[#] The Wraeththu RPG: Vampires Just Weren't Homoerotic Enough
10:49pm UTC - 8/13/2015
Wraeththu is a series of books based around androgynous magical hermaphrodites that transform pretty young men into more androgynous magical hermaphrodites by bleeding on them, then riding unicorns, casting spells, being the perfect gay buddies for human women and then engaging in horrifying evil wizardry powered by sexually violating human men to death.

Oh and it has a section in the back on how to get your group to ERP with you. Wonderful, right? Of course the rules are also muddled shit(for doubled hilarity, after the semi-incomprehensible skill and combat rules, the relatively straight-forward chapter on magic makes all the skills and combat irrelevant by turning every single Wraeththu character into a godlike wizard. Why know how to fire a gun when you can railgun slugs of pure plutonium across the landscape?), the art is terrible and the only good words I have for it are about some of its foreword.

This review is another repost from Something Awful.

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