[#] Culling complete!
10:10am UTC - 7/30/2010

We're done culling the archives! Yaaay!

You presently have 48 hours* until Friday, August 6* to get everything you want from the following list:

Culled List

*or however long it takes me to turn off the server.

Anyway, the links on that page have all been updated to the old website, so you can download whatever you'd like to keep. Do not scrape the website or you will be banned. Art dumps and drawfag threads will be uploaded later to MegaUpload or something so don't bother with those, you'll get them in a tidy .rar at some point, or they're already on tgchan (I'll get the links for those and add them here). If anyone would like to officially or unofficially start transcribing writefag threads to 1d4chan please go ahead.

Remember, this is a general 48-hour window, but I'm not going to delete the threads for a long while (if ever), so if you miss it don't fret. Just ask and I'll be happy to send you a copy of whatever you'd like. Again, don't scrape the site because you feel like everything deserves to be saved; it really, really fucking doesn't, and if you haven't seen the culled list yet, you'll quickly figure out why.

After the window I'll start moving ~5GB of the surviving threads to the Xen a day until it's up to speed, cull July, and we should be all set. By next week or so we should be up to speed, unless of course I get sucked into Minecraft to the exclusion of all else... again...

Edity: Oh yeah, you'll notice the "saved" thread still show up in the culled list. I can't be fucked to bother removing them from the list, but if you asked me to save something (like those mislabeled quest threads and the like) I'll be restoring them during the move.

Edity 2: I've decided to leave the graveyard up until at least Friday, if not beyond that; the bandwidth usage from people snagging "killed" threads is way less than I thought it was going to be. Remember, the graveyard is here. I'm going to start transferring tonight.

~Lord Licorice


1 Issyl
10:26am UTC - 7/30/2010 [X]

LL is best webmaster

How big is the total surviving mass of threads?

05:59pm UTC - 7/30/2010 [X]
>various L5R threads gone
>the Human Mythos threads gone
>Paladin threads gone

What the hell, LL. The people you got to tag threads suck.

02:45am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
Is there going to be a specific order in which you move the threads over (such as moving the newest or the highest rated thread first)?

4 Richardass
02:47am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
"Just ask and I'll be happy to send you a copy of whatever you'd like. "

Thanks for the safety net, LL. Makes the pre-GenCon weekend that much less of a panicked rush.

5 Lord Licorice
03:55am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
@2 What Ragnarok thread? If you point out what you're looking for I'll save them, assuming they're actually worthwhile... "Does a pregnant paladin fall lolol" is not worthwhile, fyi.

@3 Newest first, restoring backwards from July 2010. Unless I decide oldest first is better. I'm moving them by age, not rating or anything like that.

@Richardass No problem. If there's some giant con all of /tg/ will be visiting this weekend I can postpone the 48-hour window, or more likely just leave it on for most of next week (depending on the traffic).

06:47am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
Ragnarok thread: 9541819

Other good threads marked for deletion:
10603119 (granted, majority of it is an imagedump, but there were several good posts in there as well)
10633617 (again, lot of imagedump, but some DH stats and other assorted goodies within)
10692358 10710245 10711954 (the 'Human Mythos' threads, all of which were good and all of which were marked for deletion)
10788125 (the Paladin Politics thread, which came up with several good campaign ideas)
10832525 (the bloody Ardavia thread got marked too?)
10830449 (granted, not sure if this one deserves to stay)

And that's just from May and June. I didn't even try counting the multiple L5R threads marked for deletion. Are there even any left, or did some butthurt anti-weeaboo go through the entire archive and just mark everything tagged L5R?

7 Lord Licorice
09:16am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
@6: Lich phylactery thread had one positive vote and is a topic that comes up over and over on the board.

EVE vs. Warhammer thread had a score of 0 and crossover fanfic is usually terrible.

Paladin thread was an imagedump.

Adapteus Evangelion thread was general discussion, nothing groundbreaking, no rules- or world-building, just talking about it.

Shaona thread is an image dump of hentai; any decent stat info should be moved to 1d4chan.

Ardavia thread is about a GODDESS of BONDAGE, enough said.

Tales from the LGS had *no* votes and is again a thread that repeats itself over and over.

Paladin politics thread description specifically says it's derailed into rape and murder and lolfall, just like every other fucking paladin thread; if there are good kernels of campaign starters in there, create a page of campaign seeds on 1d4chan and put them there (which is actually a good idea if it doesn't exist yet).

The L5R threads seem to be discussion of upcoming or just-released edition info and nothing of lasting importance (unless you can provide a particular counter-example). They're no different than the D&D 4th discussion threads, or Eclipse Phase threads, or any of the other system discussions that were *exactly* that and nothing more. Interesting and engaging at the time, but old news and not worth archiving.

As for the Human Mythos threads, they seemed vaguely interesting but I couldn't really get a feel for them. I'll restore them, unless you'd prefer to move them to 1d4chan because it's a fairly singular concept. I really wouldn't know, and the lackluster scores made me assume it was another "good concept, poor execution" deal.

Anyway, that's what this window is for; if something's being deleted that you want to keep, snag it, or even better, transcribe it to 1d4chan.

8 Lord Licorice
09:29am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
@6 Oh, I forgot the Ragnarok thread. You mean this one?

What part of this thread is worth saving, exactly? The pastebin reason is pretty much spot on: "Someone makes the argument that Earth is a Deathworld in the intro post, that's it." Actually, no, I found the one saving grace of the thread:

I'm saving this because frankly it's a fucking amazing piece of writing, but it's from a wholly different thread. Is there something I missed? I'm honestly asking.

04:25pm UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
This is going to take forever to look through. I am in despair.

08:02pm UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
Approximately how many threads is 5GB?

11 Lord Licorice
12:43am UTC - 8/01/2010 [X]
@9 Don't despair, a lot of it is shit! You may be better-served reading through the pastebins instead, they're more helpful in terms of identifying what a thread is and why it was thrown out. 48 hours is a smallish window, I'll probably leave it open through Tuesday at least.

@10 Fucked if I know, I'm just guesstimating from a bandwidth perspective. Some threads are image-heavy, some are text-heavy; I'm just going to grab a few hundred at a time and hope for the best.

05:49am UTC - 8/01/2010 [X]
why can't I load anything? I need to save everything with cutebolds in it

13 Lord Licorice
08:02am UTC - 8/01/2010 [X]
@12 Try again, the server was down for a couple hours due to movietiem.

14 Nicknack
08:37am UTC - 8/01/2010 [X]
I assume that the deadline has passed. If that is the case would it be possible for me to get the following:
Labor Day Humanity Fuck Yeah 10180590
Humanity Fuck Yeah continued 10419247
Humanity Fuck Yeah with a Twist! 10439760

Yeah I know that they're corny, but these ones had new content. If you're too busy right now then don't worry about it.

15 declines salesman
06:17am UTC - 8/02/2010 [X]
I'm trying to save the first Incestquest (#9047295) but it's not coming up on either the main site or oldsuptg. Not sure why it would be deleted anyways, score of +18 and all. It was entertaining and it certainly wasn't a fapfic.

16 PurpleXVI
09:15am UTC - 8/02/2010 [X]

Let me be all blunt here. There are some threads I didn't even look at the content of, if the tags/name involved shit like "cocks" or "incest" or /d/.

You get the idea. That one was probably murdered without me wanting to look through 50 pages of "FUCK YOUR SISTER, WOOOOOOO!"

And yes, there is some shit that has positive votes. That is no shield.

04:01pm UTC - 8/02/2010 [X]
Derpuhpus Quest was fantastic, with fun drawings and good GMing. Why is it being deleted?

06:12pm UTC - 8/02/2010 [X]
At 5GB/day, how long is it going to take to move the surviving threads?

19 Lord Licorice
03:19am UTC - 8/03/2010 [X]
@14 I'm going to leave the old archives up for much longer, visit oldsuptg to find them.

@15 This link should work:

10:37pm UTC - 8/03/2010 [X]
Incest quest is gone? That was one of the best mindfuck threads I've ever read. Anyway thanks for leave the archives up. I found some great stuff.

21 Lord Licorice
07:28am UTC - 8/04/2010 [X]
I actually started reading incest quest, it's actually pretty funny; it's in the vein of The Aristocrats, not a fapfic. I'll restore it.

That's what this wide window of opportunity is, after all: ensuring good threads get saved.

10:44pm UTC - 8/04/2010 [X]
I don't realy know where to post this so i'm gonna ask here. Can you download threads from the archive anyway? and if so how? 'Cause i'm interested in the recent high magic thread but don't know if i should transcribe the interesting post to a word doc or if i can get the whole thread.

07:05am UTC - 8/05/2010 [X]
I figured I'd look through the trash and see if there was anything worthwhile. I quickly saddened, for if there was anything worth saving I couldn't possibly find it under those mountains of shit. But at least said mountains are being removed.

08:17am UTC - 8/05/2010 [X]
"EVE vs. Warhammer thread had a score of 0 and crossover fanfic is usually terrible."

"Usually Terrible" huh? It sounds like you didn't even bother to read it.

25 PurpleXVI
08:49am UTC - 8/05/2010 [X]

Would you have bothered? Really?

10:31am UTC - 8/05/2010 [X]

I read a little ways into it. I'm glad that shit got deleted. Seems like every other shitty 40k crossover or fanfic gets archived, and almost none of them are worthwhile for anyone other than the diehard 40k fans.

04:51pm UTC - 8/05/2010 [X]
The not-culled threads don't seem to have been re-uploaded yet. There hasn't been a noticeable progress to me at least. In what order are threads being re-uploaded? Oldest to most recent or vice-versa?

04:57pm UTC - 8/05/2010 [X]
@27 He's moving them from newest to oldest.

08:47pm UTC - 8/05/2010 [X]

02:41am UTC - 8/06/2010 [X]
Yes. Yes I would.

Considering the thread ultimately ended in the consensus that 40k would get it's shit wrecked? I hardly think it was 40kids running the show.

02:44am UTC - 8/06/2010 [X]
Also, the graveyard appears to be down a day early. And I just noticed the Primarch's daughters threads seem to have all been culled. AND the "I received a sword from a giant" pun thread.

Goddammit people.

32 Declines Calesman
05:47am UTC - 8/06/2010 [X]
Primarch Daughters? Really? While I didn't really like the stories/fapfiction I did like the setting discussion and art.

10:54am UTC - 8/06/2010 [X]

Pun threads? Fuck you.


I've been pretty harsh on the fanfiction, personally, whether it was fap or not. Because it tends to follow a pattern much like the drawthreads.

You get one guy making, maybe, ten large posts with stories that range from ATROCIOUS to FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

Then you get fifty guys making a couple hundred posts with commentaries that range from "lol gg nice story bro" to "lol he should put it in her pooper next %D"

11:07am UTC - 8/06/2010 [X]
Damn, just got back from a vacation and missed saving the better stuff. Not much of value was lost, granted, but touhoufag's stuff, Six Million Dollar-chan and Project Gensokyo were kinda nice.
Anyway, good job on the culling.

35 Biff
01:32am UTC - 8/07/2010 [X]
Hey LL.

I guess until end of thursday would have been a better choice of words.

and crap, I didn't get the don't save the images of drawthreads bit until then (I am a stupid), so I guess it's a good thing that I procusinated on doing that, kinda.

Um... if you could find the eldrazi pics that ribbonfag/redlife did in a drawthread, that would be nice to have. There should be 3.

rather then find a good dummy e-mail to post, I figure that I will wait for you to post in this comments field

36 Biff
01:59am UTC - 8/07/2010 [X]
me again.

LL if you say, bah, fuck it, biff, you gotta wait till the drawfaggotry rar is up, that is okay, but not quite as good :3.

37 Wytsfs
04:25am UTC - 8/07/2010 [X]
Is it possible to get the tags of a thread changed?

This thread: Is tagged "drawthread, drawfaggotry, drawfag" (I'm assuming due to trolls). It's actually part 10 of a quest thread and should be tagged "Bard Quest, Collective Game".

38 biff
05:45pm UTC - 8/07/2010 [X]

not trolls, but sloppy archiving skills. sorry.
LL should be to change it though

if it had been trolls, then the title would be incorrect.

11:56pm UTC - 8/07/2010 [X]
Just a quick question when it comes to requesting culled threads, LL.
Should we drop you an e-mail, would you prefer us to post the request and our address in the comments or something completly different? Kind of a stupid question, I suppose, but it never hurts to ask.

40 biff
04:35am UTC - 8/08/2010 [X]
apperently the old stuff is back up if for only a small time.

thanks LL.

in return, I will dl only like 10 pics in my successful quest for the eldrazi pics. :P

41 autism symptoms
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42 sexdosug1001
11:24am UTC - 11/14/2011 [X]
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