[#] Goddamnit.
12:54pm UTC - 10/31/2010
So because my life is a fine example of decay and entropy in action, the PSU on the old sup/tg/ server died today. This is the model I need to replace; if anyone can find this cheaper and/or with a more reliable vendor than random people on Ebay, it'd be much appreciated. (Likewise, any leads on cheap, legit copies of Win7 Professional or better would be great.)

Also, the Minecraft server is up again. The map's been reset; new rules are (to start) 20x20 plot for your house in the sup/tg/ town, no ostentatious displays (lavafalls, etc.), no super tall structures, no penis towers. We don't have mobs yet, but the idea is to build a community to fend them off, rather than a bunch of free-standing art installations. Check the IRC for details. BOTHER PURPLE ABOUT PLUGINS NOT WORKING

~Lord Licorice


1 Might be Anon
03:15pm UTC - 10/31/2010 [X]
I doubt it will work, but you could ask around a university's computer labs. My friend got Windows 7 Ultimate for 25 dollars. Good luck.

09:13pm UTC - 11/13/2010 [X]
i didint read any part of your message, but i just felt like pointing out that entropy is simply the term for a systems progressing to its most probable state.

to wit: there are a multitude of ways for engine parts to be scattered around a workshop, but only one specific way in which they will work at optimum capacity.

3 sneezing panda
03:14pm UTC - 11/15/2010 [X]
I got Windows 7 legit keys, all versions, since I'm a nice guy, its free

4 OCDfag
08:53pm UTC - 11/15/2010 [X]
Hey LL, whenever you get around to emptying the graveyard, could you keep the drawfag threads around for a while longer? /tg/'s got its own *booru ( ), and I or someone like me will eventually be working through the old threads to upload the pictures from them.

(Majorly slowpoking here, but I figured it'd be best to mention this in the latest newspost.)

5 federal student loans
04:39pm UTC - 11/17/2010 [X]
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