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June 2009
5017032"Be My Chosen" Project startup The Chaos Gods dating Sim resurfaces, this time with gusto. Anons and namefags alike voice their determination to make this dream a reality at last. Lets see how far we go...BeMyChosen, Chaos, Dating Sim2009-06-27 0 
February 2010
820464040k Schola Dating Sim update 2Update on the schola dating game made by a /tg/ tripfag called Arodisena, looks like the shit, hope he gets it done.40k, dating sim, schola, Arodisena, update2010-02-21 0 
January 2011
13558737Dating Sim: The Board GameGame design. /tg/ trying to make a Dating Sim board game from scratch.Dating Sim, Board Game, Game Design2011-01-18 2 
September 2011
16265698Dating NonhumansA clever thread about people dating nonhumans that manages to be humorous, rather than fapfodder.dating, wizard, demi-humans2011-09-12 10 
December 2012
21814423Cross Species Dating AdviceAnon begins with asking for advice on dating Mermaids, thread snowballs with anons both monstrous and not begging for helpMermaids, Monstergirl, Dating Advice2012-12-01 14 
April 2013
24540211Harvest Moon Quest 3.5We help Melissa get settled in and talk with Dahlia about the Harvest GoddessHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-04-30 13 
May 2013
24577690Harvest Moon Quest, Volume 4Time skips, alcohol, and what could be interpreted as a musical number are what Keith is up to todayHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-02 10 
24614310Harvest Moon Quest #5What starts off somewhat what rocky, ends in a half nude jog as Keith's manhood is in check!Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-04 10 
24631269Harvest Moon Quest 6A stunning development followed by a "rousing" romp in the "hay".Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-05 11 
24652240Harvest Moon Quest 7We try to get ore for a wedding present, hijinks ensue, minds are blown and a wedding conductedHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-06 7 
24674542Harvest Moon Quest 8We wake up from our wedding night and begin laying the foundations for our future.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-07 10 
24692996Harvest Moon Quest 9We talk to cats, save the village, promise to gather the relics, and get a new house.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-08 7 
24718918Harvest Moon Quest 10A short one, we plant some trees and decide to go relic hunting.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-09 10 
24773430Harvest Moon Quest 11We find a raw meat buddy, die for a bit and see an angel in delicious lingerie Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-12 7 
24796318Harvest Moon Quest 12We go into the mountains and have ourselves a skeleton boss fight.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-13 10 
24835995Harvest Moon Quest 13We have some important talks, celebrate Christmas, and find a box.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-15 8 
24853107Harvest Moon Quest 14We add a room for relic storage, take a trip into town with Rezna, extend the trip to a graveyard, lose at strip poker. Winter ends and farming begins.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-16 6 
24872188Harvest Moon Quest 15We go pick up our cart, order a seed drill, get punched by Hamad, Rezna's dark past is delved into, Rezna and Daliah both go full yandere.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-17 6 
24890598Harvest Moon Quest 16We get some meta out of the way first. We go out to bury the Hellcube, have a medical emergency, meet some bandits, Rezna shows how she can hate someone to death, and learn of a town under oppression.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-18 7 
24908004Harvest Moon Quest 17We go to Pirate Town, come up with a plan to clear it of pirates, and Rezna crits harder than when we demolished that mountain.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-19 8 
25003887Harvest Moon Quest 18We look through a pirate's loot, get drunk on magic booze, meet someone else like us, and dance.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-24 7 
April 2016
46811798 Dear Battle brother, I am in need of advice!Astartes Dating advice. Turns out Kriegers got the best moves. 40k, Space Marines, Chaos, Dating, Stupid silly /tg/ shit2016-04-22 2 
May 2016
123188Genre Shift 2Shift into the Japanese Dating Sim Genre. Hilarity EnsuesGenre Shift, Quest, Jaqk, Japanese, Dating Sim, Collective Game2016-05-17 4 
142748Genre Shift 3Starting to Wrap up the Dating sim genre, we grow closer to our eventual allyGenre Shift, Quest, Jaqk, Japanese, Dating Sim, Collective Game2016-05-20 1 
156681Genre Shift 4In which we complete the dating sim and gain an allyGenre Shift, Quest, Jaqk, Japanese, Dating Sim, Collective Game2016-05-24 3 
September 2016
591859DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta) - A succubus' Tale part 3Final part of the Succubus Tale. Time to finish your escape and get to the material plane!DDD, Diminutive Dungeon Delvers, Succubus, cultist, hell, sneaking, image_Quest, image, paladin, rogue, mage, wizard, dating, imp, cute, 2016-09-22 1 
December 2016
940621Newfound Magic Quest- Part 1In which Norman Fusilier is a wizard, and he is not happy about it. Newfound Magic, Collective Game, Never archived anything before oh god I hope i'm doing this right, Fantasy, Quest, Flexing Is Intimidating2016-12-19 1 
July 2020
4329382Otome Gone Wrong Ch. 5War plans are being drafted when the otome protagonist shows up. Sparks fly.Otome, Otome Gone Wrong, Real World Mockery, academy, dating, OtomeQM2020-07-18 10 
May 2022
5225732Imperator AcademyA dating sim qst where you fall in love and date in the AU of Warhammer High Imperator Academy, qst, dating sim2022-05-09 3 
June 2022
5275841Imperator Academy Quest 2Maximilian Kolbe gets invited to a "family dinner" of imperial proportions, meets the primarchs, and then QM abandons the quest.Imperator Academy, Collective Game, 40k, dating sim, VacationingQM2022-06-16 2 
February 2023
5514202Trust a Goblin part 14Punch thugs, Steal drugs, Friends make, Cocktail shake.goblin,dating sim,turn based combat,potion business2023-02-02 14 
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