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October 2008
2761838/tg/ Jack O'Lantern stencilsIn preparation for Halloween, a fa/tg/uy provides a series of /tg/ themed stencils for pumpkin carving.Halloween, stencils, 40k, pumpkin2008-10-08 5 
November 2010
12647865Spooky Zerg Quest IIIDyles continues its transformation into a horrible monster. It devours its fellow man. It drains their blood and their souls. It uses them like sock puppets made of human flesh. The Bonus Quest finally ends--But does he die, sparing the galaxy his evil, or escape, inflicting his ravenous hunger on us all?Zerg Quest, Spooky Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Dyles, Halloween, Mayor McTasteyFace, Space Tadpoles2010-11-02 10 
June 2011
15363262Halloween 80's Movie CampaignOP posts some cool ideas about a game to be played annually every Halloween, as kids in a Midwestern town. Clever ideas and suggestions abound.halloween, homebrew, boogeyman2011-06-23 6 
October 2014
35862917Bureau QuestAs a member of the Secretists, we battle demons, cultist and save a sexy vampiress.Bureau Quest, Collective Game, Halloween, Totally Not JQOP2014-10-31 4 
35864111Floor Tile QuestYou are a sapient floor tile, hellbent on devouring the entire world.Floor Tile Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2014-10-31 9 
35877896SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST 001A terrifying tale of a Chosen of the Neverborn who had a minor dermal malfunction.Golden Lark, Shyft Nine, drawquest, SPOOKY ABYSSAL QUEST, spooky, scary, skeletons, halloween, Exalted, Abyssal, The Just and Neccesary Executioner, Collective Game2014-10-31 6 
November 2014
35878700Hollow Quest Redux: Risa Schrodinger's Halloween Holloween SpooktacularTrick or treat!Collective Game, Bleach, Hollow Quest Redux, AzureEarth, Halloween Special2014-11-01 11 
35877585Assassin School quest 13: Halloween specialLayla tries to get the cowardly Maria to enjoy Halloween, And something fantastic happens, as love blooms beneath the moonCollective Game, Assassin School quest, The Headmaster, Quest, School, Assassin, Poison, Catgirl, Halloween Special, love2014-11-01 21 
October 2015
43256025Sunnydale Heights 60666: Episode 1My name is Zack Jackson. When I moved from a small town in Minnesota to Sunnydale Heights, I knew things would be different... but I never knew they would be THIS different!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2015-10-25 7 
43278578Sunnydale Heights 60666: Episode 2Zack finds love in all the wrong places!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2015-10-26 6 
November 2015
43396293Mech Quest Halloween 2015: Perils of the Ponderous Pumpkin PillagersOn Halloween a brave band of Mercs take their mecha on a rescue mission... But not all is as it seems!Cognis Quest, Collective Game, Halloween, Mech, 2015-11-01 5 
43396566Sunnydale Heights 60666: Episode 3Zack starts getting used to his new surroundings.Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2015-11-01 6 
43412545Sunnydale Heights 60666: Episode 4The big Halloween squareball game!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2015-11-02 5 
43530590Sunnydale Heights 60666: Episode 5Tragedy strikes the big Halloween Dance!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2015-11-08 3 
43646829Sunnydale Heights 60666: Episode 6The final episode of the season!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2015-11-16 4 
March 2016
46278415Sunnydale Heights 60666 Episode 6Zack's back... and... Zack's back?Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2016-03-27 2 
October 2016
753869Crusader Quest Halloween One-ShotHappy Halloween. Something dark stirs in the bowels of Ascalon. Wilhelm must root it out while terror stalks his domainCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Halloween, Wilhelm, HistoricalFiction,2016-10-27 10 
November 2016
751298Slasher Quest: The Cenotaph SlayerThe test run of a new Slasher Skirmish game system. A Halloween party must struggle to survive a spirit of vengeance.Collective Game, Slasher Quest, Questguy, Horror, Halloween, Skirmish, Prototype2016-11-03 -10 
764043Slasher Quest: Camp Red Water part 1Edition 0 of Slasher Skirmish. Camp Counselors vs immortal wizards with the souls of children on the line!Collective Game, Slasher Quest, Questguy, Horror, Halloween, Skirmish, Prototype2016-11-07 -9 
October 2017
1937908Spooky Girl Quest #0Alice Cherna is an average girl. Well, an Average spooky girl. Her life sucks, but something strange is in the autumn air. Something spooky.Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, halloween, autumn, haunted2017-10-09 9 
1966723Spooky Girl Quest #1First day back at school after your friend joined you. Your friend helps you try to improve your life.Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2017-10-17 4 
2014030Spooky Girl Quest #2Alice meets people in a graveyard and makes plans for Sam and EllieSpooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2017-10-28 3 
2017352Sunnydale Heights 60666 Episode 10Zack Jackson faces the ultimate horror: being a teenage boy without a carLego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2017-10-30 1 
November 2017
56200296Demon Hunter Halloween 2017 Aftermath/tg/ counts casualties and takes inventory of survivors. It does not look good.halloween, 2017, aftermath, demons, skellingtons, spooky, scary, skeletons, survivors, demon hunters, hunters2017-11-02 3 
2034808Spooky Girl Quest #3Alice hangs with Sam and Franz and learns more about her friend before Ellie comes overSpooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2017-11-03 3 
2041725Sunnydale Heights 60666 Episode 11Zack partners up with Felicity and Rex reveals his plans. Special guest appearance by Click and Clack the Car Talk Guys!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2017-11-11 1 
2024027Tanis Quest 2In which we negotiate with the Egyptian goddess of cats and try to find out what she knows. Then its werewolves vs vampires for Halloween.Collective Game, Questguy, Ghoulquest, Tanisquest, Halloween2017-11-12 2 
2070777Spooky Girl Quest #4Alice learns more about her friend, hangs with Sam and Zack Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunte2017-11-22 3 
December 2017
2100569Sunnydale Heights 60666 Episode 12It's Daisy Pushup's big birthday party!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Halloween2017-12-06 1 
2124350Spooky Girl Quest #5Alice finishes hanging with Zack and sets her sights on meeting Cliff Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2017-12-17 2 
January 2018
2178632Spooky Girl Quest #6A meeting with Cliff is scheduled again, some truths are discovered about Franz and your Friend.Spooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2018-01-04 2 
2216220Spooky Girl Quest #7Talking with Chad, Cliff, Friend, and a secret admirerSpooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2018-01-18 1 
2253281Spooky Girl Quest #8School, a strange encounter, reading about Goat Gods, and hanging with SamSpooky Girl, High school, possession, ghosts, goth, dark, Halloween, autumn, haunted2018-01-31 1 
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