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2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

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January 2011
13425174Requiem the Chevalier VampireA poster decides that Requiem, a story about Nazi Vampires in hell, is a great setting to be statted, and posts the first and second volumes for everyone to read. Requiem, GRIMDARK, Vampires, Nazis2011-01-07 6 
December 2011
17319851Santapire IIMore fleshing out of the jolly old Ventrue who loves sharing Christmas joy with good girls & boys!Vampire, Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Requiem, WoD, VtR, World of Darkness2011-12-24 3 
April 2014
31729914Kill la Kill: Requiem CYOA 2MC attends a board meeting, gets a warm welcome from lost family.CYOA, Collective Game, Kill la Kill, Requiem, Hinode2014-04-26 6 
31753499Kill la Kill Quest: Requiem CYOAHinode wakes up in a hospital, and sustains more injuries than he came in with; also catches up with family.Quest, collective game, hinode, kill la kill, CYOA, requiem2014-04-27 6 
May 2014
31918196KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #4We reconnect without getting stabbed. Hooray!collective game, quest, requiem, CYOA, Kill la kill, hinode2014-05-04 8 
32070317KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #5Hinode wraps up his sisterly visit, has a few nightmares, and lives a few of them.collective game, quest, kill la kill, hinode, requiem2014-05-12 5 
32169239KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #6MC breaks a promise to a cute blonde girl and feels bad about it.collective game, quest, kill la kill, hinode, requiem, CYOA2014-05-17 2 
32352331KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #6.5The man named G materialized.collective game, quest, Kill la kill, hinode, requiem2014-05-25 3 
June 2014
32506401KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #7Hinode's luck turns around as he is able to convince his sisters isn't such a bad guy.collective game, quest, kill la kill, hinode, requiem2014-06-01 2 
32657210KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #8Hinode finally leaves the hospital. Smiles all around! People also come back from the dead!collective game, quest, hinode, requiem, kill la kill2014-06-09 1 
32799742Kill la Kill CYOA: Requiem Quest #9The brother almost reconnects with his sisters. Almost.collective game, kill la kill, requiem, CYOA2014-06-15 2 
33044651Kill la Kill CYOA: Requiem Quest 10The group is interrupted in route to the castle by Frankenstein. Fire was banned, so we just bite off his nose.collective game, requiem, kill la kill, quest2014-06-27 1 
July 2014
33229680Kill la Kill CYOA: Requiem Quest 11A nice walk, a little conversation, maybe even some tea.collective game, CYOA, requiem, kill la kill2014-07-06 1 
March 2017
1231052Exterminator Quest RequiemIn which we realize we have a skin disorder.exterminator quest requiem, simmons2017-03-05 1 
1279898Exterminator Quest Requiem 3We chat with Deng Li about his explosive connections.exterminator quest requiem, simmons2017-03-19 1 
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