[#] ohgod
08:30am UTC - 1/26/2012
I'm not dead I swear, I just don't update unless I have something useful to say. AND I NEVER DO

oh well I guess I'm going to be purging the archive at some point, hopefully by the end of January. I'll post more info as I finalize plans. I'm so bad at housekeeping.

~Lord Licorice



1 dusty_thoreau
08:07am UTC - 2/06/2012 [X]
oh thank god! you've brought me food!

I've been here for so get's dull without someone to talk t-

wait! where are you going?! don't leave me! wait! WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

2 Player Uno
06:00am UTC - 2/10/2012 [X]
Please stop purging the vintage monstergirl threads and pre-mod HFY's. They're all I have left of /tg/ before it got all Mormonized and the drawfags got gassed.

3 Player Uno again
05:52am UTC - 2/11/2012 [X]
>Rapefic, monstergirl discussion, or anything particularly creepy that SMACKS OF BASEMENT DWELLING SOCIAL PARIAH


4 Coyote
05:06am UTC - 2/16/2012 [X]
Your archives are the most interesring thing on the net when one cannot into flash and java

5 Plasma_Leech
10:00pm UTC - 2/23/2012 [X]
Well I guess I need to start turning my favorite threads into PDFs to be safe.

6 Plasma_Leech
10:02pm UTC - 2/23/2012 [X]
Also an update at least once a moth wouldn't kill you >.>

7 Wyatt
04:41pm UTC - 2/27/2012 [X]
The shit is this, it's 2012! Why would you DELETE DATA these days?

09:10am UTC - 3/13/2012 [X]
Is there a "report bugs" section anywhere on this website? Because there are several threads where the posts are cut off literally mid paragraph, sad thing is they were interesting threads too.


04:00pm UTC - 3/21/2012 [X]
hey LL is there a way to change the name and tags of a thread cause a troll posted mahou shounen quest 54 as forever alone

08:38am UTC - 3/31/2012 [X]

06:57pm UTC - 3/31/2012 [X]
Hey, it looks like images arn't being properly archived


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