[#] DH CharGen Errata Update
10:58am UTC - 2/16/2009

So I was enjoying the shit out of Arkham Horror today and realized I'd put off updating the Dark Heresy Character Generator long enough. Really, a few hours of my time to make sure the product works, I should be ashamed of myself!

Anyway, it turns out there were only a small handful of changes, including one that made me re-fix something back to the way I'd originally had it. The errata list is here; as you can see, some changes I fixed for existing sheets, others I've left up to the players to fix. Any affected sheets are clearly marked with a note about the errata.

I've been considering going and adding the ability to advance your character to the DH chargen, but that's a massive undertaking (arguably large than the base generator itself). I'm going to look into it though, and if I'm feeling crazy I might give it a shot. I'll let you all know either way.

Nothing else to report. Random link to something awesome, random link to something extremely fucking useful.

Edity: The link for the repair kit is gone, fortunately I thought ahead and have it hosted locally. (88MB, please be mindful of my poor bandwidths ;_;)

~Lord Licorice



1 Dadamh
04:54pm UTC - 2/16/2009 [X]
Wow, I really like that Josh and Imp comic. I'm from /co/ initially, but I never really put that much thought into how fucked up people like Robin would have to be.

Also, as it's not fixed yet and wasn't responded to, I'll copy/paste the bug report from the last post I made. Just figured you might want to see it, if you didn't before.

"I am just reporting a bug, but not in the hamachi listing. Your link on the 'roguelikes' page to Kobold Camp is not correct. It links to KOBOLD_CAMP.rar, when the actual file is KOBOLD_CAMP_40d.rar. It 404's. "

2 MisterSyn
07:48pm UTC - 2/16/2009 [X]
I would like to thank LL for the link to the computer repair kit. I have added it to my arsenal of geek tools.

3 burningstar4
06:28am UTC - 2/17/2009 [X]
Awesome toolkit, LL. Fukken saved.

4 Conscripts Gary
04:54pm UTC - 2/17/2009 [X]
Sweet toolkit, can't wait to break my own computer/hack my friends

5 Lord Licorice
10:02pm UTC - 2/17/2009 [X]

Oh, right, sorry. I saw it and then promptly forgot. It's fixed now (by removing the _40d from the filename to make the link correct).


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