[#] Happy Turkey Massacre Day!
04:25am UTC - 11/26/2010

~Lord Licorice


07:27am UTC - 11/29/2010 [X]
happy turkey day time to you too belated like.

05:02pm UTC - 11/30/2010 [X]
Yo. Is there any possibility you'd kindly set up a /tg/ replacement board on this server now that /tg/ is choked to point of unworkability with modfaggotry? There's no point in posting anything but shit threads there anymore since any good thread will get deleted within minutes.

Love, Anonymous.

3 Fatum
08:12pm UTC - 12/02/2010 [X]
*whine-whine-whine-whine I can't post guro CP on a worksafe board any more LL plz make me a new one*


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