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01:00am UTC - 5/16/2012
Whoops! So I thought I'd made the necessary changes to prepare for the new CSS on 4chan, but apparently I made a mistake that ended up breaking it. There are several threads without pages now, unfortunately, but on the bright side, links to the OP in a thread now work! Small favors and all that. Sorry everyone :(

If anyone has copies of Mahou Shounen Quest 112, NearFuture Cyborg Quest 18, Mahou Shounen Quest 113, and anything else that got killed (about a dozen threads or so) just shoot me a link or a .zip or something and I'll replace it manually.

Update: It broke again; apparently moot wasn't done fucking around with the CSS. I've made the sanity checking much more lax, so hopefully this won't be an issue in the future. Thanks to everyone that emailed me. I'm on vacation this week, so I haven't been exactly glued to my inbox. I'll see about downloading copies from other archive sources to replace the missing threads.

Update 2: I've replaced a couple threads and am working on removing all of the entries that have no accompanying content. Here is a list of what I've removed:

19143428Romantic Comedy Quest IIWe're confessed to and have to break a girl's heart. Our relationship continues its trend of open communication and we stay the night at our girlfriend's house.
19144719Druids and Awakened TanksFairly awesome modern fantasy thread.
19125392Hypercube DungeonsWherein we discuss the navigation of 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional cubes. Lots of good diagrams and explanations.
19119894Magical Girl Dystopia IVThe setting is solidified, ideas are developed, and issues from the last thread are snipped in the bud.
19150972MasterathYou will enjoy this thread. - Masterath
19151148Sistas of BattleOP wants to make a sassy black woman in Dark Heresy. Battle Sista Shaniqua is born.
19150140NearFuture Cyborg Quest 22In which you wake up after sexy times and star trek, complete the Raven, and find out you're going to moscow.
19149439skills /tg/ gave to Enter the ShadowsideA few days later the author updated the core book with the skills /tg/ had discussed. Here they are.
19150552Hearth and Hoarfrost: Homeless Psych Quest Part 7We explore the extent of our powers by accidentally recruiting a company of obedient college soldiers for a few minutes. The dice gods freely dispense terror, amusement, and experience. And Laura finally is properly receptive.
19151544Free forum RP invasion starts out just like any old online RP storytime thread,then gets to invading a RP forum to fuck shit up
19150253Generation A QuestMonstergirls(people) in the year 2032 after the apocalypse where it seems that humans disappeared and were replaced by monsters. MC finds out he has a fatal genetic disease and a month to live. Also some HUEHUEHUE
19151344Monster Girls Quest 19 part 1Leaving the angel and centipede in good shelter, the situation tense up before meeting the regent.
19155907Mahou Shounen Quest 117We say our goodbyes.
19154225Freeform RP invasion part 2/tg/'s assault continues, with three techpriests and a cyborg ninja at the helm.
19149444Fist of Shadow Quest 13Our hero and his party arrive in the coastal town of Sandoval only to realize they're still not going anywhere for a while. Resolving to make some dosh to pay the ferry fare, the party (sans Khan) makes a detour to the dreaded -- and predictably dark -- Darklands.
19156952Romantic Comedy Quest IIIOur best friend loses his bro status, our Grandma overworks herself, we learn more about our girlfriend's past and we receive a surprise at work.
19162074Neckbeards/tg/ discusses examples of terrible people. The epic tale of Grant M is unleashed.
19097451Mahou Shounen Quest 112We meet our resort's former owner, Evangeline AK Mcdowell. TIME FOR PRESENTS!
19085077Magical Girl Dystopia IIIMore fleshing out about the girls and the resistance
19099637Riddle of Steel: Hobo WarsIn which /tg/ find the true calling of Riddle of Steel: Statting out bumfights
19101092Callidus assassin quest 1/tg/ is given the greatest prey of all, a young heretic responsible for the near destruction of several imperial and xenon forces, Matthew Ward
19104329Listen up, ElvesThrog Shabbog hits peopple with hard facts, others soon join in.
19103798Varg Vikernes makes an RPGExactly what the title says. /tg/ reacts.
19102573NearFuture Cyborg Quest 18You learn more about Resurgence, confront Twelve, prepare and execute a mission, and an existential issue is laid to rest- for now.
19107205Mahou Shounen Quest 113Zeroing in. Archives still broken? 112 can be found on FOOLZ
19104355Nomad Quest Part 11Vol Itolstein, Districts, strange new lands and empty thrones, ahoy!
19089843Jack Chick and /tg/Getting game ideas from Chick tracts
19091882Fantasy nation builderIt's a nation builder by bobski. The theme is fantasy. Habeeb it.
19090715Mass Effect Quest Filler Arc 2We take over as Karrigan and manage to access the shield's inner workings. We are in the process of testing it out on Brigg's.
190433141000 fa/tg/uys fell from the sky...Thread 12.
19095932Marneus Calgar FanctionAmateur writefag does his thing, producing a story of heroism and tragedy.
19043505Fortune: Evolution Game - Discussion Thread 2While the first was not archived (nor is it worth archiving), this discussion thread proves to be full of brainstorming concerning the next stage of life on that wild, wild world. Previews of Part 5 as well as links to the new 1d4chan page are included.
19094950New Skills for Enter The ShadowsideAuthor of Enter The Shadowside brainstorms new skills, much collaboration takes place.
19160280Maid Quest: The Life of Master Part 16Hito find a teacher who will teach him in art of thaiboxing.
19164148Dorftales/tg/ invades Drowtales three years after everyone stopped giving a fuck.
19165697Katawa Yandere - Rin Route (Part 8)Conclusion of the festival and the rise of the 'Yan'
19161691NearFuture Cyborg Quest 23In which we prepare for the mission against CD, get Luin designed and built, and spend a lot of time, both dressed and undressed, with Amy.
19162244Monster Girls Quest 19 part 2Diplomacy, escalating situation and a character shift, things are looking bad.
19162810Metahuman Renaissance Quest 43Dan and co finally do some sight seeing in Japan, then get a tour of the Tokyo Metyo
19165722Zerg Quest LXXXVIThe infestation of Earth begins, and the Swarm invokes the Eldest Meme.
19165018Romantic Comedy Quest IVWe get our friend a job at the restaurant, our best friend is dead to us and we reach an ending to this tale.

If anyone has replacements for these broken threads, or can just link me to another archive, I'd be much obliged.

I've also added a more helpful 403/404 page, so if you click a badly-archived thread, it should give you a proper message instead of just an empty directory with some barren folders. If anyone notices valid threads doing anything weird, let me know and I'll fix 'em.

~Lord Licorice



1 Anon
07:33pm UTC - 5/18/2012 [X]
We're getting error 403 on a few of the threads that have just been archived. Everything since 'Romantic Comedy Quest II' seems to be bugging out. You may wanna look into that.

09:03pm UTC - 5/19/2012 [X]
Stuff be broke again.

And Spider Quest is currently running. If you can find a way to fix things, please hurry.

01:06am UTC - 5/21/2012 [X]
Um, any updates? All newly archived threads are still giving a 403 error.

4 Anon
02:36am UTC - 5/21/2012 [X]
I'm getting 403s after Armored Core Quest 36. Romantic Comedy and everything after comes up as 403s. Whoops?

5 Anonymous
04:47am UTC - 5/21/2012 [X]
Shit be broke. Any chance it will be fixed before the next installment of SWQ?

6 Anon
09:30pm UTC - 5/21/2012 [X]
Now I'm getting directed to an index, with /pictures and /thumbs and parent directory...Which trying to click on the thread, leads back to the same thing.

09:32pm UTC - 5/21/2012 [X]
Anything that was forbidden 403 before, now directs me to an index. Newly archived threads work fine, though.

04:32pm UTC - 8/21/2012 [X]
Here's an idea: Change the coding on the archive so the name entered as the title is the actual title. As in "Ruby Quest - /tg/ - Traditional Games".

08:19am UTC - 8/24/2012 [X]
Hey LL, I came across this and thought it might be something you guys dig. <= only thing is it's 10$ for a 1 player license and 40$ for 15 players. Maybe you can find a "pre-registered" version somewhere though =).


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