[#] Comment system update, impending purge
04:59am UTC - 11/29/2013
Hi all, it's been a while. I never did complete the purge I began in my last update, but with Black Friday and nothing much to do, I'm going to likely spend the majority of my time tomorrow removing the remaining crap from 2013 and putting up downloads for the archives. It's been a while coming, and it'll be nice to make sure at least someone else has a copy. I'm still likely going to do it via torrents, but we'll see what's easier.

Also there was a ton of spam showing up in the comments, so I went through and cleaned it all out with the help of new moderation tools that I'll likely never need again. You're going to have to solve a very difficult riddle to post from now on!

~Lord Licorice



1 Shiftyeyesshady
05:02am UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]
Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam!

2 Burr
05:03am UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]

3 Haikunonymous
12:44pm UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]
Trying to Archive,
404 page not found,
Trolled Softly.

4 urafaget
02:10pm UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]

5 mantaman
03:34pm UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]
Thanks for the work Lord Licorice.

6 Wat
09:41pm UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]
I think the archive system is broken.

7 Lord Licorice
12:40pm UTC - 11/30/2013 [X]
Yeah, the archive broke, although it wasn't anything I changed; 4chan has started throwing out requests without a valid useragent string (your browser's ID, e.g. "Mozilla/5.0"). I added a useragent string and it's working again. Special thanks to friedrice for bothering me in IRC and alerting me!

8 Da mang
06:51pm UTC - 11/30/2013 [X]
I came here to spam at you.

9 404James
10:27pm UTC - 12/02/2013 [X]
Not sure the spam test is enough, but it will probably help.

10 Annoying Anonymous
03:07pm UTC - 12/07/2013 [X]
Are you planning on a new archive purge anytime soon? The amount of "ironic shit-archival" is reaching critical mass.

11 Not Annoyed Anonymous
11:18pm UTC - 12/08/2013 [X]
Could help if you provided some examples of shit archivals.

12 Annoying Anonymous
01:12pm UTC - 12/09/2013 [X]
In the first three pages alone we have no less than ten threads that have been deliberately archived as a way of saying "hey everyone! Look at how terrible this shit is! Am I not cool for pointing it out?". Pearls like "Herpaderpa roleplay", "Faggot /a/ Quest"(in three parts) and "This is another thread that could have been fun but you managed to fuck it up". And let's not start talking about the tags.

13 Anonymous
09:11am UTC - 12/12/2013 [X]
Quick heads up, we got someone intentionally proxy downvoting Waifu Quest and bragging about it on /tg/

14 Anonymous
12:25pm UTC - 12/12/2013 [X]
Declines salesman.

15 Annoying Anonymous
12:54pm UTC - 12/14/2013 [X]
Also, I just noticed that Live With Your Shame asshole is back and in full swing, and some decent threads are getting downvoted to hell just because he archived them.

16 Anonymous
03:57am UTC - 12/20/2013 [X]

Can't you just IP range ban the guy and be done with it? In fact, block everyone who tries to do an "ironic" archival. If they hate it so much, why try to immortalize it on here anyway?

17 Near
11:57pm UTC - 12/30/2013 [X]
They "immortalize" it with the wrong tags and description so it will get downvoted. It's their way to think that they've won the "argument" about the threasd's quality.

Lord Lic, thanks for all the hard work. I see you are looking for someone to have a backup of the archive stuff. Does that mean paying for a server, or would my own cloud solution be enough ?

18 anonymous
07:21pm UTC - 1/04/2014 [X]
I think a cloud would be fine. Again, I suggest shunting all quests off to a seperate archive- there's enough of them to warrant it, and it would help suptg shed its reputation as "only good for looking up quests". Plus, most of the troll archivists focus on quest threads, so it should fix that problem too.

19 Antifaggot brigade
12:57am UTC - 1/15/2014 [X]

Hi LWYS nigger!

20 Top lel
01:05pm UTC - 3/15/2014 [X]
I want to say that all faggots like OP should enlarge their penises.

21 Dave Morris
09:37am UTC - 9/13/2014 [X]
I'd be grateful if you'd take down your pirated PDF of my book Heart of Ice. It's my copyright and, although I sometimes make it available online for free, that doesn't mean I'm throwing it open for everyone to do that. It's available in a print and Kindle edition, and if you buy the print edition you get the Kindle version for free. And we're currently working on an app version - folks will have to buy that if they want it. Sorry, but us authors got to make a living somehow.

22 Thanks for the site
01:01am UTC - 10/28/2014 [X]
Any chance that .webm files will be supported soon? They're currently breaking when attempting to open from archive. Thanks regardless!


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