[#] Purge Inbound
09:00am UTC - 2/05/2015

I know I say this all the time and only half-follow through, but for realsies, I'm going to be purging the archive soon. My laziness came back to bite me today when something got stuck in a loop and ate all the drive space, so I had to start culling just to get shit working again. I deleted the graveyard (no whining, you had like two years to grab shit) and specifically killed a bunch of .pdf dump threads that were taking up massive amounts of space. We're fine now, but culling will definitely help space issues.

Speaking of .pdf files, these are no longer archived, and I'll be removing existing .pdf files specifically. .pdf threads are the even-more-wasteful bastard brethren of image dumps; this is an archive, not a filehosting site. As for /tg/ projects, anyone seriously working on something is going to have their own site for hosting copies of their work, so they won't need outdated versions cluttering up the archive. (I don't think many people will even notice or care, but someone always complains about change, so I'm letting you know now.)

Anyway, repent and so on, the end times are nigh for your elf slave wat do quests!

Addendum: I'll see about adding .webm support going forward.

~Lord Licorice



1 Anonymous
11:27am UTC - 2/05/2015 [X]
It's a good idea. How much space you got anyway? 2tb drives are like $50

2 Lord Licorice
07:05pm UTC - 2/05/2015 [X]
@1 The site is hosted on a VPS in Luxembourg. I'm down to ~25GB of 300GB due to my lack of attention. The purge should free up a great deal of that, especially the removal of .pdf files wholesale.

3 Peasant
08:37pm UTC - 2/12/2015 [X]
No complaints here mang.
I can't help but think of an alternative would be just cull the shit (low score) threads, but that has obvious problems.
Keep on doing what you do.

4 Anonymous
12:25pm UTC - 3/15/2015 [X]
Thanks for adding .webm support.

5 thor
12:26pm UTC - 4/12/2015 [X]
I'm looking for a post about a Paladin and a Trap elf who becomes a queen due to a plot device.
This Paladin has a relationship with the elf. And he disappears after fighting in a war or something like that till he comes back years later.

I can't find it and I would really like to read it. I've searched all day :(

6 ThatSlowTypingGuy
12:46am UTC - 5/23/2015 [X]
So, do you intend to purge all the older quests? If so I may start setting up some google docs for some of them.

7 Anonymiss
10:56pm UTC - 5/31/2015 [X]
Is that an intimation that quest threads will no longer be supported in the archive? Praise the Licorice, all hail the master of Candyland.

8 Muh anonymity
11:27am UTC - 6/01/2015 [X]
Why this blind, immature hatred against quest threads ? And no, that is not going to happen. See also Lord Licorice's post on quest threads.

9 Lord Licorice
05:59am UTC - 6/07/2015 [X]
@6 @7 Nope, only non-starter quests (e.g. less than ten votes total across multiple threads, Part 1 of 1 and never continued, etc.). Ironically, troll archival causes quest OPs to IMMEDIATELY archive their thread to avoid shitposting, before the thread even gets off the ground, which just gives me more work to do.


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