[#] Oh, for fuck's sake, Comcast.
06:37am UTC - 10/15/2008

Yeah, so, just as T1000 finally made a visit to sup/tg/, and, literally, as he asked me if I wanted to play Timevan again, Comcast shit the bed. I have no fucking idea what's going on; the modem seems to think it's still got a connection, but the "cable internet" light is blinking at erratic intervals and the phone was silence, and now giving me a goddamned busy signal. I've never seen this happen before; they must be fixing something or changing a system somewhere and it's causing oddities that most normal people wouldn't notice at just before midnight-thirty, but it's rather disconcerting. The fact that their "lol voip" means I've got no 911 service when they fuck up my phone is actually, legitimately dangerous.


~Lord Licorice

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