[#] Literal Viral Advertising
05:08am UTC - 4/13/2013

I'm not really sure how many people actually visit the front page, but Viral asked me to link his Engine Heart Kickstarter, so here it is!

From the site:

Engine Heart is a game about little robots. When the humans were around nobody paid any attention to them, but now the humans are all gone, and they're on their own in a world that's falling apart.

You can download the game completely free here if you're interested, but the Kickstarter will get a physical copy in stores. Go check it out!

~Lord Licorice



1 Gentleman
02:58pm UTC - 4/16/2013 [X]
>implying anyone visits the frontpage

2 Shiftyeyesshady
08:17am UTC - 6/20/2013 [X]
Oh god spam.


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