[#] Farewell, old friend
10:17am UTC - 7/13/2011
The old sup/tg/ server has been officially powered down. I'll definitely miss it, but users likely won't even notice the difference. One plus is the plethora of space, which has allowed me to copy over the graveyard and drawthreads as well; I thought they'd be deleted forever, but with so much extra room, I figured it'd be safer to keep on-hand. I apologize to anyone that panicked about favorite threads being lost, but I have them in massive 7zip files if I need to recover something.

~Lord Licorice


1 Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO
03:53am UTC - 7/15/2011 [X]
So, are you merging the old one's hardware into the new to add even MORE space, or are you leaving the old one aside for...experiments?

2 Tony Rayo
09:00am UTC - 7/15/2011 [X]
Wait for LL for an official answer, but I believe xen.tinate will remain as is and the new server (vps.tinate) is coming in to take the load of suptg.

12:02pm UTC - 7/17/2011 [X]
Does this mean the old threads will be available soon?


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