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February 2010
8235493MercQuest 2Mercenary begins to investigate into a friends murder.Quest, mercenary, investigation2010-02-23 1 
February 2013
23034444RaidX: PAD - Paranormal Detectives Case #1 Part 3Shit is going down, next part will be the last in this case probably.Collective game, horror, monsters, RaidX, PAD, paranormal, detectives, investigation, mystery2013-02-08 0 
March 2014
30854375Pokemon Quest #31We meet Vance's parents, bury the hatchet with Jeanine, and start an investigation into a muggingPokemon Quest, Pokemon, gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer, investigation2014-03-16 21 
May 2016
167154Colony questYour name is Seto Tobei.whose family just won the biggest lottery in history of mankind. an all-expenses paid trip to live on mars.Drama, Scifi, Investigation, action2016-05-24 1 
February 2017
1205323The Balancer Oneshot QuestExorcist Father John Fisher Investigate a strange occurrence plaguing a new family in the neighborhood.Collective Game, SadAnon, Supernatural, Investigation Gameplay2017-02-26 5 
February 2020
4035398Dovahkiin of Earth XVI: Holy Grail War Part IV After healing Rin, Asia continues her search for Assassin. Homever, what she found is not quite what she expected.Highschool DxD, Nun, Dragonborn, Fate, Holy Grail, Investigation2020-02-02 1 
May 2020
4249974Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of ClubsAce and Lorelei summon a demonMystery Investigation, Lorelei, drawthread, Peekay2020-05-14 5 
June 2020
4283646Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of MembershipAce and Lorelei recruit their succ, Jubilee, and then Peekay loses motivation to continue the thread. It will return.Mystery Investigation, Ace, Lorelei, Jubilee, drawthread, Peekay2020-06-27 4 
September 2020
4418935Mystery Investigation Quest: Rumors of Membership Part DeuxThe mystery continues as Ace, Lorelei, and Jubilee investigate rumors about the old principalMystery Investigation, Ace, Lorelei, Jubilee, drawthread, Peekay2020-09-07 4 
August 2021
4894770Remorse - a minimalistic one-shotA small, one-shot quest, almost fully improvised from a simple sentence : "I bet you feel no remorse". one-shot, remorse, improvised, investigation2021-08-05 4 
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