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Archived Threads

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July 2008
2174377Rome: Caesar, Christ, Immortality, ChinaGAIUS CASSIUS LONGINUS stabbed Julius Caesar to death in the Forum in 44 BC as well as speared Jesus Christ in the side on the cross some 75 years later. What if he was an immortal? What if Jesus was a Roman myth? What if there were Romans in China? Rome, Caesar, Christ, immortality, China, vampires2008-07-09 4 
January 2009
3472109Vampires, the animoots and everythingA statement about a certain anime vampire being the only thing /a/ knows derails into a (surprisingly good) thread about harem anime, different vampires, and different animu throughout the edges, only to roll back to the original topic in the end.vampires, harem, animu2009-01-21 1 
February 2009
3631663Legacy of Kain RPG Discussion/tg/ discusses a very worthwhile thread about a campaign based in Legacy of Kain's Nosgoth world. Very great input, as well as the creation of an off-site forum for specific details.kain, RPG, campaign, raziel, soul reaver, nosgoth, vampires2009-02-07 6 
June 2009
4847968Vampire loreA Mythfag presents itself to /tg/ explaining the origins of the vampire. Facts are awesome.vampires, myth, folklore2009-06-11 8 
August 2009
5510014Vampires vs LichesArchived for the most epic and righteous rebuttal delivered by DJ Phylactery.rap, battle, lich, vampires, dj phylactery2009-08-19 27 
October 2009
6343883The CountThe Count, a simple RPG about polite conversation and proper vampires. The Count, dracula, vampires, vampire, vampire game2009-10-19 1 
January 2010
7424288Girlfriend Quest 2The quest continues under new management. It gets worse before it gets better.Girl, Quest, Collective Game, Evil, Vampires2010-01-04 5 
January 2011
13425174Requiem the Chevalier VampireA poster decides that Requiem, a story about Nazi Vampires in hell, is a great setting to be statted, and posts the first and second volumes for everyone to read. Requiem, GRIMDARK, Vampires, Nazis2011-01-07 6 
March 2012
18254146PC's say the darndest thingsepic quotes from many different games involving the crazy shit PC's sayPC's quotes awesome epic funny duke nukem critical success call of cthulhu diablerie vampires2012-03-08 11 
18442709Vampire LoreOP posts information about Slavic vampire folklore and myth.vampires, vampire, myth, mythology, folklore2012-03-24 11 
May 2012
19135311Chaotic stupid PCsA discussion about Pathfinder quickly degenerates into Chaotic Stupid PC actions, hijinks ensue.roleplaying, chaotic, stupid, bog hag, vampires2012-05-17 16 
January 2013
22402947Armamentarium Infernis QuestOur protagonist sells her soul to a devil corporation in exchange for a power that will hopefully impress her father. The plan fails. Miserably.Collective Game, Armamentarium Infernis Quest, Hell, Armory, Weapons, Touhou, Vampires, Alucard2013-01-05 11 
February 2014
30476297Vampire School Survival QuestTabitha the reliable student and her classmates try to survive a Vampire outbreak.Collective Game, Vampire School Survival Quest, Vampire, Vampires, Quest thread, Horror, Survival2014-02-25 10 
March 2014
30829186Vampire School Survival Quest 2Things get crazier as Tabitha and her friends struggle to survive the Vampire onslaught.Collective Game, Vampire School Survival Quest, Vampire, Vampires, Quest thread, Horror, Survival2014-03-14 10 
April 2014
31803267Oversized Weapon 29You kill a shoujo love interest before it exists.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Vampires2014-04-29 18 
May 2014
32308550Paladin Quest: The ChivalringYou are a paladin of the Moon, sister of the Sun and daughter of the Sky. There is evil afoot, and it is your duty and privilege to smite it.Paladin Quest, Collective Game, Knights, Chivalry, Not!Asia, Lunar Paladin, Vampires, Jojo, Smiting Evil2014-05-23 29 
32354710Paladin Quest II: Live Free or Die ChivalrousYou are Fei Yu Xiang, Knight of the Moon, and you've just been turned into a Hungering Prince. But who cares about that, there's chivalry to do.Paladin Quest, Collective Game, Knights, Chivalry, Not!Asia, Lunar Paladin, Vampires, Smiting Evil2014-05-25 22 
32419589Vampire QuestIn which you get the wrong peanut butter, get stalked by a cultist and have some exposition thrown at you.Vampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-05-28 5 
32459181Vampire Quest 2In which you follow a seemingly normal college girl and fight with a Robert pattinson wannabeVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-05-30 5 
June 2014
32529622Vampire Quest 3In which you go to a carnival, fail to court Jessica and gain insight on a cult's planVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-06-02 4 
32549827Vampire Quest 4In which you get #rekt and then strive to become strongerVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-06-03 3 
32589331Vampire Quest 5: Training arc editionIn which you learn to get good on a mountain and finally get your date.Vampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-06-06 2 
32673507Vampire Quest 6In which you get a sweet new car and a sweet dose of responsibilityVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-06-09 2 
32692011Peasant Quest Part 7We do a bad thing and also find out what happened to 'mother'.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-06-10 7 
32714053Vampire Quest 7In which you end up fighting a roided mummyVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-06-11 2 
32757205Vampire Quest 8In which you acquire a little sister and buy presents for everyoneVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-06-13 2 
32841950Vampire Quest 9In which Carmen gets laid on the 'first' dateVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires, lewd2014-06-18 2 
32877233Peasant Quest 8In which we move to Casablanca, almost get laid and a skeleton makes fun of us.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-06-19 8 
32980643Vampire Quest 10In which Beatrice annoys her almost in lawsVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires 2014-06-24 2 
33001024Vampire Quest 11In which Beatrice goes fishing and prevents teen love from blossomingVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-06-25 2 
33064729Peasant Quest 9Our quest to find some necromancers doesn't get off to the best start.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-06-28 7 
July 2014
33294702Vampire Quest 12You spent some time with Jessica and play twenty questionsVampire quest, Collective game, Vampires2014-07-09 2 
33309627Peasant Quest 10We complete a quest and learn time powers!Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-07-10 7 
33603338Peasant Quest 11We become a vampire dad!Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2014-07-23 6 
August 2014
33866674Peasant Quest 13We struggle to deal with local politiciansPeasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2014-08-03 7 
34426446Paladin Quest III: Judgement DayQM lost her Anonkun password, so one last thread on /tg/.Paladin Quest, Collective Game, Knights, Chivalry, Not!Asia, Lunar Paladin, Vampires, Smiting Evil2014-08-27 1 
October 2014
35501753Peasant Quest 14Peasant Quest returns after a long hiatus. Featuring cheeky magesPeasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2014-10-13 5 
April 2015
39285276Peasant Quest RebootWe're back baby.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2015-04-11 9 
June 2016
213336Supernatural Butler Quest 1Stanley Morison manages to avoid being eaten by a woman who ends up become his boss at the end. We also get turned into a demon.Supernatural Butler Quest, Stanley Morison, Vampires, Demons, Werewolves2016-06-03 4 
287595Supernatural Butler Quest Chapter 4We interrogate Avery, learn about his boss Salvador Rose, and Beatrice announces her plan to retaliate Supernatural Butler Quest, YOB OP, demons, vampires2016-06-24 2 
February 2017
1128653Black Company Quest #20he Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. We influence Saint, and have our Dragonbluff called by the Vampires.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Capable Runts, Casualties of War, Vampires, Bluds and Crypts2017-02-05 24 
51622963/tg/ fixes vampiresIn which we worldbuild genuinely intimidating and interesting redesigns for vampires.vampires, worldbuilding, monsters, redesign,2017-02-10 3 
March 2017
52438077Vampires throughout history setting worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting based off ancient middle eastern mythology, history and vampires infiltrating various cultures.vampires, setting, worldbuilding, middle east, vald tapes2017-03-30 9 
May 2017
53172974/tg/ redesigns vampiresIn which various ideas for alternate vampires are discussed and worldbuilt.vampires, worldbuilding, backstory,2017-05-14 3 
53443820Hollow DeedsAn Anon starts a world building thread on vampires, which evolves into an expansive gothic horror setting.Gothic Horror, Vampires, Hunters, Guilds, Therians, The Church2017-05-28 8 
July 2017
54353855Vampires in 40k 2Further discussion about the Transylv'an Sector. Tau become Chinese Vampires.Warhammer 40k, Vampires2017-07-19 4 
October 2018
2946806O5 Council QuestThe O5 Council awakens in a reality that is not their own, meet a vampire, engage and secure horrors from beyond and get a new addition.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Interlude, Magic, vampires, O5 Council2018-10-15 7 
February 2019
64518341Night of the Lively Dead - tales from the tombcity/tg/ worldbuilds a city-state populated entirely by miscellaneous varieties of undead.undeadtopia, setting, worldbuilding, city-state, undead, zombies, liches, vampires, paladin hate crimes,2019-02-11 3 
April 2019
65900619Noble vampires/tg/ discusses how vampires could work as actual functional feudal lordsVampires, Worldbuilding,2019-04-29 2 
October 2019
3829388Dovahkiin of EarthAsia Argento is 'Rescued' by the Dovahkiin. Now they Travel Japan!Highschool DxD, Dragonborn, Nuns, Vampires, Murder2019-10-03 0 
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