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07:25am UTC - 6/10/2011

I've started graveyarding. See LIST OF GRAVEYARDED THREADS. Completed: June 2010, July 2010, August 2010, September 2010, October 2010, November 2010, December 2010, January 2011, February 2011, March 2011, April 2011

I've also found a VPS provider and set up a box, so it should actually be a pretty simple process now to just move shit over. I'm going to finish the graveyarding within the week, move files, and have everything done by June 20. The old server will remain online until the last minute on July 1. After that, at the new host, I'll begin offering downloads for the entire archive piecemeal (e.g. August-September 2010 in a single file, torrents probable).

As before, if you see a thread you think should be preserved, name the thread number and make a case for it. Nine times out of ten, instead of it being preserved in the archive, you should rip the content out and throw it on 1d4chan. And there's always... uh, hm. It looks like Easymodo took down its /tg/ archiving service. Whoops! I guess it really is all up to me now.

Current Stats: 842 threads removed (6.3 GB), plus 57 drawthreads removed (3.8GB)

~Lord Licorice


1 Fats
07:59pm UTC - 6/15/2011 [X]
Uh, thread 10616380? Seems to be rather good, positive vote, nice content and all...

12:09pm UTC - 6/16/2011 [X]
Cyborg Handlers pt 2 (thread 10872180) might have been a "part 2 of 2" thread, but both of them had superb ideas that I've revisited more than once. It would be a shame to see it go--please keep it. It's too much for a 1d4chan entry, and given that it's a lot of people throwing ideas around, not really suitable for one.

3 Purple
01:00am UTC - 6/17/2011 [X]
Fats: The thread contains two or three ideas for rooms in a wizard-themed dungeon. That's it.

#2: It reads like a system/setting-making thread to me. Lots of pointless noise, why can't someone just boil down the essentials of the setting and system and post it on 1d4chan? Doesn't really seem like the WHOLE thread is important to keep. Plus, the thread is from 2010. If no one has picked it up, cleaned it up and used it before now, I think we can say it's a niche interest.

4 Mr. Anon
04:57am UTC - 6/18/2011 [X]
11587755, because i can't find it in the graveyard OR the archive

5 Purple
06:49am UTC - 6/18/2011 [X]
Mr. Anon, I found your thread, it starts as so:

"How about a /tg/-related fapfic? It's on topic because the main character invents a new party game that leads to some shenanigans. It's a long read, but I promise all of /tg/ that it's worth it. Besides, it's not like you have anything better to do on a Sunday evening. Also, please post every once and a while, a comment or something, so I know I'm not alone :P"

Note the fifth word: Fapfic.

This is why this thread was probably unceremoniously burned.

6 Lord Licorice
07:02am UTC - 6/18/2011 [X]

12:23pm UTC - 7/14/2011 [X]
57? It's got a higher score than any other graveyarded thread I could find. No negative votes at all. In fact, I actually saw it referenced in a few other threads. The OP may have been trying to make it sexual, but the thread derailed from the first response. Practically every other post centered on the setting and developing it, and it really does get pretty awesome in how absurd it is.

07:43pm UTC - 9/13/2011 [X]
14578325, why the hell did this get purged? It's at 15 positives out of 21 votes!

9 Stephen Foster
03:39am UTC - 10/13/2011 [X]
Is there any way for me to access any of these threads? The links just take me to 404.

Specifically, if anyone saved the monstergirl threads, I'd love a downloadable archive. I'm working on something.

Fuck, you know what? I'd love an archive of all of these. Most of these seem way way better than the HURR COOL DURR HURRUSY STORIES or MAGNIFICENT BASTARD GM BURRRR. I am so fucking sick of reading about how the barbarian threw the dwarf LOL!


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