[#] Archive Cleansing
11:56pm UTC - 7/25/2013

Howdy folks, it's that time again~

I've taken this week off to get some shit done that I just haven't had the energy to do. This means getting my car cleaned, license and registration renewed, and a variety of other crap. But you don't give a shit, do you? You just want to know what horrible quest threads I've removed this time. Here it is!:

Completed: January 2012, February 2012, March 2012, April 2012, May 2012, June 2012, July 2012, August 2012, September 2012, October 2012, November 2012; January 2013
Total: 964 culled threads, ~7.3G
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Actually Good Threads:

Special Mention: Live With Your Shame

I was debating on whether or not to call out this particular archivist, because he's made a habit of adding the worst of the worst /tg/ threads to the archive. Whether deliberate or ironic, shitposting is shitposting, and I'd prefer this not happen. However, I do have to say at least he's 1) made it much easier for me to remove this garbage and 2) he's actually fairly funny with his descriptions.

Special Mention: Troll archival

I realize there are a number of people that really despise quest threads, and after cleaning literally hundreds of non-starters out of the archives, I can certainly see where you're coming from. However, by mis-archiving quests with shitty labels, you're only serving to accomplish two things: one, you're taking all of thirty seconds out of my day to fix the tags, and two, you're training quest creators to immediately archive their threads to avoid mis-labeling, which just exacerbates the issue. Post-It Quest is a prime example, it had all of twenty replies, but was archived as soon as the author could refresh 4chan after posting it.

The only way you're going to stop quest threads on /tg/ is to stem the tide at the source. Shitting up the archive isn't helping anyone's cause. For the record, I am not, have never been, and, saints preserve me, will never be a janitor or moderator on 4chan. I have no power, authority or influence to stop quest threads from existing on /tg/; I'm just an archivist. By definition, by the time it reaches me, it's already too late. You're going to need to change the community's mind, and that can't be done with goofy labeling.

More coming.

~Lord Licorice



1 Anonymous
02:34am UTC - 7/26/2013 [X]
Make sure to check the newly archived threads as well before adding them- there have been several people venting their frustration about quests by deliberately misarchiving the quest threads with passive-aggressive insults in the tags and descriptions.

2 Lord Licorice
02:38am UTC - 7/26/2013 [X]
@1: Yeah, when I get up to May 2013, I'm going to go back through my mail and perform the dozen or so archive corrections that have been submitted. I've had quite a few people pop into the IRC and ask for the changes, which is the best way to get me off my ass and actually accomplishing things, but the emails are fine too.

04:42am UTC - 7/26/2013 [X]
Thanks for your attention to the passive aggressive troll archives. Kind of annoying when I am try to catch up on the quest and their BS makes it difficult to find.

4 Lord Licorice
04:52am UTC - 7/26/2013 [X]
@3: I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish, exactly, other than taking a good thirty seconds out of my day to correct them. It's added up to NEARLY TEN MINUTES of my time in the last month alone!

09:27am UTC - 7/26/2013 [X]
@4: There's a vocal minority on /tg/ who just want quests off of the board no matter what and they think that interfering with the archives will help them do that. Nobody knows why, as they respond to questioning with ad hominem insults.

08:32pm UTC - 7/26/2013 [X]
Live with your shame appears to have returned. Perhaps you should auto-ban anyone who uses that tag.

09:42pm UTC - 7/26/2013 [X]
And here I was, wondering just when the hell a cleaning would occur. Hallelujah.
As for Live With Your Shame, I'd disallow that tag. If I wanted the worst /tg/ had to offer, I could just GO to /tg/. Bad-bad threads exist everywhere, and I don't think they should be archived just for him.

12:38am UTC - 7/27/2013 [X]
"Live with your Shame" tends to archive stuff specific to their own intolerant views.
Sure, most of the archived threads actually ARE crap, but some of them are neutral or even genuinely good (the fucker started off by mis-arching anything related to ERP, after all, which is entirely unrelated to quality).
So please pay attention to not just auto-delete everything with that tag.

9 Anonymous
07:55am UTC - 7/27/2013 [X]
Hey now. The WW2 Magic block thing was actually pretty good. Way less lolololol Hitler than that goddamn description indicated.

Other than that: Your work is appreciated. Carry on.

10:39am UTC - 7/29/2013 [X]
Oh man, why'd you have to get rid of anal prolapse quest? It's honestly an entertaining read, and should be kept for all time.

08:06am UTC - 7/30/2013 [X]
@LL: woo! That's awesome and you're awesome. Thank you for keeping up this archive and all. You don't get nearly as much credit as you should.

08:13am UTC - 7/30/2013 [X]
Live With Your Shame is goddamn hilarious. I am genuinely in tears reading the descriptions of all those threads of his that you removed.

06:58pm UTC - 7/30/2013 [X]
What does removing threads actually mean, if they can still be viewed in the graveyard?

08:48am UTC - 8/01/2013 [X]
Pretty sure graveyard get's deleted after a while.

15 TomeReader
06:37am UTC - 8/08/2013 [X]
It's a shame, i always did want to get around to reading that 1000 fa/tg/uys fell from the sky one.

16 Shiftyeyesshady
03:50pm UTC - 8/09/2013 [X]
Oh god, that Spacecraft name thread.

17 Lord Licorice
09:01pm UTC - 8/09/2013 [X]
@TomeReader: It's still there in the graveyard for reading. You can download the .html and use DownThemAll! for Firefox to retrieve the images.

18 anonymous
01:59pm UTC - 8/10/2013 [X]
Now you encouraged Live with your Shame.

08:27pm UTC - 8/10/2013 [X]
Are you going to do anything about the guy spamming upvotes for quests like Akuma Quest and Magical Girl Noir Quest?

20 Char
10:43am UTC - 8/11/2013 [X]
LL, I just want to say: You're awesome, Your Archive is Awesome, and You Should Feel Awesome.

Thank you for the entertainment, as I enjoy reading the archived threads.

A few things I have noticed:
The 'Thread Collection' link for Frost Giantess Quest leads to a blank page. Clicking the 'Frost Giantess' tag link works fine.

Sometimes, Thread Tag Listings are out of order. For instance: using the 'Magical Girl Noir Quest' tag link to pull them all up, the August 2013 threads are below the December 2012 threads, and also intermixed with June, and July of 2012. This happens with several quests when clicking on the tag links.

Thanks again.

06:34am UTC - 8/14/2013 [X]
@20: Many people on /tg/ have reason to believe that the upvote spammer is actually a bot which has managed to bypass the normal voting restrictions. To prevent further abuse, I would suggest removing the voting system completely.

Alternately, it might be a good idea to put quests on an independent archive, as many people don't want to hide the quest threads so much as completely remove them from the archives. Making a quest sub-archive could solve this problem easily.

05:22pm UTC - 8/14/2013 [X]
An additional interface for quests might make sense.
There's way too fucking many ironic shitvoters that downvote quests for no reason.

07:50am UTC - 8/25/2013 [X]
He uploaded four in one night. You might wanna repeat your message.

04:17am UTC - 8/29/2013 [X]
And maybe it'll get rid of those people who upvote spam their favorite quests, too. Probably not, though. It's a bit of a shame to see how shameless they are in invalidating the voting system, though.

07:06pm UTC - 8/31/2013 [X]

Honestly it looks to me like they're trying to preemptively undo the work of the downvote spammer. One guy bots to downvote quests, the others bot to upvote quests, as a result the voting system is rendered completely useless.

03:52pm UTC - 9/03/2013 [X]
Live with Your Shame is back again. I suggest automatically banning anyone whouses the tags LWYS, Live With Your Shame, or any variation of that name.

27 anon
09:28pm UTC - 9/12/2013 [X]
In fact, it might be a better idea to give quests a separate archive. There's enough of them to merit it now, and it would solve all the current problems easily.

08:12pm UTC - 9/26/2013 [X]
What you can do is choose not to let them be archived in the first place. Again, shunt them into a separate archive site so the main archive isn't choked with quests. There are people now who believe that suptg is good for quest archival and nothing else- when someone goes to archive their thread and sees that hiding quest threads makes most of the content vanish, they're not gonna bother since clearly nobody gives a shit.

You can't stop people from making quest threads, but you can reject the archive requests for them.

05:02am UTC - 10/02/2013 [X]
31 has a point. I tell people all the time not to bother with suptg since the thread will likely be purged for not being UGUU QUEST #578 since quest threads are almost always guaranteed a +10 at the least regardless of quality and foolz has an easier interface anyways. Basically, suptg has been dismissed by and large as 'the quest archive' instead of 'the /tg/ archive'.

03:17am UTC - 10/14/2013 [X]
Live With Your Shame guy is back, he's just tagging his stuff as "lwys" or "lwysbtw" now. The "fantasy isn't history" thread he archived isn't horrible, but because he archived it it got downvoted into oblivion.

04:27am UTC - 11/03/2013 [X]
And now we have a comments spam bot.

32 aaaaa
02:38pm UTC - 11/16/2013 [X]
Why can't you just IP block the LWYS faggot?

33 Lord Licorice
05:16am UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]
First, I'm not going to ban quests. There is a hide button for a reason. If you don't like them, ignore them. Likewise, I'm not going to set up a separate archive for quest threads, since 1. people will ignore it and use the regular archive anyway, and 2. that's way too much additional effort for content I don't enjoy (but won't ban). Any of you are welcome to set up a quest archive, politely ask /tg/ to move to it, and see how far that gets you.

As for LWYS, it's going to be the same asshole or assholes doing shit-archiving no matter what tag they use, and switching IPs is ridiculously easy so it's really not worth my time. I banned most of Missouri last time I screwed around with IP filtering, so I'm just going to ignore it for now.

Lastly I deleted some comments here by accident while clearing out the spam, here's what I think was lost:

"36. Archive seem to be showing threads out of order when I look at it sorted by date, might want to get that checked."

"34. is essential to the worldbuilding of the Scraplootas so should be reinstated."

"33. Is there a way to appeal?
You deleted this thread which seems to be a legitimate LegoQuest thread."

"29. Is there a way to appeal?
You deleted this thread which seems to be a legitimate LegoQuest thread."

"23. turbofaggot: >In which the protagonist gets a new suit, goes on a date, gets laid, and makes a priest shit out of his mouth
The first and last events are extremely likely for Spider Jerusalem. What exactly was the problem here?"

34 Lord Licorice
05:20am UTC - 11/29/2013 [X]

I don't see how you claim they're not at fault when they are doing the same exact thing and in much greater numbers. One guy giving a single downvote to all quests is no excuse to spam your favorite quest into 70+ numbers."

To respond, when I do the next round of purging, I'll restore 34 and 33's requests.


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