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May 2011
15068132Dark Eldar CreationInspired by the recent frenzy of creation over new Space Marine Chapters, Chaos Warbands, Necron Tomb Worlds, etc, a bunch of fa/tg/uys get together and start planning a /tg/-original Coven or Kabal of Dark Eldar. Many ideas are discussed, none are decided on...yet."Dark Eldar", "Chapter Creation", "40k", "Coven", "Kabal"2011-05-27 2 
15091388The Enshrouded #2/tg/ continues fleshing out The Enshrouded, a secretive confederation of DE Haemonculi Covens with various areas of interest between them. Crunch options are investigated and drawfags contribute.Dark Eldar, Chapter Creation, The Enshrouded, Haemonculi, Coven, 40K2011-05-29 3 
July 2013
26208662Halo Covenant StorytiemFa/tg/uy tells story about playing a Halo Homebrew. Also some discussion on Halo in general.Halo, Covenant, Storytime2013-07-24 5 
July 2017
1710050Beast Wars Quest #1A stasis pod lands and left off on a cliffhanger.Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-07-29 10 
August 2017
1734050Beast Wars Quest #2Save the girl, slag some Preds and meet some fellow MaximalsBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-08-03 10 
1757635Beast Wars Quest #3Visiting the Axalon, you get a few upgrades and a strange vision.Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-08-10 1 
1779365Beast Wars Quest #4Bonding cat to cat and setting up your new outpostBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-08-21 2 
1802323Beast Wars Quest #5A visit to the energon groveBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-08-28 1 
September 2017
1845712Beast Wars Quest #6A forest game of cat and spider Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-09-08 4 
1863416Beast Wars Quest #7Spider's tend to be venomous, but they certainly squashBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-09-16 2 
1884438Beast Wars Quest #8Mission to the Jungle as a stasis pod landsBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-09-23 2 
October 2017
1908406Beast Wars Quest #9AftermathBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-10-05 1 
1955475Beast Wars Quest #10Things get messy; Reboot needed Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus 2017-10-17 2 
1989671Beast Wars Quest 2 #1A new beginning with a new protoform. Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-10-25 7 
November 2017
2032529Beast Wars Quest 2 #2Nightracer gets to know her new comrades Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-11-07 8 
2073918Beast Wars Quest 2 #3Nightracer goes out on a mission with Dinobot and Cheetor before going on a walk with a spiderBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-11-21 6 
2092470Beast Wars Quest 2 #4Aftermath of the caverns from a different point of view, followed by a trip to the coast.Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-11-27 7 
December 2017
2111293Beast Wars Quest 2 #5Nightracer's latest task of scanner duty takes an unusual turn.Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-12-05 5 
2131127Beast Wars Quest 2 #6Nightracer's adventures in maintenance hits a few snags but pays off in the end Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2017-12-12 5 
January 2018
2180258Beast Wars Quest 2 #7A small prank leads to a mission Beast Wars Quest, CovenantofPrimus 2018-01-04 3 
2219148Beast Wars Quest 2 #8Nightracer and the Maximals head out to plant a listening device.Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2018-01-15 3 
2242819Beast Wars Quest 2 #9A race for two stasis pods (part one)Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2018-01-28 3 
February 2018
2276266Beast Wars Quest 2 #10Race for the second stasis pod aka the Dice Gods Wild RideBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2018-02-09 3 
2316186Beast Wars Quest 2 #11Planning in the aftermath of the Pod missions Beast Wars Quest, CovenantofPrimus, Beast Wars 2018-02-26 4 
March 2018
2367503Beast Wars Quest 2 #11Killing time while Optimus determines next operation; Dinobot proposes training exercise Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2018-03-17 4 
April 2018
2426607Beast Wars Quest 2 #13Dinobot & Nightracer vs Team Vermin Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2018-04-07 3 
June 2018
2588157Beast Wars Quest 2 #14Wrapping up Team Vermin vs Team Predators in the forest.Beast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2018-06-03 3 
July 2018
2685040Beast Wars Quest 2 #15Finishing up in the forestBeast Wars Quest, Beast Wars, CovenantofPrimus2018-07-04 3 
October 2019
3874553Halo: Covenant Elite QuestA Special Operations Elite prepares to drop on an unsuspecting Outer Colony planet.Halo, Covenant, Stealth, Assassinations, Sci-Fi2019-10-25 4 
March 2020
4131360Warhammer 40K: Blood CovenA fresh Imperial Guard regiment deploys for battle on a world beset by Chaos.Warhammer, 40k, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum, Blood Coven, TimeKiller QM, Dark Imperium2020-03-19 1 
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