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February 2011
13825581Outcasts Journey... IIQuest where we follow adventures of an Eldar following the path of the ourcast on a medieval world. Helping out in a battle between Dark Eldar and Death Watch. Being much too nice to mon-keigh in general.Outcasts Journey, quest, collective game2011-02-08 3 
August 2012
20275528Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 26Now Hito must continue his journey to defeat other three challengerMaid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Journey2012-08-11 1 
October 2012
21214815Friend-kun and Shy-chan's Outlandish Journey: PreludeThe prelude to the crazy adventure. Scheduling, grenades, and rescue.Shy-chan, Friend-kun, Shy-Chan's Outlandish Journey, Collective Game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragonline2012-10-21 6 
21275979 Friend-kun and Shy-chan's Outlandish Journey: Chapter 1Geomancy and being awkward go together like...oh wait. "The Chain" makes his appearance and Jim is dumb.Shy-chan, Friend-kun, Shy-Chan's Outlandish Journey, Collective Game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragonline2012-10-25 5 
February 2013
22914902JourneyQuest Adventure: The Traveling of Endeavors p2Freyda Flatchest Future Bone Lord/Lady/whatever makes a friend(maybe we haven't decided yet) and chooses to be a shady merchant. Then raises her brother from the dead.Collective game, skeletons, Journeyquest Adventure, Freyda Flatchest, boners2013-02-01 1 
September 2015
42242182Journey Quest #1We begin our journey on time, despite minor hiccups.Collective Game, Journey Quest, JQ2015-09-02 13 
42274759Journey Quest #2We reach the first destination in our Journey, but a big shock awaits us there.Collective Game, Journey Quest, JQ, Dice2015-09-04 10 
42312023Journey Quest #3Around gnomes never relaxJourney Quest, Collective Game2015-09-06 3 
September 2017
55616194Journey to the West as a settingExpanding thread 51665650, now defining races chinese, races, journey to the west2017-09-29 3 
November 2018
3030229Pokemon Journey Quest #1Ace Trainer Terry sets on his journey with a strong start, and aims for a Roseview Gym badge.Quest, Pokemon Journey Quest, Collective Game, Pokemon, SleepyQM, Terry, Chikorita2018-11-16 5 
February 2020
4044569The Journey: Dwarf Civ 1in which we establish a town, kill some bandits, and prepare to caveCollective Game, Journey Dwarf Civ2020-02-03 7 
March 2020
4075434The Journey: Dwarf Civ - Part 2Our dwarves continue to build up the village and delve deep within the fortress. Goblins are vassalised, monsters slain and humans welcomed.Collective Game, Dwarf Civ, Drawquest, The Journey2020-03-02 6 
October 2020
4459226A Bizarre Journey Quest 1Anna Anderton, a girl with fire in her heart and not much in her head, invades the lives of Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando, distorting fateCollective Game, A Bizarre Journey Quest, JoJo, JJBA, Quest, Female MC2020-10-17 12 
November 2020
4503564A Bizarre Journey Quest 27 years later. Anna gets engaged to her sweetheart Dio, almost gets frozen by her friend, learns about stands, follows the [Rules of Nature]Collective Game, A Bizarre Journey Quest, JoJo, JJBA, Quest, Female MC2020-11-23 10 
December 2020
4539304Deep JourneyOuter God shenanigans lead to a strange adventure through dimensions.Deep Journey, Collective Game, Deep Anon2020-12-07 4 
January 2021
4557642A Bizarre Journey Quest 3Anna learns that someone is poisoning Mr Joestar, travels to London with Jojo and Dio to find the source, and fights Jack the ripperCollective Game, A Bizarre Journey Quest, JoJo, JJBA, Quest, Female MC2021-01-02 8 
4603883Deep Journey 2Deep Journey's sequel.Deep Journey, Collective Game, Deep Anon2021-01-21 1 
February 2021
4626702A Herald's JourneyThe Herald takes up his cause of Conquest and begins his journey, meeting several noteworthy characters along the way.herald's journey, herald, drawquest, collective game2021-02-05 14 
4622666Open Roads Quest #1; Setting OutWe arrive in Angelsfield and conduct our business. A route is set for Jironth, and we have a physical alteraction with a Capwell lackey.Open Roads Quest, Collective Game, WeldyQM, Merchantile, Journey, Caravan2021-02-21 5 
March 2021
4668891A Herald's Journey Part 2The Super Conqueror Bros defeat the goblin behemoth, take on the Thieves' Guild, and prepare to defend against an invasionherald's journey, herald, drawquest, collective game2021-03-21 10 
4671772Open Roads Quest Quest #2: Leaving AngelsfieldWe uncover a gunpowder plot and OP is stricken with the Curse.Open Roads Quest, Collective Game, WeldyQM, Mercantile, Journey, Caravan2021-03-23 2 
April 2021
4722504A Herald's Journey Part 3The Super Conqueror Bros stop an invasion, Herald saves his now ex-GF, becomes a Sapient Supremacist, and receives some divine interventionherald's journey, herald, drawquest, collective game2021-04-24 5 
4723763Open Roads Quest #3; Gunpowder Plots and Nasty ThoughtsWe navigate through some social encounters, discover a cheat, and prepare for the road to the city of IskanderOpen Roads Quest, Collective Game, WeldyQM, Merchantile, Journey, Caravan2021-04-27 3 
May 2021
4778408Open Roads Quest #4; Meander to IskanderTristan Stonyfield solves some disputes, has a heart to heart moment, and stiffens his resolve before visiting the Trunk Family.Open Roads Quest, Collective Game, WeldyQM, Merchantile, Journey, Caravan2021-05-28 2 
4794250A Herald's Journey Part 4The Super Conqueror Bros rescue an explorer, accidentally free an evil old wizard, and set sail to Krosh'tarherald's journey, herald, drawquest, collective game2021-05-29 4 
June 2021
4846607Open Roads Quest #4; Big City DealingsTristan Stonyfield squares away a few minor matters before escorting cousin Hettie to a fancy party at Lady Tabitha Blackmoore's residence.Open Roads Quest, Collective Game, WeldyQM, Mercantile, Journey, Caravan2021-06-25 2 
4858543A Herald's Journey Part 5Herald repays his debt to Aemis by helping the Glug-Glug, fights a mimic and finds buried treasure on an island, and reaches Krosh'tarherald's journey, herald, drawquest, collective game2021-06-30 2 
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