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October 2009
6442379Alternate Miniature WargamesDiscussion of several alternate miniature wargames ends up listing dozens of companies that produce wonderful spaceship miniatures.Miniatures, Games, Spaceship, Full Thrust, 2009-10-27 4 
May 2010
9639988Full Thrust fleet designA Full Thrust fleet challenge turns into a general discussion of the gameFull Thrust2010-05-07 0 
October 2010
12582554Most Trustworthy of EightOP posts interesting question, /tg/ responds with class and many lols are had.Trustworthy, DM help, epic2010-10-27 4 
12594371Most Trustworthy of SixteenOP continues with a new 8.Trustworthy, DM help2010-10-28 0 
November 2010
12692497Trustworthy? 32-40Ribbonfag asks /tg/'s opinion of eight more.Trustworthy, DM help, characters, portraits, ribbonfag, first impressions2010-11-06 1 
September 2011
16170996The PC's childA child grows up with her hilariously neglectful parents, accidentally leaving her to be raised by monsters for months at a time.Backstory, Parental neglect, Humor, rusty venture2011-09-05 11 
January 2014
29522774Dinosaurs, Ancient Animals, and Lobsters in the FutureIn the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there are only Lobsters. Also rad convos about dinosaurs and crustacean porn.Future Lobsters, Dinosaurs, Ancient Animals, Crustacean Porn2014-01-15 9 
April 2014
31587826What the fuck is this garbage?Seriously, Dran. I saw you started up a thread and I thought it was going to be Dead Last Ninja finally starting at a reasonable time, not this "Over(human)limit" garbage. I'm disappointed. DLN is better anyway, so you should run it more.Collective Game, Dranule, Edgy, Trash, Drop this, trust, me, I'm, doing, you, a, favor2014-04-20 4 
June 2014
32622372Space Pirate Naga QuestYou are Captain Valdessa Atroxius, Pirate Captain of the spaceship The Sol Regret and it is high time you got back to some piracy! But first we gotta go bug the crew.Space Pirate Naga Quest, Collective Game, Space Pirate, Naga, Mechs, Trust the Crab2014-06-07 13 
32809063Space Pirate Naga Quest 2Valdessa learns about what exactly it is that she stole.Space Pirate Naga Quest, Collective Game, Space Pirate, Naga, Mechs, Trust the Crab2014-06-16 12 
April 2017
1334189Tainted Earth QuestWe begin our quest as a nomad guard under attack by crazed cultists. We form our dream team of Psychos,mutants and rejects and save the day.Tainted Earth quest, Tainted, Jukruk, Rustan, Mutt, collective game, post apocalypse.2017-04-08 1 
1348081Tainted Earth Quest part 2We interrogate some purists, find some juicy Intel and then lose a drinking game on the first round. Also got banned a LOTTainted Earth quest, Tainted, Jukruk, Rustan, Mutt, collective game, post apocalypse.2017-04-19 1 
August 2017
1727834WUNIAFWAR 2Bears are bad news. Jippy is the first player to die. Anne is the first player to fall into a coma and get rescued by another, Cory.Wake Up Naked Quest, WUNIAFWAR Quest, Multiplayer RPG, Action-Adventure, Survival, Mystery, Rust, Ramtide QM2017-08-25 1 
1749600WUNIAFWAR 3 - OP Has Problems EditionPatrick's quarantine fails. Poopfist burns the hospital. Jippy takes Poopfist captive. Anne and Cory leave Canopy.Wake Up Naked Quest, WUNIAFWAR, Survival, Mystery, Multiplayer RPG, Action Adventure, Rust, Ramtide QM, Ramtide, 2017-08-27 1 
1784275WUNIAFWAR 4Jippy realizes he's sick. Anne and Cory make a town. Joseph wreaks havoc.Wake Up Naked Quest, WUNIAFWAR, Collective Game, Survival, Mystery, Multiplayer RPG, Action Adventure, Rust, Ramtide QM, Ramtide, 2017-08-27 1 
December 2017
56592246Adventure in the SPECTACULAR FUTURE OF THE YEAR 2000Discussion and worldbuilding to create a setting based off vintage scifi.retrofuturistic, zeerust, pulp scifi, setting, worldbuilding2017-12-06 3 
May 2018
2501286Darkest Dungeon Quest: Black as Death #1The humble beginnings of an Heir and his effort to return the Hamlet to glory.Darkest Dungeon, DD, Collective Game, CyrustheYoungerQM2018-05-05 4 
August 2018
61049924Starblazers Setting Worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting combining pulp scifi flash gordon retrofuturism and lovecraft.starblazers, worldbuilding, setting, flash gordon, retrofuturism, zeerust, cosmic horror, lovecraft, call of cthulhu,2018-08-02 6 
March 2020
71372884Freaks races in RPGs, yes or no ?A discussion about freak races evolving into an amazing translation of an artists worldbuilding.Freaks, freak, races, art, rust world, uhia, utlh, translation, frog, french2020-03-12 4 
March 2022
5130116HELP WANTED! Yet Another Facility Management Quest #4After spending a moment in the shoes of Gamma, your next shift was spent dealing with one anomaly and beating the shit outta another.Administrator, Collective Game, Lobotomy Corporation, Fan Quest, Coffee Addiction, the QM will try to update faster please trust him2022-03-05 9 
April 2022
5175568Trust a Goblin PART 13Welcome party, unwelcome guests.Collective Game, I Can't Believe... Quest, Trust a Goblin, CF, CenterField, Mr. Culexus2022-04-11 9 
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