[#] Almost done!
06:53am UTC - 8/26/2010
The threads are completely moved over with the exception of the threads I was supposed to resurrect (going to do that manually and move them later), and I'm currently working on improving the viewing page. I might even work on culling July if I'm feeling particularly ambitious.

Other than those last few threads to save, everything's back up and running. I'm just going to leave the old server up and running, if anyone needs or wants anything they're free to grab it whenever. Hooraaay

Edit: By the way, any votes you've made on old threads have been lost. You shouldn't have been voting on them anyway, but, you know, just letting you know. Any votes after July 10 were kept. Similarly, for those of you who were still archiving threads on the old site somehow and submitting votes there are a particular brand of derp.

~Lord Licorice


09:09pm UTC - 8/26/2010 [X]
Just how HIGH do you even have to be just to DO something like that?

06:47pm UTC - 8/30/2010 [X]
These developments are good news to me.

Except for the part about the old threads. That is baffling.

3 NM
12:34am UTC - 9/04/2010 [X]
Do you know were I could get a coppy of the following threads. I understand why you got rid of them since 50% of each was lolthatsawesome responses, but they had some decent write faggotry.

Humanity Fuck Yeah with a Twist! 10439760
Labor Day Humanity Fuck Yeah 10180590


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