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04:31am UTC - 6/21/2011

Congratulations! If you're seeing this, you're at the brand new site. I'll add more notes here as I continue to migrate, but for now, you're at the right place. Note: IRC is at; if you were using, it'll time out, so check your settings.

The IRC and website migration went off without a hitch, which is a pleasant surprise given my usual track record with this sort of thing. As far as I'm presently aware, the entire archive should be moved and available, so you can start browsing, voting and adding new threads. If you run into any weird issues, please post them here, along with the URL and full error message. (Yes, the game, player and hamachi listings are all down right now, but I need to clean out the spam that got into them first...)

Reminder: July 1 is when the old server goes down permanently, including the graveyard. LIST OF GRAVEYARDED THREADS If there's a good thread you want saved, make a case for it in the comments here, otherwise just save a copy (I suggest DownThemAll!) or transcribe the content onto 1d4chan.

Once I'm satisfied that everything is working correctly, I'll be hosting torrents and direct downloads of the entire archive, from October 2007 through June 2011. I already have the files, I just need to make them available without taxing the server too heavily. Fortunately, I've got more hard drive space and bandwidth than I know what to do with now; I don't know what the pageload speed will be like under the new provider, but you're welcome to let me know if it's faster/slower, I'm curious.

And now, as it's 6am, I'm going to sleep. There's a couple other services to migrate (TeamSpeak, icecast, etc.), but it can certainly wait. Let me know if anything breaks.

Edit June 22: I just found a config error that prevented threads archived in the past 24 hours from being correctly updated; you may see some threads with incomplete content. If you happen to have the full HTML for these threads (likely quest authors) let me know and I'll update the thread with your copy.

Edit June 29: Per popular request, I've resurrected LoliQuest from the graveyard (and even grabbed the very first entry off Easymodo, which apparently put the /tg/ archives back up). I'm adding them back to the database and uploading the files as I type this. For anyone that wants the graveyard 7zip, PM me on the IRC and I will give you the download link for the file. The graveyard and old server are going away on July 1 or shortly thereafter, so you've got two days to get it if you want it!

~Lord Licorice


1 Testy Testin' Testeroo
04:36am UTC - 6/21/2011 [X]

01:27pm UTC - 6/21/2011 [X]
Don't delete the LoliQuest threads. Those are good.

06:08pm UTC - 6/21/2011 [X]
even as a M:tG fan, I cannot believe that someone archived a JtMS and Stoneforge Mystic banning thread.

.... nobody is ever going to want to look at it.

.... .... just felt like venting, sorry.

12:01am UTC - 6/22/2011 [X]
Really, Loli Quest sounds like a creepy fetish thing at first glance, but it's really a well-made legitimate quest thread. It's kind of like Ruby Quest.

5 Lord Licorice
12:31am UTC - 6/22/2011 [X]
I may take a second glance at the LoliQuest threads, but I gave up when Pedobear showed up halfway through the first entry. The Rape Factory thread was +31 with such wonderful gems as "If I were to just kill them there's no point in raping in the first place" so forgive me if I'm skeptical.

02:15am UTC - 6/22/2011 [X]
Would it be possible to offer a torrent with an archive of the to-be-purged threads? I've fumbled around with HTTrack for several hours to no avail.

02:30am UTC - 6/22/2011 [X]
You gave up halfway through the first thread. Keep reading. It's not what you're assuming it is.

10:11am UTC - 6/22/2011 [X]
seconding on the Loliquest, its not what your thinking.

9 Lord Licorice
10:36am UTC - 6/22/2011 [X]
Hm, okay, I'll resurrect LoliQuest, probably tomorrow.

@6: Why would you want it all? Just open up the threads that look worth saving and use DownThemAll! to grab the full images, save the page in your browser to grab the rest, then just do a simple copy/paste job to change the URLs to the local files. It's a bit of effort, but if the thread isn't worth it, it wasn't worth preserving in the first place.

10 Lord Licorice
10:41am UTC - 6/22/2011 [X]
Actually, I realized I can free up juuust enough space. If you're really a crazy enough bastard to want the full graveyard, PM me on the IRC and I'll provide the links. It'll be direct download, but it's not like the server's doing anything anymore.

05:10am UTC - 6/23/2011 [X]
Loli Quest? Seriously? It's not perverted at all, it's a actual quest that was well drawn and enjoyable

05:36am UTC - 6/23/2011 [X]
He said he was going to put them back... sometime today.

02:39am UTC - 6/25/2011 [X]
@12: Well, it looks like it's not back yet.

Sorry for being a bother, Lord Licorice, but you can understand why I'd worry about this, right?

14 Lord Licorice
01:15am UTC - 6/26/2011 [X]
Yes, I haven't forgotten, I've been busy. I'll get them before they're deleted, don't worry.

01:06am UTC - 6/27/2011 [X]
Okay, thanks.

You're saving a backup of the graveyarded threads, right?

16 Lord Licorice
11:26am UTC - 6/29/2011 [X]
@15: Yes, but it's not migrating with me. You have today and tomorrow to download it. PM me on the IRC for the links.

04:51pm UTC - 6/29/2011 [X]
I am the moron who can't get IRC to work. Can we get the links emailed? I just made throwaway127 at for this very purpose.

Not that I want them all by any means, but there's a few threads in there that I think should never have gotten the axe. Dunno why some of those really good setting brainstorming threads were pruned (and I don't mean the ones that could be easily summed up in a single 1d4chan page).

18 Lord Licorice
11:12pm UTC - 6/29/2011 [X]
@17: You've got mail. What were you looking for, anyway?

08:07am UTC - 7/01/2011 [X]
What about Drawwarrior? It was a pretty decent quest thread.

20 cradleoftheivorymoon at gmail
04:27am UTC - 7/03/2011 [X]
I am a fellow moron who must request the graveyard 7zip from here.

21 s
06:02pm UTC - 7/03/2011 [X]
keep tauquest!

10:32pm UTC - 7/03/2011 [X]
I know a lot people like The Worst Place Ever in the History of Ever. It's kinda dumb, so I guess I could see why you might delete it.

23 Chronicler
10:34pm UTC - 7/03/2011 [X]
I always thought I would get around to finishing that "Bastion's Reach" writefaggotry, and I still want to...
Oh well, I still have it somewhere on my computer (the story, not the thread), so I guess I could always just start from the word go if I ever continue it. Spacing is a bitch though.

Meh, whatever.

Thanks for keeping this site up, by the way. You are a true bro.

24 Anon
01:06am UTC - 9/12/2011 [X]
You sure that you uploaded it?


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