[#] Slow Archive Progress
12:26pm UTC - 8/09/2010
Hey all, quick update. Sorry about the glacial pace of the restoration; I'm trying not to fuck it up when I move it, and I've been having trouble properly getting these threads to compress (and then extract with full paths to the right location, which is, you know, kinda important, what the fuck 7z why is that the common command).

I've also been fucking with server things in general, such as the brand new Minecraft server; let's just say that Notch really needs to hop in a time machine and write the game in anything other than fucking Java. Goddamned memory leaks cause Java to die, and all content in memory is lost, which seems to be all changes since the last restart. ffs. It now reboots every 4 hours starting at midnight UTC so that should fix it.

Anyway, as we speak, the first batch of threads are decompressing on the server (in the right directories, with the right file permissions); I've been just going by thread number and moving newest-oldest. I'm restoring back through thread 10011240, which is around May 24, 2010. (Edit: It worked! Huzzah!)

Once this proves to have worked just fine and I can stop worrying, I'll do another batch tonight, and so on. I've got a few days of vacation coming up this weekend, so I'm going to focus and get this shit done. I apologize for all the delays, but it's not like the content's going anywhere. Besides, the extra delay has given people way, way more than enough time to salvage whatever fapfics they'd like to save before I decommission the old server; I'll make a formal announcement this weekend when it's going dark (and even then I'll probably still leave it up for a while. I'm nice like that).

Update: Been pluggin' along. Somewhere in the 7zillions now. Uploading ~2GB a night or so, should be done within the coming week.

Update 2: I've lost a couple days due to Comcast asshattery, since I couldn't upload a 2.xGB file during constant spikes/drops and huge lag. See, before, when the internet would drop or slow to a crawl, I'd assume it was due to load on sup/tg/; now I'm finding it's just as likely Comcast's fault.

Also I decided I'm probably never taking down the old server. The bandwidth consumption dropped to nearly nothing (I figured it'd still get a bit hammered now and then) and I'm way, way under my bandwidth cap, so the graveyard on the old server will remain online indefinitely. (The new graveyard, e.g. from July 2010 on, will be deleted regularly.)

~Lord Licorice


05:47pm UTC - 8/09/2010 [X]
Thanks for giving us a little more time to save stuff. I wasn't home last week, so this is very convenient for me.
Sounds like the move is a lot more complicated than I first thought based on your earlier posts.

2 Lord Licorice
01:28am UTC - 8/10/2010 [X]
@1 I tried a few different compression methods, but even a few hundred threads can take hours and hours to work. I finally settled on 7z with a 'fast' compression, which doesn't reduce the filesize by very much but it seems to have worked this time around. It's just so simple for me to totally fuck it up and start over again.

3 Issyl
04:00pm UTC - 8/10/2010 [X]

04:11am UTC - 8/11/2010 [X]
Was the Audiomancer thread culled?

03:34pm UTC - 8/12/2010 [X]
Holy fuck, whoever keeps archiving every single one of the drawthreads that manage to pop up since July must be the same person(s), judging by the tagging pattern and tone in the description.

Can you ban the bastard(s) from archiving or something? This will save much of time in the future when you're forced to deal with clean up.

05:09pm UTC - 8/12/2010 [X]
I'd support this notion, these drawthreads are getting out of hand.

06:21pm UTC - 8/12/2010 [X]
Another option could be to delete threads that fall below a certain threshold like -20.

8 Kilinger
12:07am UTC - 8/13/2010 [X]
Some pretty good/fun threads are around -5 and such. Someone just got hacked off by it and voted it down. Anything -10 and below should be fair game for culling, though.

05:21pm UTC - 8/13/2010 [X]
1/5 of the archived threads since July are these low quality drawthreads.

I'm pissed because I've been scrambling to save some of the image threads slated to be culled, including those from recent two months. Amongst them are these particularly bad drawthreads that have wasted several hours of my time, and only now do I see a pattern in the tags and description of these egregrious threads in question.

Roughly, 50% of each of these threads are general begging for the drawfags to steer their subject matter. 30% are example pictures to guide them, and the remaining 20% are reposts or unfinished sketches. Between every 3 of these shit threads, I manage to obtain one finished piece of art (of dubious quality).

The tags for these threads are misleading. There is no drawfagging worth looking at. The descriptions are annoyingly half-assed and describe very little of what is within these threads (probably because there was nothing of worth to mention in the first place).

The faggot responsible for archiving all of such draw threads is a cancer, and their low standards have caused undue scrutiny to befall the few GOOD art threads.

Block the IP from archiving or something.

10 Blackguard
08:41pm UTC - 8/13/2010 [X]
Licorice, what's the word on story threads? I know there was talk about them neeing to be placed on 1d4chan, but I was wondering what you were planning on doing with them since they continue to appear on suptg. I know you're culling drawthreads because, let's be honest, they gone from the staple of what makes /tg/ awesome to complete self manipulating shit.

If it's ok with you, I think using suptg as a temporary archive of writing material before it can be transferred to 1d4chan would be great. Normally, I'd volunteer to transfer all story time threads to 1d4 myself, but I can't access 1d4 from work and from home there's enough going on that I can't promise to be a reliable scribe. If someone were to start doing this I'd gladly help out when possible, but committing myself to it and then failing is something I'd rather not do.

11 Biff
03:34am UTC - 8/14/2010 [X]
@8 Kilinger

you can totally point stuff out for LL, I hear he's pretty good at it.

12 anonymoose
12:57pm UTC - 8/15/2010 [X]
How about: If a new thread is tagged as 'drawthread', 'drawfag', 'drawfaggotry', etc, then it is archived for a period of one week before being silently autoculled. Allows time for anyone who missed the end of the thread to grab anything useful/move it to a more permanent page at 1d4chanor wherever, but doesn't clutter up the archives.
Could be open for abuse by troll archiving threads with these tags, but that's already a problem anyway (there needs to be a 'report incorrect description/tagging' function).

13 Lord Licorice
11:52pm UTC - 8/15/2010 [X]
@4: Dunno, check (didn't see it looking for the word 'audio' though)

@5, @6, @9: Archiving drawthreads is okay ASSUMING PEOPLE KNOW THEY WILL BE DELETED DURING A CULL. I'll take a look at malicious/moronic archiving and take appropriate action.

@Kilinger: As Biff says, point out anything and I'll save it.

@Blackguard: That was the original idea with story threads; like drawthreads, they were intended to just be temporary, allowing people to pull them off and put them on 1d4chan after. I don't have anyone dedicated to this right now, so if you'd like to start working on it when you've got the time, that'd be great.

@anonymoose: I will never use auto-deletion on the off-chance someone decides to script the site, abuse the tagging, uses a dozen proxies, and so on. Look what happened to the Dorf Quest thread that got tagged as furry avatarfaggotry...

As for mistagging, I'm kinda slow on it but I've been good at responding to emails about fixing threads.

14 biff
06:02am UTC - 8/17/2010 [X]
say, is there a way to disable the entire hiding -8 voted threads?

besides doing the lowest rated option.

I ask because I like the descending format for the archive.

15 Lord Licorice
10:28am UTC - 8/22/2010 [X]
@biff: I'm reworking the archive display once I finish uploading all of the content and synchronizing the databases. I plan on having "pagination" (View Last/Next, Jump to Page, Display 25/50/100/month) and better options for narrowing down the view (Display -5 or Better, -8 or Better, All), and so on. It'll make shit more manageable.

08:00pm UTC - 8/26/2010 [X]
#13, speaking of mislabled quests did you get round to re-naming and saving those other threads called avatarfagging and moar avatarfagging?


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