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July 2009
5071724Robot Quest part II: Radio QuestContinuation of Toaster QuestRadio Quest, Robot Quest2009-07-02 2 
5073879Robot Quest part II: Radio Quest part IThe transcript from part I of Radio QuestRadio Quest, Robot Quest2009-07-03 7 
June 2020
4276440Abandoned Robot QuestAn abandoned robot wakes up on a junkyard planet with only a few minutes of battery life left.Robot, robot quest, draw quest, drawquest2020-06-21 5 
July 2020
4326105Abandoned Robot Quest: Chapter 2An abandoned robot befriends another robot, and they work together to try to escape the planet they're on.Robot, robot quest, draw quest, drawquest, Collective Game2020-07-10 3 
August 2020
4395004Abandoned Robot Quest: Chapter 3An abandoned robot prepares to be the defense in a case against his moth friend.Robot, robot quest, draw quest, drawquest, Collective Game2020-08-20 1 
March 2021
4670173Abandoned Robot Quest: Chapter 3.5Boss wakes up alone in an unknown place with only a few minutes of battery life left.Robot, Robot Quest, draw quest, drawquest, Collective Game, space, sci-fi2021-03-22 1 
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