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February 2009
3729099DnD Monster School/tg/ discusses what Cliques and Faculty roles would be filled by which DnD Monsters.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
3731322DnD Monster School, part 2More discussion on the D&D Monster School. More Faculty roles are filled.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
August 2009
5456241Angry Marine LibrariansIn which /tg/ discusses the Librarians of the most sacred chapter.Angry Marines, Librarians, 40k2009-08-15 1 
March 2011
14084812Codex LibrariansBecause Space Marines are masters of the good books.40k, SM, librarians, AWESOME, GAG2011-03-02 7 
March 2014
31128202Librarian Quest 1Ten years ago you lost her, Carna; your only friend. Now ten years later, you still cling to the hope that she lives. A young man searches for a lost friend.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-03-29 22 
31168544Librarian Quest 2You bought some clothes, hit the showers, helped with groceries, and got to know everybody a little bit better, well; everybody who isn't Anlak. A mundane day in a magic academy.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-03-31 17 
April 2014
31227872Librarian Quest 3"Don't get too cosy with me before then alright? After-all, all demons are evil." Under the moonlight, his one red eye glows. Meow-Sturbation Demonstrations Quest.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-03 13 
31283044Librarian Quest 4"To Nyne's embrace, we banished the goblin!" Yu'yan cheers as the two of you make your way back, the rain hasn't lessened but the cold doesn't bother either of you with your blood still rushing. The many-sides of your new friends.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-06 11 
31330271Librarian Quest 5Both sisters were pretty tall, but the way Leona stood leaned slightly forward put her head a little bit below your neck, she peered up at you still blushing from the events earlier that you've done your best not to bring up, "I um... I've never been to a bar before." Physical injuries are nothing compared to emotional humiliation.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-08 11 
31372327Librarian Quest 6"There's a superstition among the Lunese that if you take too much from the woods they'll strike back at you, I think a demon is fairly disproportionate retribution for one lumbered tree though." Yu'yan smirks at you, pulling himself up roughly and readying himself to fight with the lumber axe. The good dogs, the bad dogs and the ugly dogs.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-10 11 
31457286Librarian Quest 7ran gets up and pats you on the back as she walks past you, "No one joins us without a purpose in mind, we do our best to help." A slow day in Deneb, your first hint to finding Carna.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-14 11 
31498537Librarian Quest 8Moving quickly, you do a leaping slide into Leona's bed where she sits underneath her covers, pushing aside soft pillows, soft sheets, and some other soft thing as you hide yourself. An invitation to a noble ball leads you to unanswered mysteries.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-16 11 
31547285Librarian Quest 9As you walk back to your room, you feel a warmth in your cheeks. Covering your face up with your palm, you try to hide yourself from the nobodies that watch you. Demonic blood runs in Sheryl's family.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-18 11 
31606633Librarian Quest 10"People tell me that Belgrand is beautiful, but you really get tired of ice and snow when you've lived there all your life." She softly speaks, her breath touching the base of your neck, "Hey, say something... it's awkward if you just stay quiet like that." One search ends, one search starts, and one continues onward.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-21 13 
31667897Librarian Quest 11"Well I mean, in a book, I'd be a dashing rogue and you friend, you'd be a clumsy bookworm. Or some sort of quiet noble if you prefer that." A friend's birthday gets out of hand in some unexpected ways.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-24 12 
31714035Librarian Quest 12"I bet there're a lot of things you've never had a girl say... or do to you Leona." Sheryl reaches out and takes a haunch of meat from the largest plate, "I'll show you what I want to do to you..." She nibbles on the food, her little tongue exploring the flavour. Librarian Romantic Comedy Quest.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-04-26 11 
May 2014
31830712Librarian Quest 13"My apologies. We get those sometimes." You look back to her, smoke comes out the front of her weapon, she takes a small cloth and begins to polish it off, "It's a wand. Ancient Lunese weapon, completely illegal, deadly as Hound's breath. Want one?" She smiles at you. The door closes behind you as men drag the body away. A visit back home, deadly relations.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-05-01 13 
31848516Oversized Weapon Quest 30You find another OWU! And fight them. your domain grows.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Librarian2014-05-02 20 
31894353Librarian Quest 14"You shouldn't look at the slaves when you get down there, you'll be giving false hope to anyone we don't rescue." His voice is calm and his back is firm despite the gravity of his words, the past that connects him to them, "If we run into anyone, don't panic. The chain of command is thin, they'll think we're just browsers coming in under night's cover if we act natural." Your heart beats, it squeezes, it hurts.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-05-04 12 
31962981Librarian Quest 15"If I could pick someone, it'd be you if you were curious." Leona looks to you, her face doesn't change, "I like you most after-all, after Rein." Her gaze returns to her window. Your friendships grow, but so do your troubles.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-05-07 12 
32023566Librarian Quest 16"We'll be transporting the demon at night now that you've confirmed with the lord, three hours before midnight in case we run into problems. Four fly at the front, three in the back, spread out to check our flanks. Use the usual procedure in case of dragons and rally closely if we meet bandits. Understood?" The evident captain speaks firmly. Your journey into a snowy country starts, Librarian Quest: Nothing Happens EditionCollective Game, Librarian Quest2014-05-10 13 
32129072Librarian Quest 17"The winter has come and soon you'll freeze, little bird." He steps inside, his magic drawing icy spirals up against the wall and carpeting the ground in snow. A Session of Ice and Fire.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-05-15 11 
32269988Librarian Quest 18You twist your body and watch the branches high above you, swiping vertically where they seem thinner. Wood falls down, but Rein manages to keep past it. More importantly than that, the snow they were holding up topples into the face of one of the knights and she directs herself into a tree. You turn your attention back to the last one remaining; but too slow, she manages to gauge into your side with the tip of her spear, tearing away layers of clothes and skin before pulling back. Marry a girl and lay with her sister.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-05-22 12 
32402954Librarian Quest 19Your heart is going to break. A long journey home, too cold, too warm.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-05-28 12 
June 2014
32489729Librarian Quest 20Her name is Carna. An uneventful day, a revealing night.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-06-01 12 
32596057Librarian Quest 21Ten years ago you lost her, Carna; your only friend. Now ten years later... Your heart beats.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-06-06 11 
32701087Librarian Quest 22"WOULD YOU LIKE A KIIIIISS?" The spider drops from the ceiling onto the floor. The bits of his mouth wriggle about. Of men and demons.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-06-11 10 
32847589Librarian Quest 23"Why would you do this to me?" Your body was falling apart. Without a host the world wouldn't accept your existence. In and out you were being torn apart at the seams. All day I dream of Frangelico.Librarian Quest, Collective Game2014-06-18 10 
32986605Librarian Quest 24You draw your blade and lift it above. You've already resolved yourself this far, and it's time to go a little bit further. A Witch and Two Frans.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-06-25 10 
July 2014
33113594Librarian Quest 25Anlak's storyCollective Game, Librarian Quest2014-07-01 12 
33278074Librarian Quest 26"There's a demon inside of me. His name is Frangelico... his and Carna's demon." Where-in Leona and Yu'yen become background characters.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-07-09 8 
33433672Librarian Quest 27"Leooona! Big L, little E, little O, little N, little A!" Leona answers Deneb loudly. A little bit of catching up, with your friends and to her.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-07-16 6 
33733647Librarian Quest 28"Just another dispute between Rascha and Daktori. We're angry at them because they worship a giant demon and make human sacrifices, they're angry at us because we set fire to their fields and spend hours talking about sheep." Yu'yen tells you. You have gather your answers.Librarian Quest, Collective Game2014-07-29 7 
August 2014
34067872Librarian Quest 29"Unfortunately not... but I think I remember killing his mother now." Your demon snickers, and the dragon starts running forward. Memories found, thoughts learned.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-08-12 5 
34164384Librarian Quest 30"She got married, she had a child, then a grandchild. She lived plenty Frangelico. And what does it matter to 'The Lord of Tragedies'?" Taming demons and romancing elves.Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-08-16 6 
34259353Librarian Quest 31People almost forget to archive this one. Whoops. Collective Game, Librarian Quest2014-08-20 6 
34349557Librarian Quest 32And slowly, the three of us begin again the steps up the long hill leading from Deneb--to home. The finale of Librarian QuestCollective Game, Librarian Quest2014-08-24 11 
February 2019
3239560Librarian on Earth: A Warhammer 40k X Highschool DxD One-Shot QuestA Blood Raven Librarian is dropped in the middle of Japan in the DxD world. What follows is what one should expect of a Blood Raven.REDthunderBOAR, Space Marine, Blood Ravens, Librarian, Theft, Daemon Prince2019-02-16 1 
March 2019
3278596Librarian Dreadnought on Earth: Mk. 2Part two in the Librarian Dreadnought series. They secure the base, QM has a freak out, and expand into Japan facing worthy foes. REDthunderBOAR, Space Marine, Blood Ravens, Librarian, Ibaraki2019-03-06 1 
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