[#] Cleanse! PURGE!
01:11am UTC - 10/24/2008

It's that time again! And man, is it ever overdue. The archive is up to an incredible 1,047 total threads, of which 178 are below -5, and 81 are under -8 (the point at which they generally stop appearing on the normal list). It's time for some delicious purging.

Much like previous rounds, any threads under -5 are up for deletion. They're not deleted immediately; they're moved to a graveyard for a period (I say "a week" but then forget after "a few minutes" and they're up for much longer). You'll find the list of deleted threads below, along with commentary on why it deserved purging outside of its score. (I do try to check threads that appear to at least have been contested before removing them.) This time around, the links to the deleted threads will be included in the list so you can see for yourself why they were so shitty. As usual, you can make your case for a given thread in the IRC or by email.

And now, on to the list:

(Cut for length)

This list will increase as I go through them and delete more, so you may want to refresh if you're reading this shortly after it's been posted. If you're reading this days, weeks or months down the road, HELLO TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!

ps. why does everyone hate Dr. Skittles Bosch?

~Lord Licorice

Burn, baby!

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