[#] I see your Alien and raise you The Tall Man.
02:28am UTC - 10/08/2008

Well, I still don't think anything can top Ruler's Goatse Headcrab, but I see your Alien and raise you Angus motherfuckin' Scrimm:



Presidential Debates in :30. I doubt it'll be as entertaining as Biden/Palin but it should provide some fun anyway. I'll be watching it from work on Hulu, and we'll be discussing it in #debates on the IRC. JOIN US!

~Lord Licorice

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.


1 Lord Licorice
08:11am UTC - 10/10/2008 [X]
This is a test, hurr durr

hurf durf

Entering HTML manually in MySQL sucks

Test test test.

2 El El
09:33am UTC - 10/10/2008 [X]


Test #2


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