[#] Slice Downtime
11:27pm UTC - 9/28/2011
(oh god has it really been that long since my last update, jesus)

We had a few hours' outage today as the VPS provider had to reboot the cluster containing sup/tg/ and perform some work and monitoring on it. It's a little shaky right now, but otherwise things seem to be back to (ab)normal. I'll keep an eye on it, and don't expect at this point to see any other issues in the near future.

~Lord Licorice



1 Anise Lover
03:51am UTC - 9/29/2011 [X]
Thanks for fixing it so fast, m'lord. We all appreciate the hard work you do so we can read our favourite threads over and over again. Thank you very much.

2 Warcaster ZUBAAN
04:42am UTC - 11/10/2011 [X]
You might want to fix the culled list's links if you get the chance. In other news it has been over 1 month since the last update.

3 Mnemonix
06:57pm UTC - 11/10/2011 [X]
Best of luck! :)

4 Assniggershitcock
03:29am UTC - 1/10/2012 [X]
I want to know where this copy of "I'm Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" came from...

5 Ryan
08:45pm UTC - 1/19/2012 [X]
Hei bro, do you have the old archive for /k/? I'm starting an archive for /k/ and i was hoping if you could help me out to preserve the history.

06:11pm UTC - 3/11/2012 [X]


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