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02:32am UTC - 11/27/2012



I'm finally getting around to culling the archive of low-rated and useless threads (e.g. image dumps). I'm going to do one or two months' worth tonight and press on until the content is cleaned down in preparation for a server move in December. Someone's also working on getting the older archives' files up as torrents for me so it doesn't get messed up if I switch servers while seeding.

As usual, I'll be keeping the killed threads in a separate graveyard archive for a while so I can recover anything I may need or provide threads to any interested parties. On a related note, I've still got the graveyard files from last time, so if anyone needs them, now's the time to ask. (I was going to make a full torrent out of them as well, but I think the interest is low enough that I can simply FTP it at whoever really wants it. Yes, anon from like a month ago who was looking for a particular story thread and had no idea what it was called, hit me up on the IRC again and I'll give you the files.)

I've put this off for long enough, so with the deadline of jumping ship to the hosting provider's new datacenter, it's given me the incentive to finally get off my ass and do this thing. I'll keep this post updated with a running record of culled threads in a separate page so you can see what was removed.

Thread deletion progress

List of deleted threads

Total threads removed: 705
Total data: 5.3G

Completed: June 2011 (152), July 2011 (121), August 2011 (90), September 2011 (96), October 2011 (119), November 2011 (127), December (105)

Notable entries:

And now, some actual cool threads!

~Lord Licorice



1 TK4L
04:53am UTC - 11/27/2012 [X]
keep doing what you're doing LL

don't let anyone tell you you're doing a bad job.


06:40pm UTC - 11/28/2012 [X]
This is a fantastic site and you're doing a great job, but I'd just like to say that pic confuses and enrages me on a primal level and I hate you for it.

Much love
Random anon :)

10:51pm UTC - 11/28/2012 [X]
I disagree for the most part with your removal of things purely on a level of personal taste, but I guess it is your prerogative as the archive-keeper to decide what stays.

It would be nice if you'd reconsider your stance on stuff like that, or failing that, make regular posts about having deleted stuff and keep the files up for a while (I don't know how long you keep the files up, so you might already be keeping them up for a good period of time) so that interested people can download them for themselves, but if you don't, I can't really complain.

4 Lord Licorice
04:50am UTC - 11/30/2012 [X]
@3: You didn't actually cite which threads you'd like to see remain, and this time around the removals were by-and-large Part 1 of 1 quests and other low-rated, forgotten or despised threads. I didn't really do much editing for content, and in fact kept a couple threads I may not have in the past because they were actually fuckin' hilarious. I'm always open to restoring threads if there's a good argument for them.

5 3
08:57pm UTC - 12/01/2012 [X]
@Lord Licorice
Ah. That was an assumption based on your prior removal of the Rape Factory thread, which I personally found a pretty funny serious look at a ridiculous concept, and your commments on the Khorne one, which despite it's unpleasant subject matter, actually was ridiculously workable and an interesting change to Khorne's usual manner of worship.

I apologize for assuming your decisions were made like that with so few examples, that was pretty dumb of me.

It's also good to hear you're open to suggestions for restoring threads. I didn't know that.

I went through the graveyard and downloaded the ones I'd like to keep, so in a while, I'll post a list of them, once I get around to copying down the thread number for each, finding the title in the graveyard, and writing up a short argument for them. Don't worry, it's pretty short, which also speaks to you not deleting good threads for bad reasons.

6 Starshadow
12:45pm UTC - 12/04/2012 [X]
Hi there Lord Licorice. I was scanning through the list of deleted threads and I take issue with some of them. Being as busy as you are I'm sure you don't have time to actually weight the merits of each thread as you go. So the deletion process was maybe a little indiscriminate.

There are some threads that are clearly against the rules, and others that are just full of shit. But some threads are purposefully mislabeled by trolls and (as you have noticed in the previous news post) there are people who go around downvoting threads they just hate haven't even read.

And more than a few of the threads that might look bad on the surface but are just full of people having fun. Battletech sex moves is downvoted and sounds like a horrible thing. But when you read it you find out that it's just a bunch of people with good knowledge of the battletech setting having a laugh.

One thing you have to particularly careful of are the homebrew threads. I personally feel that the Emperor's Nightmare chapter of space marines are one of /tg/'s greatest achievements in creativity. But homebrew threads are not always well-rated because they are somewhat inclusive and never high-profile. Sometimes people even hate them for "cluttering up" the board. In particular you have marked HAIL AND KILL and the majority of the Emperor's Nightmare threads as "moved to 1d4chan". This is only partially correct because if you visit those wiki pages you are presented with a list of links BACK to suptg. Us homebrewers rely on suptg because it has always recorded pictures, something Easymodo only added recently, the threads themselves are not actually recorded anywhere else.

I copied the list of culls into a pastebin and I can run through them real quick and tag anything I feel is out of place.

7 Starshadow
05:10pm UTC - 12/04/2012 [X]
Here ya go.

Now, whatever you decide to do there is something you could do to help people searching for old threads. Even if you cull the archive and delete the graveyard, can you keep a page somewhere listing the culled threads? I ask this because Foolz and Easymodo track ALL threads, but only suptg has tags, indexing and descriptions.

Even if they don't lead anywhere the list of links in the graveyard still records the thread numbers and these can be used to find old threads with foolz.

8 Buzzclaw
04:11pm UTC - 12/05/2012 [X]
>Mummy Quest & the first Give Yourself Goosebumps thread deleted.
Feels sad man.

Otherwise, good work LL.

9 nimzy
07:30am UTC - 12/06/2012 [X]
Hay LL let us know when you do the purges so we can help you out mang. :V

10 Lord Licorice
08:43am UTC - 12/07/2012 [X]
@Starshadow: I've got nothing against the homebrew threads, I was just looking to clean out entries that were about a year old and had comprehensive entries up on 1d4chan. I'd be happy to restore them if there's still archival interest in them - which is kinda the point of keeping an archive to begin with, naturally. I'll restore the homebrew threads during my next culling.

11 Starshadow
05:27am UTC - 12/08/2012 [X]
Cool thanks! It's been about a year since homebrewing has been a serious pursuit on /tg/. The board culture seems to have moved on a bit (especially to quests), and they are something I'm hoping to revive.

Did you find my list useful? A lot of the culls are simply "a typical day on /tg/". They might not be amazing or legendary in the same way as Old Man Henderson for instance. But they are still made by fatguys creating stuff or just having fun. I feel it's worth keeping them. Plus there are a few amazing threads that were simply poorly rated (or labeled) for whatever reason like Summer Rap Battles.

10:22am UTC - 3/04/2013 [X]
Fuck your opinions, that baculum thread was great.

@Starshadow: It seems there's a little bit of a homebrewing revival on now.


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