[#] Regarding Quests
09:42pm UTC - 9/19/2012
Dear autistic fuckhead at UMass,

Resetting your dynamic IP address over and over and downvoting quest thread series you don't like is pretty fucking obvious. Stop it. I realize you probably have a whole lot of time on your hands given your shitty school, but you can probably find better things to do with it than bother me. Switching over to some IP ranges with Hurricane Electric doesn't help, either.

No love,

PS. You do realize there's a checkbox for hiding quests, right? Or is your education that poor? By the way, I arbitrarily raised each affected thread by 10 to offset your shenanigans. Congratulations, you've made them better-rated!

PPS. And to the egregious shitclown in San Francisco that thought it would be a good idea to deliberately add the latest Sorceress Quest with obviously bad info to the archive while I was actively watching it, I'll answer your question: "Who peed?" You peed. All over yourself, because you're a helmet-wearing, windowlicking ball of broken chromosomes, definitive proof of an uncaring and absentee deity.

~Lord Licorice



1 Anonymous
09:54pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
Not the guy(s[?]) you are addressing, but I have a similar matter: Some quest thread-archivers do not tag their thread 'collective game', 'quest game' or similarly and thus evade the filter thus rendering the whole filter moot.

I kinda hope you are trying to stay unbiased in cases like this, so considering your decision to bump-up a bunch of quest threads for being spam-voted-down it only seems to me to make sense to "punish" (or at least correct) the threads that evade the aforementioned quest-filter.

Also seriously, your language is something I'd expect a 13 year old babby's first troll to use and really not suitable for a site administrator. But I think no one cares about that other than me, and least of all you.

2 Lord Licorice
10:08pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
If someone evades the filter, intentionally or otherwise (just not being familiar with the common thread tags), that's one thing and I can easily adjust the tags if asked nicely. The threads in question were not mistagged in any way, and the downvoting was deliberate and malicious. As for the arbitrary upvoting, our friend (singular, it is clearly the same idiot over and over) dropped the threads by about ten across the board, so I raised them back to the 20+ they were at before he began his one-man campaign at the beginning of September.

As for language, if you're offended by language, how the shit did you even get here?

3 Sober Irishman
10:14pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
Frankly I think it's fucking disgraceful the way you fucking act on this fucking site. This is supposed to be a fucking repository and fucking community and you continually fucking fuck it over with your fucking retarded fucking shitposting and downright random fucking "administration".

I wouldn't be fucking offended if you fucking crawled into a fucking hole and fucking died.

Can I be a mod?

4 Fatum
10:15pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
>4chan-affiliated site
>offended by language
Nigga u retardant?

5 Vettir
10:20pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]

2/10, I responded.

6 hi
10:20pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
i am bloopee i bloop beep boop

7 :B
10:21pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]

8 My jimmies
10:23pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
I'm so rusteleded rightt nao!

10:38pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]

10:48pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
this is the best newspost i've ever read.

10:59pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
now i want to fuck with you by fucking with the archives look what you did

12 Anonymous
11:17pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
Okay, admittedly I may have sounded offended, for that I apologies. However I were not offended... if anything I were dissapointed in a lack of professionalism so to speak.

Let's take an example from 4chan's moot, truth is his newsposts aren't always reliable or well written, but at least he don't actively insults or call out people in his newsposts.

But I guess it's time for me to shut up, the more I speak the more aggravated people seem to become. Lord Licorice god speed with the 'autistic fuckhead at UMass'.

13 Lord Licorice
11:41pm UTC - 9/19/2012 [X]
You hold me to a higher standard than moot?

14 C
05:29am UTC - 9/20/2012 [X]
I fully enjoyed this news post. I believe it upheld the nature of the archive and I can only hope that future posts will be nearly half as amusing as this one.
As a lurker who only relates to /tg/ through this archive I don't have any great love of quest threads but they have as much a right to be up here as Henderson or Sandwich.

P.S.: For the FSN quest, how come not a single one of you bastards recommended the god emperor of mankind for a fictional servant? You have the whole of fiction open to you and the best you can do is Samus? You know who would have been better? THE GUY FROM MINECRAFT! It's almost like you don't want to win! (You can wish for an infinite number of whores after you win, priorities people!)

06:06am UTC - 9/20/2012 [X]
As someone who goes to BSU, fuck UMass. I heard everyone there is gay. Or at least bisexual.

>complaining about misuse of the word Autism
>Almost 2013

16 Anonymous
05:07pm UTC - 9/20/2012 [X]
"You hold me to higher standards than moot?"

I hold every Administrator to high standards, moot was merely an example.

17 that one guy
09:14pm UTC - 9/20/2012 [X]
I lol'd, keep it up LL

18 Nerdo
04:59am UTC - 9/22/2012 [X]
I love this post. I wish I was as alpha as you are at Webshit.

19 Anon
03:21am UTC - 9/23/2012 [X]
Well, Lord Licorice, I've no idea what kind of person you are. But this suppose I respect you some small bit now.

05:36am UTC - 9/24/2012 [X]
This is the second-funniest thing I have read on this site.

21 Homstorlong
07:15pm UTC - 9/30/2012 [X]
Ell Ell, U Mad.


22 Udz
04:33pm UTC - 10/09/2012 [X]
This is one of the best things I have ever read.

23 Alexi
05:49am UTC - 10/18/2012 [X]
Keep up the good work man!

24 Fatum
09:13pm UTC - 10/24/2012 [X]
>"don't actively insults or call out people in his newsposts" (is that even English? I can't tell)
>after banning Jim Profit and calling him faggot for all to see in a sticky

25 AnneOnymous
11:13am UTC - 10/31/2012 [X]
5 star post, nugga.

12:36am UTC - 11/04/2012 [X]
Seriously, they started switching IP's to downvote quest threads before they bothered to actually look at the options menu?


27 P(&P)WK
01:09pm UTC - 11/14/2012 [X]
Huh. I think I remember seeing those phenomenon. But I didn't think t'was the act of singular anon...

Really, I had thought that the anons were polarized when I was voting up a couple of quest threads I liked, seeing something like 'The thread is +X after (2 x X) votes' or something like that.

Huh... Really.


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