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2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

Archived Threads

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November 2010
12917518LARPing advice threadIn which Anon gets taught how the average LARP works, and tips on being a bard at same.LARP, bard, Blind Guardian bad, advice, tutorial2010-11-25 3 
July 2011
15571951Zerg Quest XLIXOh, this looks like another war. Let me just hop on in.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Pick a side, Blind Fight2011-07-14 11 
February 2012
18057915Daniel's QuestA young, formerly blind orphan boy sets out to seek his fortune and become a great wizard in order to thank the mysterious stranger that healed him.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind, Wizard2012-02-24 17 
18123647Daniel's Quest - Thread 2Daniel finds becomes a counter-mage, prepares to hunt necromancers.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-02-28 12 
18149459Daniel's Quest - Thread 3Daniel goes on his first mission alongside his mentorCollective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-02-29 12 
March 2012
18175143Daniel's Quest - Thread 4Things don't go as smooth as expected. Trouble catches up with Daniel faster than he likes.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-03-02 13 
18239167Daniel's Quest - Thread 5Daniel and Nxisa reason with some cultists and join a group to destroy a draconian camp.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-03-07 14 
18299686Daniel's Quest - Thread 6Daniel strikes a deal to heal Nxisa.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-03-12 13 
April 2012
18692940Daniel's Quest - Thread 7Adventures in Xjaal.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-04-13 12 
June 2013
25316582Daniel's Quest - Thread 9A pleasant meal in the company of the Archmage is interrupted when the Mage Guild is attacked.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2013-06-08 2 
September 2013
27281042Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 2The continuing saga of the expedition into human space.writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-17 35 
27368507Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 3The gang fights off the Zealots and obtains the Human Specialist!writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-23 29 
27439808Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 4The Sly Jiggle encounters a convenient source of free fuel and a convenient nest of hostile craft.writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-27 25 
October 2014
35821782Jackles and the Blind Seer Loli/tg/ at its finest, going from FLGS That Guys to the Blind Seer Sharpshooter Loli to french gaming to the Jackless to legal ages to fuck to meta-talk./tg/, jackless, cult, blind, seer, loli, sharpshooter, That Guy, FLGS, legal, fuck, sex, meta, 4chan, wtf2014-10-29 6 
July 2015
41230962Love is blind (Quest) 1A little discussion about domestication of zombies.Love_is_blind, Collective Game2015-07-15 5 
December 2018
63650808Sector Creation Thread II: Imperial Boogaloo Continued work on the newest SectorInquisitors, Planets, 40k, Marines, Blinding light, Drop Pods, Creatures2018-12-28 0 
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