Trooper Quest #12XCOM responds to the ongoing terror mission in the United States.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-09-02 11 
1869278XCOM Trooper Quest #13The Terror Mission is resolved.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-09-16 9 
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