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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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November 2008
3055726Mike’s All-Purpose Insanity Table!Had enough of being a big, bad goddamn hero all the time? Try investigating elder Gods and deathless monstrosities – guaranteed to invoke madness! madness CoC insanity table roll2008-11-24 0 
April 2009
4278898/tg/ builds a city/tg/ comes up with various ideas for a steampunk mountain city including slave cockroaches, various guilds and more.city, mountain, steampunk, cockroach2009-04-14 7 
June 2009
4772110Cocky PCs getting into shit.A thread about how your players get a bit over their heads and get into trouble. Some very good stories, including the story about a paladin dying very heroically.d&d cocky players paladin2009-06-05 5 
April 2010
9408898SUCK THREE DICKSWhat began as a simple edition war troll became an enlightening discussion about ascertaining the culinary qualities of various dicks.dicks, edition war, Mr. Rage, three, books, cocks, dick, cock2010-04-24 11 
July 2010
11143565Zerg QuestCerebrate Anon begins the "What the fuck" brood. Hilarity ensues. Also, rape.Cerebrate Anon, rapelings, dicklings, cocklisks, ernie, bernie2010-07-15 47 
October 2010
12357292Lord of Cocks"At the end of the session that I just came from, one of my players declared himself, publicly, the Lord of Cocks." And then the thread was full of ideas about the proper response and repercussions for thisCocks, dicks, God, God of Cocks, One-eyed King, Cock Salesmen, Cock Duel2010-10-07 42 
12459883CoC Monster in the MirrorA story of monsters, mirrors, and bad ends.CoC, Call of Cthulhu, Bad End, Creepy2010-10-16 5 
12604884Monster in the Mirror : Act 3Sometimes winning costs everything else.CoC, Call of Cthulhu, Creepy2010-10-29 0 
November 2010
12661791Rock and Roll CoCElvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Nat King Cole, and Frank Sinatra play a benefit concert for the damned, hijinks ensue.Call of Cthulhu, Rock and Roll, DM, CoC2010-11-03 2 
December 2010
13050054Funny stuff that has happened in your games.Starts off with a man trying to kill himself with a dog that walks on TWO FEET. And just sky rockets from there.CoC, Humor, Fun, TWO FEET2010-12-06 12 
March 2011
14288556Call of Cthulhu advice and file dumpRunning a Call of Cthulhu game plus the books you need.CoC, Cthulhu, GM Tools, Downloads2011-03-18 0 
April 2011
14755334Tabletop 'NOPE' MomentsOP invites /tg/ to post tales from their game tables which have made them 'nope'. One tale from CoC in particular captures /tg/'s attention.Call of cthulhu, CoC, nope, scary, terrifying, story time, stories2011-04-29 10 
June 2011
15187045The Epic of John CockburnDrawfag unites with /tg/ to craft a battle scene between two random shmucks. Hilarity ensuesJohn Cockburn, Oswald Jones IV, Fish, Mop2011-06-07 20 
August 2011
15990640Melek Tau - the psionic peacocksIn their world, beauty is power, and they are the most beautiful. Peacock feathers and camp-gay elegance everywhere. Also, psychic knife-fighting. To them, David Bowie is Chuck Norris. FABULOUS!peacocks, psychic, psionic, beautiful, FABULOUS, bitch you did not just diss my haircut2011-08-20 23 
October 2011
16525254Song of Fire and Ice P3StrongCock starts to consolidate their hold, crazy shenanigans start happening Song of Fire and Ice Quest, Collective Game, Strongcock Quest 2011-10-05 8 
16534349Song of Fire and Ice P4Durian finally arrives, hunt goes wrong, crazy shenanigans Song of Fire and Ice Quest, Collective Game, Strongcock Quest 2011-10-06 8 
16542494Song of Fire and Ice Quest P5Song of Fire and Ice quest P4 Edyth gets married to DurianSong of Fire and Ice Quest,Stroncock quest, Collective Game2011-10-07 8 
16572797Song of Fire and Ice P6Song of Fire and Ice, discovered who was behind the plot of bandits, then watched as Stark DISPENSED JUSTICESong of Fire and Ice Quest, Strongcock Quest, Collective game2011-10-10 7 
16594675Song of Fire and Ice P7Song of Fire and Ice, found a mercenary camp set out to fight you, paid by an unknown benefactorSong of fire and Ice quest, Strongcock quest, collective Game2011-10-12 8 
16616021Song of Fire and Ice P8Coal mine was finished and quarry has been enlarged, Merwyn needs supplies to help CalumSong of fire and Ice quest, Strongcock quest, collective Game2011-10-13 6 
December 2011
17382585Creepy Call of Cthulhu notes.What do you hand your player when they lose sanity? One GM shares his tricks, while others chime in with their own experiences.CoC, Creepy, Cthuhu, Madness, GM, rpg, 2011-12-31 7 
January 2012
17449318Megacorp Quest: A New BeginningIt's not the old one, but it might be just as good. We'll just have to see where our new found cocaine addiction leads us.Megacorp, corp, corporation, cocaine, XCOM, quest, collective game, Megacorp Quest2012-01-07 5 
March 2012
18519935IRL Instances of Sanity LossAnecdotes about hallucinations and other bizarre experiences.sanity,CoC,mental illness2012-03-31 26 
August 2012
20476321Corruption of Champions: ANGER EDITIONIn which a young Angry Marine and Musclewizard by the name of ANGER boldly strides into a new world, to cast Fist upon heretical abominations in the Emperors name.Corruption of Champions: Knighthood, Angry Marine, Collective Game, CoC, Corruption of Champions, SPACE MARINE , 40K, Emperor, Muscle Wizard2012-08-26 20 
October 2012
21057598CoC Haunted House BrainstormOP asks for non mythos stuff to put in a haunted house, gets it.Call of Cthulhu. CoC, Lovecraft, haunted, horror, scary, spooky2012-10-10 2 
21201927Danny Devito-sSo, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito...Danny, Devito, late night tg, actor, cockroaches, science, what, the, fuck, is, going, on, in, this, thread 2012-10-20 46 
November 2013
28086458CoC Advice ThreadGood advice for new Call of Cthulu DM's and playersCoC, Call of Cthulu, advice2013-11-03 5 
February 2014
30148554Errant the Star-Crossed Knight QuestSend this Knight on a Glorious quest to find the family cockring!Collective Game, Star-Crossed Knight, Cockring2014-02-11 12 
March 2014
31063278CoC Mythos scenarios and plothooksA collection of mostly original plothooks for Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green games. Also has Mister Trashbags, the baby shoggoth.CoC, Mythos, hooks, plothooks, shoggoth,2014-03-27 5 
June 2014
32656527Halfling Quest III: Wyrm EaterHeilyn copes with having just killed someone, and works towards escaping her father's "Training".Collective Game, Halfling Quest, Drunken Antics, Dead Fathers, Deadbeat Fathers, Massive CoC, Wyrm Eater2014-06-08 4 
July 2014
33120151Harpy Species, Intelligence and MannerismsWhat starts off as a thread discussing the likelihood of Harpies becoming a world power through aerial martial strength (d)evolves into a discussion about dumb Dodo-Harpies, foul-mouthed Cockney-Harpies and, of course, Harpy mating habits.Harpy, harpies, dodo, dumb, cockney, fetish, world building, monsters, monstergirls, I'll fight u m8 I swear on me mum2014-07-02 20 
August 2014
33815206Cursed_Apprentice_QuestYour a wizards apprentice who gets back-stabbed and turned into a shota wacky hijinks ensue on a quest to reverse the curse before we unage into an infantshota, Agro, Cursed_Apprentice, Quest, huge cocks, pumpkin farming, OP needs to sleep,2014-08-01 12 
January 2015
37105387Capitalizing CthulhuOP proposes a CoC campaign based off Ayn Rand. /tg/ proves itself impossible to troll and Bioshock+Lovecraft, Galt as a Mi-Go trying to lure the "best" of humanity into a trap so he can extract their brains, railroads spelling out the Elder Sign and Yithians complaining about people stealing their technology.Objectivism, Bioshock, CoC, Cthulhu, Lovecraft,Cultists, Campaign Hooks, Better then it sounds,2015-01-01 12 
37611420Cancerbugs: The Civilizationthere is a limiter on the mutation, I swear!insect, civ, civilization, collective game, formian, Scarcock Trollfister2015-01-25 2 
37629415Coconut and Lychee Juice: a Story of EnduranceAn anon's foray into a possible DM-side drink has gone wrong. Oh so horribly wrong.drink, fortitude save, CON check, put the juice in the coconut, possible trading card game, /ck/ related, just go to the hospital already2015-01-26 7 
February 2015
38134108Horrific monstrosities of the deep sea/tg/ talks about some of the real-life abominations native to the deep sea, concludes that Aquaman is actually pretty badass. Also worldbuilding.Deep Sea, Monster, CoC, Terror, Abyss, Kill It With Fire, Abomination, Aquaman, Mermaids, Merfolk,2015-02-19 10 
September 2015
42567671Overlord Light Novel Quest 1The start and happenningCollective Game, Overlord Light Novel Quest, Cocktease2015-09-17 0 
October 2015
42864523Battlecock (LEGO Quest)The reign of King Cluck begins.LEGO, Chicken, Battlecock, Collective Game2015-10-03 4 
42883413LEGO quest #2 Reign of king CluckMother Clucker goes to the townLEGO, Chicken, Battlecock, Collective Game2015-10-08 1 
January 2016
44606692Space Cocks QuestA quest about futuristic cock fighting. We get our first cock, get our first generation of chicks and participate in our first fight!Quest, Collective Game, Space Cocks Quest2016-01-06 7 
44671546Orc Bouncer QuestSimmons runs a one-shot.collective game, orc, bouncer, club, party, orc cock, tiny elf dick, drow2016-01-10 13 
44891100Sympathetic Eldritch AbominationsA discussion on eldritch abominations which find us just as strange and SAN Loss-inducing as we find them.worldbuilding, monster, monsters, cosmic horror, lovecraft, CoC, Alienist,2016-01-21 6 
December 2017
56570631Imprisoned Ancient Evils/tg/ discusses the concept of hibernating cosmic horrors and worldbuilds their own examples. lovecraft, call of cthulhu, CoC, eldritch abomination, worldbuilding,2017-12-06 6 
May 2020
4257585American High School Quest #1In the mid-1990s, an lesser-known son of the Thundercock dynasty finds himself stranded on a strange new world!chad, thundercock, isekai, catgirl,adventure2020-05-23 3 
June 2020
4296316American High School Quest #2Bruce Thundercock faces off Arikzastan of the Rolling City!chad, thundercock, isekai, catgirl,adventure2020-06-16 2 
July 2020
4337096American High School Quest #3After the battle, the Chadforce seeks to learn where the mysterious Idol of Izochark hailed from!thundercock,isekai2020-07-10 1 
December 2020
456216140K P.D.F. QUEST IThe pleasure world of vexis has an unexpected hero in their ranks.Flak(e)trooper, 40K P.D.F. QUEST, Imperial Guard, WH40K, Warhammmer 40000, Warhammer 40k, Rick "the snick", Princecock Clan2020-12-13 12 
456898840K P.D.F. Quest II /drukhari scumbags edition/Miracles happen with some extremely lucky rolls. Lot's of praying. Some Memes. Ending of this chapter.Flak(e)trooper, 40K P.D.F. QUEST, Imperial Guard, WH40K, Warhammmer 40000, Warhammer 40k, Rick "the snick", Princecock Clan2020-12-16 10 
July 2021
4866191Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #2David captures a pirate, raids a gang HQ, meets an old Grey and goes hunting. HFY, HFW Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Collective Game, USA, Marine2021-07-02 8 
August 2021
4900701Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #3David goes hunting, gets hunted himself, gets into trouble, builds some armor and goes scavengingHFY, HFY Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Collective Game2021-08-01 6 
4941633Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #4David takes care of some pirates, recruits a cabinboy, a robot and the best girl. Also he punches a ghost to death. HFY, HFW Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Collective Game, USA, Marine2021-08-27 4 
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