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October 2009
6171811Trench SettingGeneric "events in the X" turns into the whole setting discussion full of ideas and charactersworld war, setting, ideas, trench, warfare, discussion2009-10-07 0 
6470755WW1 Fantasy settingAnon asks if anyone has ever played a WW1 based fantasy game. Ends with System generation.WW1, Trenchwarfare, homebrew, awesome, brewfagging2009-10-29 5 
January 2010
7644266Modern Warfare/Rainbow Six Boardgame/tg/ wants to save the hostageshomebrew, rainbow six, modern warfare, delta green, brainstorming2010-01-18 6 
March 2010
8348872The Art of Elvish WarWhat stated as a stern glare and dwarvish pranks turns into an alarmly de-fagged first person analysis of elves, and some shockingly intelligent discourse on all things Elf.Elves, Warfare, Dem Eyes, Writefaggotry2010-03-02 13 
April 2011
14641073Binary WarfareTechnically the second thread in the series, this is the first real thread with progress on both the game and the fluffbinary warfare, oc, wargame, homebrew2011-04-19 1 
14687423Binary Warfare, part the second.Second real thread for binary warfare. Crunch is expanded on considerably.binary warfare, oc, wargame, homebrew2011-04-23 0 
14701650Binary Warfare part the thirdProgress is made. Nothing of particular note.binary warfare, oc, wargame, homebrew2011-04-24 0 
14730229Army shit for your gameActive duty and former members of the armed forces answer game related questions. Useful info for how soldiers act, think and what they carry. rpg, modern warfare, Kommando 2011-04-28 3 
October 2011
16762476Gridiron: Urban Mech CombatWIP tabletop wargame focusing on mech customization, electronic warfare, and urban combat.Urban, Mech, Combat, Wargame, Gridiron, Electronic Warfare, WIP, Tabletop, Game, Design2011-10-30 5 
December 2011
17180245Trench QuestA gritty, somewhat comical tale set in a wartorn planet with some light scifi/fantasy elements.quest, Collective Game, Trench Quest, Trench Warfare, Military2011-12-12 11 
17194145Trench Quest IIThe party meets up with a new member, more suspicious hints are dropped.quest, Collective Game, Trench Quest, Trench Warfare, Military2011-12-13 5 
May 2013
24949706PunishmentA story about the darker side of the merciless engine that is the Imperium of Man. NOT for the faint of heart.Writefaggotry, 40k, Space Marines, Death, Torture, Space Warfare 2013-05-22 16 
April 2014
31386597Ecological Cardgames and Jelly SpammersWhat started out as a newfag appearing turned into an indepth discussion of the viability of different ecological combos in Metaphysical Divine Nature TCG. TGC, Ecomancy, Jelly-spammers, Nature, Garden, Warfare, Enviroments2014-04-11 9 
January 2017
51022369WW1 turns post-apocalypticSomeone posts greentext of their latest campaign set in a much more destructive WW1. /tg/ likes the general idea and starts worldbuilding.ww1, trench warfare, post apocalyptic, horror, worldbuilding,2017-01-09 11 
September 2019
68141968How would fantasy races adapt to modern warfare?OP posits the question: How would fantasy races adopt to modern warfare? and /tg/ answers.Warfare, fantasy, modern warfare, centaur, dwarf, elf, orc, discussion2019-09-03 4 
June 2020
4317311Cold War shithole simulator, /k/ EditionThe split Island of Sahrani is home to a socialist and a republican state. Which one will prevail in the struggle during the cold war???Collective game, history, weapons, warfare, world building, tactics, strategy2020-06-27 2 
July 2020
4325521Cold War shithole simulator, /k/ Edition #2The Island remains divided throughout the 1950's despite the short victorious war.Collective game, history, weapons, warfare, world building, tactics, strategy CWSS2020-07-10 3 
August 2020
4354314Cold War shithole simulator, /k/ Edition #3Stuck in a war against the north half of the island in 1963Collective game, history, weapons, warfare, world building, tactics, strategy CWSS2020-08-08 0 
November 2021
5018302TACTICOM Quest #1Titular robot tactics computer takes his first real command to battle the alien Red Horde! TC undergoes a test and then is dispatched south.Robot, Warfare, Mech, Alien, Alien Invasion2021-11-20 13 
January 2022
5068423TACTICOM Quest #1.5The mission at the south Nexus concludes; TC tries his hand at budget negotiations and takes his command talents to the Balkans resistance. Robot, Warfare, Mech, Alien, Alien Invasion2022-01-08 12 
June 2022
5274458CYOF, The Second Superweapon, The Struggle for Europe ( /civ/?)Major Wargame Battle is waged, thread turns into overly long character drama with too much lore. Wargame, Civ, CYOF, Cyberpunk, Modern, Tactical, Russia, Slavic, Modern Warfare, TZAR Setting, Alternate History, Near Future, KoBK2022-06-01 2 
August 2022
5339760Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 3An unholy warrior forms a multicultural axis of evil to conquer dwarves. Along the way, he learns a difficult lesson about love and loss.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, warfare, politics, sex, slavery, shortstacks, genocide, grief2022-08-15 5 
5336778The ARASI War (WW3, CYOF, TZAR, CivPlayers vote to be a NAU Analyst in West Africa. Battles are fought, hundreds die, and the MC searches for answers.Elections in West Africa?Wargame, Civ, CYOF, TZAR, LoN, Cyberpunk, Modern, Tactical, American, Canadian, Modern Warfare, Korova Analyst, NAU2022-08-16 3 
November 2023
90915649Future Warfare thread/tg/ discusses realistic future warfare. Will it be drones, drones, or more drones? Answer: probably less dronesWorldbuilding, Sci-Fi, Technology, Warfare, Setting2023-11-20 1 
December 2023
5851424UnteralterbootYou're Herr Kaleun, captain of the ceremonial u-boat with a crew consisting of little girls for the purpose of kriegsmarine propaganda. ESL_QM, ESL, WW2, Kriegsmarine, Cute and Funny, Submarine, Naval Warfare, Romance, Captain2023-12-23 6 
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