How to SHOUTcast

Since people ask constantly about how to access the SHOUTcast, I've made this page full of handy guides to help you figure it out on your own. It's really very easy to do, but most people just don't seem to be able to get it right the first try. This should make it easier.

Listening or Watching

In general, you simply need to figure out what's streaming at the moment, then launch your favorite media application of choice and use Open URL/Open Stream. I personally recommend foobar2000 for audio and VLC Media Player for video (not all apps can handle .nsv video streams), but I've included the instructions for a few different applications below.

What you really need to know is the address of the SHOUTcast server, which is:


Now that you have the address, let's get to individual apps:





Windows Media Player (WMP)


VLC Media Player



The audio's just slightly too late or too soon for the video. (File desync)

If this happens, the encoding was done incorrectly. If you use VLC, you can adjust the audio delay with the k and j keys; often as little as a +/-50ms delay will fix the issue. If it continues to drift, you can simply keep adjusting. (The other applications likely feature this as well.)

The stream is stuttering, but no one else seems to be having a problem. (Connection desync)

The streamer's bandwidth may be shoddy, or an occasional hiccup will occur that can cause the stream to lag out. In these cases, the streamer usually can't do anything about it; it's best to try restarting your stream (Stop and Play) and see if that fixes the issue. (The streamer should also ensure no other applications are using the bandwidth, such as torrents, downloads or even web browsing during the movie.)

Streaming Audio or Video

Actually streaming your own content through the SHOUTcast is either really, really simple, or really, really fucking difficult. Here's how you can tell:


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