[#] sup/tg/ TF2 and sup/tg/ Radio
10:07am UTC - 8/25/2008

God, I've been so busy these past couple days. First things first, I suppose: We now have a TF2 server, which can be reached at It hasn't seen much in the way of special configurations yet, but more will come, don't worry. Jump in and enjoy.

Second, there is now a sup/tg/ Radio by way of SHOUTcast. You can access the stream in your favorite media player of choice at or For an embedded Windows Media Player page, try You can also listen to sup/tg/ Radio in the TF2 server by typing !radio into chat (!noradio to turn it off again). There are a number of DJs that have been trying their hand at musican gaems, so who knows what it'll be playing at any given time.

Lastly, I feel like a bit of a butt for not doing more than cursory additions to the Dark Heresy character generator over the past week. Originally, the week of vacation had been slotted for getting the Xen server stuff up and running, with DH as th secondary project after that; however, due to incessant hammering on my house during my prime REM cycles (I get to bed between 4am and 6am, they start hammering at 8am), and delayed start on the Xen, I really got... nothing done on the DH chargen that I'd originally planned.

So, tomorrow, err, today, Monday, my last day of vacation, I shall dedicate to completing (or at least getting as far as I can) the DH chargen 2.0. There will be a bit more to add after the next iteration, but my last items will be the "flavor" (name, eye color, weight, etc.; family generation; extras from the DH site) and starting background packages from IH. I've also enlisted my little brother to help with the mostly-data-entry-intensive step. This will be followed by a text printable character sheet, then MySQL database (which I neglected to do originally but did for the WHFRP), then finally I'm going to try and get it to print onto a charsheet image. 2.5 or 3.0 will likely hold the ability to add promotions and do the calculations for you.

As a kind of addendum and note to self, I'm also going to be replacing the fans tomorrow, provided they've shipped and arrived (they should have been in on Saturday). I'm sick of the server constantly dying of heat after the processor spikes for whatever reason. It's pretty annoying for everyone and hopefully the new fan will fix this. I can't promise the problems will cease, but the fans should at least allevitae the issue considerably. I hope. It had better, anyway.

~Lord Licorice




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