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Archived Threads

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February 2009
3631663Legacy of Kain RPG Discussion/tg/ discusses a very worthwhile thread about a campaign based in Legacy of Kain's Nosgoth world. Very great input, as well as the creation of an off-site forum for specific details.kain, RPG, campaign, raziel, soul reaver, nosgoth, vampires2009-02-07 6 
May 2009
4539347Battlefleet HiigaraGeneral Homeworld thread becomes Homeworld in Battlefleet Gothic thread. Shit gets done.homeworld, warhammer 40,000, hiigara, taiidan, kushan, kadesh, battlefleet gothic, bfg2009-05-13 0 
May 2010
9692576Frost Giantess Quest 49Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, QuestWe're resistant to the forest Shoggoth's madness-inducing fog, but not immune. Fortunately, the Shoggoth isn't at all resistant to thermite, and runs away with it's tail between it's legs. 2010-05-08 14 
February 2011
13944326Battlefleet GothicBattlefleet Gothic Thread. A good start for picking up this much loved system."Battlefleet Gothic", "BFG"2011-02-19 1 
13986767Assorted TES LoreDagoth Ur singing Queen, then TES general, then dumped TES books, including all the Seven Flights of Aldudagga. Ho ha ho.morrowind, elder, scrolls, elderscrolls, lore, dagoth, ur, TES2011-02-22 0 
May 2011
15017980Battlefleet GothicGeneral BFG Thread. Contains templates for papercraft games or scratch built comparisons and general advice. "Battlefleet Gothic", "BFG"2011-05-25 -2 
July 2011
15759678Pirate lords of 40k IIwe get the results of the first playtest, have a debate about the rules, revise movement to be faster, and get in an argument over weather 'nids, Knights, and sisters should be allowed. We also create a dedicated forum, swap shanties, an theres a pic of a parrot with pauldrons.Pirates, 40k, 40k pirates, homebrew, warhammer, space, sci fi, space pirates, skirmish, kill team, battlefleet gothic2011-07-30 3 
August 2011
16002326I just came back from the strangest gameOP tells the tale of a crazy goth he gamed with and the girl on a chain he had with him; /tg/ rages with bearded, hero fury.creepy, Goth, Heroic, whiteknight, glorious, /tg/2011-08-20 17 
October 2011
16676293Let's Discuss Fantas-PH'NGLUI MGLW'NAFHGATHER SACRIFICES. Also, some interesting discussion on elder gods and eldritch horrors.cthulhu, shoggoth, elder gods, gods, horror, slaanesh, sacrifices, discussion2011-10-20 5 
November 2011
16903100Mayor JokerM&M Whatif wherein Joker becomes Mayor of GothamM&M, Joker, Batman, Gotham City2011-11-10 11 
March 2014
31063278CoC Mythos scenarios and plothooksA collection of mostly original plothooks for Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green games. Also has Mister Trashbags, the baby shoggoth.CoC, Mythos, hooks, plothooks, shoggoth,2014-03-27 5 
May 2014
32461889Shoggy the Seldom DogA party pet called Shoggy the Seldom Dog. A friendly dog that randomly polymorphed every few hours.Shoggy, Shoggy the Seldom Dog, Polymorph, Shoggoth, Story, Cute2014-05-31 57 
September 2015
42501442Midnight in Gotham Issue #1A college aged kid begins to understand the allure of being Gotham's most insane gang leader.Collective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Villain, Midnight in Gotham 2015-09-15 15 
42512575Midnight in Gotham Issue #2Bombs for Babies Collective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Joker, Midnight in Gotham 2015-09-15 14 
42542124Midnight in Gotham Issue #3Collective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Joker, Midnight in GothamMiss Gotham2015-09-17 -1 
42564010Midnight In Gotham Issue #4Showtime at Arkham Midnight In Gotham, Collective Game, Gotham, Joker, DC Comics, GothamQM2015-09-18 10 
42585607Midnight In Gotham Issue #5An accountant is found, mooks are tortured and anti-questfags go REEEEEEEMidnight In Gotham, Collective Game, Gotham, Joker, DC Comics, GothamQM2015-09-19 21 
42536664a gothic setting plays at Call of cthullhuin the making of a horror campaign some interesting things are discussedInspiration, Gothic, Innistrad, Bloodborne, horror, Brainstorming, insight2015-09-22 3 
42687780Midnight In Gotham Issue #8SpellboundMidnight In Gotham, Collective Game, Gotham, Joker, DC Comics, GothamQM2015-09-23 5 
42740613Midnight in Gotham Issue #9MasqueradeMidnight In Gotham, Collective Game, Gotham, Joker, DC Comics, GothamQM2015-09-26 5 
October 2015
42979865Midnight in Gotham Issue #11All Saint's DayMidnight In Gotham, Collective Game, Gotham, Joker, DC Comics, GothamQM2015-10-09 3 
43074672Midnight in Gotham Issue #12Punch & JudYCollective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Joker, Midnight in Gotham2015-10-14 1 
43129356Midnight in Gotham Issue #13Smoke & MirrorsCollective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Joker, Midnight in Gotham2015-10-17 1 
43219606Midnight in Gotham Issue #14Jokerz WildCollective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Joker, Midnight in Gotham2015-10-22 2 
43259762Midnight in Gotham Issue #15 The Man Who Wasn't There (Final Issue)Collective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Joker, Midnight in Gotham2015-10-24 2 
43277898Midnight in Gotham Issue #15 (Part 2)The Man Who Wasn't There (Part 2)Collective game, Quest, DC Comics, GothamQM, Joker, Midnight in Gotham2015-10-25 1 
January 2016
44719842Gotham Quest Issue #1In which we wake up, fail to CQC, and get shotEail, Collective Game, Gotham, DC, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Powers, Superhero2016-01-12 8 
44847586Gotham Quest Issue #2In which we escape from a hospital, CQC fools, sperg out over a gun, and SHOPEail, Collective Game, Gotham, DC, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Powers, Superhero2016-01-18 10 
May 2016
29428Gotham Streets Quest #1Fron thug to super criminalGotham Streets Quest, Collective Game, Bats2016-05-05 3 
69682Gotham Streets Quest #2We play for a bit then OP diesGotham Streets Quest, Collective Game, Bats2016-05-08 2 
June 2016
180410Judgement's CryAn attempt of a low fantasy quest with gothic elements...maybe.Gothic, Judgement's, Cry, Judgement's Cry, Quest, Dark Fantasy, Low Fantasy2016-06-03 1 
May 2017
53443820Hollow DeedsAn Anon starts a world building thread on vampires, which evolves into an expansive gothic horror setting.Gothic Horror, Vampires, Hunters, Guilds, Therians, The Church2017-05-28 8 
October 2017
1937908Spooky Girl Quest #0Alice Cherna is an average girl. Well, an Average spooky girl. Her life sucks, but something strange is in the autumn air. Something spooky.Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, halloween, autumn, haunted2017-10-09 6 
1966723Spooky Girl Quest #1First day back at school after your friend joined you. Your friend helps you try to improve your life.Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2017-10-17 2 
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