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August 2009
5331632Earth Elemental Lovin'What happens when an Earth Elemental falls in love with a PC? Puns. LOTS of puns.elemental, romance, puns, D&D2009-08-04 5 
January 2014
29659165Oversized Weapon Quest 7You complete your first real raid, and get roped into some sorta quest.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Elemental Spirits2014-01-21 29 
29734929Oversized Weapon Quest 8You help that annoying rock guy out, and find more about the forest you're staying in for now.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Big Swords, Elementals, Goblins2014-01-24 29 
February 2014
30152843Oversized Weapon Quest 12Your sidequests spawn more sidequests. You meant another elemental and take his trial by fire!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Gnolls, Elementals2014-02-11 28 
March 2014
31086171Random Dimensional Quest 10: Of Flashbacks and Moving ForwardIn which Nick Trimmers reminisces about his time on Arsenal, then begins to explore a new world.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, Palladium, Megaversal, wanderlust, elementals2014-03-27 2 
April 2014
31227882Random Dimensional Quest 11: Eco-WarIn which Nick Trimmers talks to rocks, and teaches two worlds to fear barbers.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, Palladium, Megaversal, elementals, incursions2014-04-03 1 
31371070Random Dimensional Quest Part 12 - DestabilizationIn which Nick discusses war and magic, and concerns for the health of Slow Ass arise.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, Palladium, Megaversal, elementals, health advice2014-04-10 1 
June 2014
32550270Ryukuza QuestA largely light hearted Quest about Dragon Girls and Their Insane Families. Really light hearted and utterly rediculous.dragongirls, oni, puns, elementals, collective game, insanity, comedy, 2014-06-03 24 
32587931Ryukuza Quest: A Largely Light Hearted Quest About Dragon GirlsRyukusa's best friend is neat. Apparently she stole an oni's rain. HOLY CRAP WE CAN FIGHT!collective game, dragongirls, oni, elemental battle, lesbians, romance, comedy2014-06-05 23 
33022512elemental systemsDiscussing elemental systemsmagic, setting, elemental systems2014-06-27 0 
August 2014
33974399Elemental EliminatorsA civ game with Elementals in City RuinsCollective Game, Elementals, Civ2014-08-08 0 
December 2014
37047010Infinite Castle SettingOP proposes the Elemental Plane of Castle. Worldbuilding and stories follow.Dyson Sphere, Castle, Elemental Plane, Planet, Setting, Worldbuilding2014-12-31 3 
December 2015
44111155Elemental Questyou are a teapot/steam elemental and fuck up snowmenElemental Quest2015-12-11 3 
October 2023
5763254Orb QuestThe 6 elemental spheres are sought after for millenia and fuel catastrophic wars. You're Willow Ashsong, an elf and new orb master of air. Orb Quest, Fantasy, Elemental Orbs, Female MC, Elf, Adventure, QM AWOL2023-10-12 1 
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