[#] Archive culling battle plans
04:11am UTC - 7/13/2010

Okay, so here's the deal. I've roped some poor suckers politely asked a few members of the sup/tg/ IRC to help me cull the horrible, horrible threads in the archive so whittle the filesize down to a manageable level. Their guidelines are:

  1. Kill all drawthreads. These aren't any different than regular image dump threads, except they're singularly lower in quality and purpose; they're 10% content, 90% begging the artist. Any good drawfags will have their own dA account or at least a page on 1d4chan where their gallery is set up. Anyone participating in the threads likely saved "their" images, so why archive it?
  2. Kill failed and low-quality quests. There are a metric assload (that's a real measurement, look it up) of terrible threads in the archive. Many of them are "part one" to a one-part series or generally terrible. They're going away. Huge quests (regardless of quality...) are being tossed into the Collections section.
  3. Kill threads already against the rules. This means every image dump, every rapefic, every RP thread is being culled, because they shouldn't be there anyway.
  4. Kill troll, shitthreads, and general poor content. People have a tendency to archive a thread if they smirked slightly at one post amongst a hundred shitposts. We're rectifying this.

As mentioned previously, the list of culled threads is here. You'll notice more subentries for individual months, and the pastebins where the aforementioned chumps beautiful, beautiful people handed me their lists, along with their commentary or reasoning. If you've got a problem with something being removed, well, first, think long and fucking hard before you ask, and if you still decide it's really worthy of remaining, let me know in the IRC.

Once we're done culling, which may take a couple days (the archives are still accepting new threads), I will restore everything at the old location for 48 hours. This will give everyone enough time to retrieve content from the graveyard (surviving threads will probably not be restored yet at that stage). After that, I'm going to completely wipe the graveyard, upload the content back in stages, and finally decommission the old server for good.

Special thanks to schlubs goddamned Internet Heroes Aeros, PurpleXVI, Phaethon and Symmetry for mucking out the e-stables for me. Five months' worth of threads, anything under -5 and all threads tagged 'image dump' have dropped 8.75GB, and we've got many months to go.

Edit: If anyone has an answer for where to put the drawfag content, please let me know. I can't keep it for bandwidth/space reasons and certain elements inform me that 1d4chan isn't the place for them (apparently it's not the place for fucking anything). I don't want to start administering a drawfag gallery, which is why 1d4chan would have been ideal, so if someone has a solid suggestion on where I can upload everything just so people can get copies of it or something, let me know in the comments.

Edit 2: 2010 is done and most of 2009; only three months graveyarded so far but we're up to 10.3GB culled! Yaaay progress.

Edit 3: 2009 is done, total of 15.4GB removed. 2008 to go and then we start the migration.

Edit 4: 2008 is done, up to 17.5GB removed. Going to hit 2007 and start uploading piecemeal.

~Lord Licorice


1 biff
04:31am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
odd, the threads don't appear to be showing.... again.

also, planting YAR for the tags of the culled guys.

2 PurpleXVI
04:42am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
If anyone wants to hate on the cullings for April and May, those were me.

3 Lord Licorice
05:16am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
@biff I haven't restored access to the old server yet, because, you know, spah sappan mah bandwidth. Regarding the tags, it's kinda too late.

4 biff
06:29am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]

I will probably just bruteforce look at everything anyway.

5 Sir_Tank
11:34am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
When you say restore everything for 48 hours, does that include the image/artwork archive section? Sorry for bugging on it, but I'd like to dl a lot of those.

6 Old Man Henderson
12:10pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Every time I see a quest thread on /tg/, I see one guy say "Quest Shit" or accuse the OP of being a Furry and telling him to gb2 /tg/chan, and 50+ more people enjoying the thread.

I'm not saying that shitty quests shouldn't go, but you should be careful to not genocide all of them. And don't delete Demiurge Quest! I started the damned thing, and fully intend to continue. My Grandma died of cancer recently after a long decline and attending to my poor Quest thread has been really, really far down on my priorities list. But it'll be revived tomorrow or the next day, scheduling is kind of hectic.

7 Hope
01:58pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
I don't suppose there is a chance of recovering some of these? I know at least one thread on there *was* worth saving, at least on my computer if not yours. I'm not asking you to reupload, but *can* I ask for a single thread, long enough to save it?

8 anon
02:31pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
goddamn, you're doing this again? I hated it when you did it the last time.

02:42pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
No hate Purple, but you might want to make a note to delete the earlier parts of quests like Derpuhpus Quest that you've already marked later parts of for deletion. Also, why Cultist Quest? That's actually a decent one, and one of the very few quests as of late that has art to go with it. I'm fairly certain the creator expressed interest in restarting that one as well.

04:46pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
My personal deletion criteria:

Fuck drawthreads

If it tells a story, it needs to contain more than just that story(that is to say, not just two posts of story then 500 posts of reactionimage.jpg)

If it's fluff or similar, it should contain more work than comments and ideally have a decent amount of positive votes.

If I spot quest threads that have less than 10 archived threads and not an absurd amount of positive votes(like 10+/thread), I mark them up for purging.

If you want to make the case for something, #purge on the IRC

If you really want to save something, #purge on the IRC and help with the purging, purge the shit from those months that have stuff you want to save.

11 PurpleXVI
04:47pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Oh, and post #10 was from Purple. Just so you know who to hate.

07:40pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
I'm mildly disappointed some of my own stuff has been put up for cuts, but I understand. Something has to give somewhere.

I think some of your choices are a bit on the harsh side, Purple. Again, I understand cuts have to be made, but not all of the story/fluff threads are as bad as you seem to make out. Although admittedly it's a bit hard to make that judgement without seeing the threads myself and only going on memory.

Out of interest, how much does it cost to run the servers?

13 Fatum
07:59pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
It costs around a thousand hotpockets a month I'd say, (12)

14 Lord Licorice
08:19pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
@Sir_Tank: Doubtful, but maybe in the future. Remember, I've got a bandwidth cap now, so even the act of archiving and uploading will put a sizeable dent in it. I may try to do it in August.

@Old Man Henderson: If you give me the thread numbers I'll restore them.

@Hope: Once I restore access you'll be able to get them through the graveyard links. If you've got a case for a particular thread, I'd be happy to restore it.

@anon: Pretending for a moment that you are representative of all Anonymous: STOP ARCHIVING TOTAL SHIT, IT'S NOT THAT FUCKING MUCH TO ASK. First you collectively bitch that the archive is nothing but a septic tank spilling over with noxious excrement, then you bitch when I clean it out. You don't seem to bother applying any mental filters with this shit. Incest Quest? Wolf Wife? RAMIREZ ARCHIVE THIS THREAD? This isn't fucking easymodo, you're supposed to add things that are memorable and people would like to come back and re-read. It's not a dumping ground and I'm going to try and do better to keep it cleaner in the future.

@9: If it's worthwhile, give me the thread numbers and I'll put them back.

@12: It's because PURPLE IS A BIG JERK. Also the reasoning is that if the fluff is worth anything, someone would have moved it to 1d4chan by now, and if no one bothered, it wasn't that great to begin with (the blurb on the request interface explicitly states this). I'm thinking maybe I should ask people to add a 'temporary' tag so I can quick-kill in the future, but give them enough time to get all the good stuff.

As for server costs, initially it only cost the electricity to run the server; all you really need is a dynamic DNS host and XAMPP.

15 Lord Licorice
08:22pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Er, to clarify, the original sup/tg/ machine was an old HP Pavilion. Serving a website isn't exactly an intensive process; for a while we got along just fine running the damn thing in Windows XP. Everything's going to be moving to my Xen installation in Debian which is hosted elsewhere.

16 monotreeme
08:58pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
@first post, regarding quest threads.
I have just one question, are you getting rid of Doppelganger Damacy?

09:00pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
12 here.

That makes sense. It's a bit easier to find things here than on 1d4chan, but I see your point.

The only reason I asked about costs is that I wondered if you needed help or donations or something. I know you pay for the site out of your own pocket, and it's really generous of you to provide the service. I don't have a lot to give, but if it'd help I'd be willing to do what I can.

18 veyveyr
09:25pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
What the ass. Why is Operation Megaboomer on the purgelist?

09:57pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Can you revive this thread:
Its part of maid quest, this and avatarfagging. They were archived by trolls but are voted quite high.

20 wytsfs
10:00pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]

It's not on the culled thread list so I'm assuming it's safe. Also, not one of it's threads has a rating lower than 35.

21 derp
10:15pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]

Not all that many people actually contribute to 1d4chan, though. I mean, I myself have only added a single page on there, because I'm not all that familiar with the wiki formats and what, as well as things worth putting on there. In addition, in the defense of Drawthreads, not everyone uploads things they draw on /tg/ to, say, Deviantart or other places. Some attempt to keep /tg/ and their more serious works apart.

In fact, since many drawfag anonymously to avoid targetting by trolls and spammers, there's no real way to tell where things would be posted even if they did. A good example would be Greenmarine, sure, he's well known, but he has no other places he posts his things other than /tg/. Muju and DeadxCross? Neither of them post things they draw on /tg/ on their DA accounts, as I recall.

If I could add my opinion, I would say to simply delete drawthreads with little or no content. There are quite a few of those, sadly, that people couldn't help but archive uselessly. Contrary to what Purple claims, though, there are drawthreads that have lasted days. Some with several artists joining in at different times to fill 30 - 40 requests total, or a single artist going on a marathon drawing spree. Several of Sirbriggz's and Greenmarine's drawthreads have accomplished such, and I think would be a prime example of /tg/ getting things done.

10:41pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Thanks Lord Licorice, I had run a quest that I had hoped would go somewhere, and ended up with a few entries in the archive, but all attempts to get it going again got trolled or ignored into the ground. Sorry to have it sucking up space here so long.

23 Lumi
10:48pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
I'd request the de-cullification of the Infinity threads, as they are filled with A+ solid info and advice with close to zero trolling. They are referenced quite often as good reads to new players, so it'd be a shame to lose them. These are the threads, with very little conflicting info:

January 2010

February 2010

April 2010

June 2010

July 2010

24 Grail
11:44pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
@Lord Licorice

Alright, the thread numbers for Cultist Quest are as follows:

Cultist Quest 1: 9255563

Cultist Quest 2: 9282640

Cultist Quest 3: 9345384

Those aren't the actual titles, but the second one is mislabeled as the first and the third is mislabeled as the second. I forgot to add my name onto the #9 post as well, but that's besides the point.

25 Old Man Henderson
12:19am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]


That's it, and sorry if my first post sounded like a freaking sympathy grab.

BTW, what's with the "Ignore this CAPTCHA" thing? Is that supposed to fool really smart spam-bots?

26 Lord Licorice
12:37am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
I'll restore the requested threads above next time I'm able.

@Old Man Henderson: Yes but I figured you were joking so I didn't hold it against you. :B As for the "Ignore this CAPTCHA" thing, a while ago I started getting consistent spam which only got WORSE when I implemented reCAPTCHA. Then I realized the bots were probably looking for specific HTML tags, filling in the form automatically and hitting the button. By making it look exactly like a real CAPTCHA, I've actually had no more spam at all, since the bots will *always* try to fill it out and therefore *always* fail.

(also idiots that can't read can't post, so that's double bonus)

27 PurpleXVI
01:03am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
@16 Pretty sure I spared Doppelganger Damacy when I spotted it.

@21 Well, that's not really our problem. If their art is worthwhile, someone is saving it. If they don't want to keep their stuff on a DA or something, then tough tits.

I like Muju's art as much as the next man, but we can't be their personal goddamn archive. You can go harass them to save their shit properly if it's really that awful for you knowing that some of their stuff might get lost.

Also, no, fuck your drawthreads, I should not have to go through every single drawthread out of 50 in a fucking month to see how many of them have more actual art than they do people begging for art and/or BG's reactionface avatars. Most of them are useless or stillborn.

If you want to make sure that some specific little wanky piece of art gets spared, join #purge and help take some of the load, you have no idea how much shit we have to shovel through. If you're not helping, then deal with it.

28 Hope
01:17am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
10788125 is the thread I wanted. It's a thread where a lot of people discuss how an organization of Paladins can have an organizational schism without anyone Falling. Discussing how a nomadic army of Paladins could operate, the politics, the cultural concepts, a whole lot of it. Some of the best stuff I've seen on 4chan, honestly. I at least want to save it personally.

29 Lord Licorice
01:51am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
@Hope I'll restore it. It was killed primarily because of the description saying it got trolled, which doesn't make for good reading ever.

30 monotreeme
01:54am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]


last I saw they had something like 14 each.

31 Phaethon
04:11am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
I did January and June 2010, and today I am doing October-December of 2009.
So rage at me about those. Also: Infini/tg/ threads are already unpurged.

I left Doppelganger Damacy because I leave quests alone (except ones that died in a thread or two).

My basic criteria have been to leave Quests, Settings (and other idea threads with actual amounts of content that aren't HEY HOW ABOUT DOLPHIN MARINES), and in more recent purge lists, I've been leaving storytime threads, though later purges might decide to be more strict about those.

Anything that's not /tg/ related, most things about computer games (even those that are /tg/ related), drawthreads, writefaggotry, and shitthreads all went down. So be alert about any of those that you felt should be kept (or at least grab what you want from them before they are gone forever).

32 Guardsman #327
07:38am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
I just want to say, keep up the good work folks!

Purge the Drawthreads!
Pruge the Trolls!

Seriously I was about to ask about some sort of autoban from the site if some one was caught archiving shit

33 That Liar
08:04am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
On Drawthreads: get rid of them, I concur that most people will save anything that is worthwhile.

Granted, I'm in agreement with most everything going on here. sup/tg/ brought me to /tg/ I'd like to see the place hang around.

34 PurpleXVI
09:41am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
And as a sidenote, we are highly susceptible to compliments and other attempts to stroke our sadly-neglected egos.

March 2009 is me. Rage away.

35 PurpleXVI
11:42am UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
April 2009, blame me again.

36 someanon
12:26pm UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
So I'll ask again. Could you restore the final thread of JoanQuest and put it in a collection?
It had high ratings overall and the abysmal low scores for the last one are only cause trolls finally got serious about driving it away.
The two attempts at part 27 can be deleted though.

37 Anonymous
01:32pm UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
I'm ok with almost everything being purged, people really are archiving a lot more worthless threads these days. Only things I'd miss are some of the higher-rated threads from February 2010, in particular Golden Neckbeard Cake (8095309), Medieval Talking (8174149) and Tapioca Joe (8236788). I seem to recall all of them being pretty damn funny and well-liked, although maybe that's just /tg/ being /b/ lite again.

04:03pm UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
Can someone get round to #19. there was also another thread like that called 'moar avatarfaggotry'. they both need to be renamed and added to the maid quest collection as they are important parts of the quest just archived by some troll.

39 Fatum
09:30pm UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
As of April and May 2009 threads.

Despite suspicions, 4160755 is an authentic Ruby Quest thread. Yeah, it's a an April Fool joke by Weaver, but still.

Also, 4725435 and further Drew the Lich threads are the best thing to happen to /tg/ in the history of forever. You can regard them as a quest, I guess.

And seriously, deleting threads with forty five and thirty five positive votes?! While not deleting shit like 4261658, where everyone just circlejerks around a single goddamn typo?

40 Phaethon
10:49pm UTC - 7/14/2010 [X]
I am leaving all Drew the Lich and DJ Phylactery (well, all the rap battles, whether or not he was there) threads. In addition, sometimes a thread does escape notice, and sometimes a very highly rated thread isn't actually any good. The "I glued a guardsman bit to my dick" is rated at 143 or some shit.

41 PurpleXVI
02:58am UTC - 7/15/2010 [X]

Sometimes a shit thread slips under the radar, you have to remember we are paging through fucking hundreds of these fucking things.

And sometimes shit with tons of votes is retarded "HUR DUR JEANSTEALER INFLATION" bullshit. In particular, I believe, that 40-something plus votes thread you mentioned. Fuck you if you want to keep that shit.

RE: "authentic quest threads." Shit where people just DISCUSS a quest thread or write fanfiction about them afterwards or during or whatever the fuck... I really don't think we should save that shit. Just the fucking quest itself.

RE: Drew. My fuckup if I whomped that or any of the DJ Phylactery shit, I was keeping an eye out for it since it was some of the good stuff I wanted to spare.

06:01am UTC - 7/15/2010 [X]
Have the Planes and Mercs threads been kept? Because I fucking loved those.

04:31pm UTC - 7/15/2010 [X]
Can someone please revive and re-write this thread
its part of a quest that was archived by trolls and it has been requested 3 times now. Thanks.

06:59am UTC - 7/16/2010 [X]
What the FUCK!!

People are still submitting drawthreads...

I'm closing in on the point where I archvive every drawthread I see as "To be Deleted"

45 Leon
08:48am UTC - 7/16/2010 [X]
I have an idea regarding the drawthread thing, but it might be completely retarded since I cannot into server stuff.

Would it be possible to make a separate archive system (specifically for drawthreads and whatever else) where the threads stored inside are auto-purged after they've been there for a week or two? A good part of the reason things like that get saved - aside from wanting to save everything - is because people are going AFK for whatever reason and want some way to ensure that they can see if a request was filled. Which could sort of be done with Easymodo, but because they only save thumbnails it'd be kind of worthless for the purposes of saving the picture you wanted.

If it works as intended (and people actually use it correctly), it'd be a happy medium for the all-or-nothing debate that's going on now.

46 Phaethon
09:01am UTC - 7/16/2010 [X]
As I understand it, drawthreads are being moved to another (not 1d4chan) site.

@42 : I think those were in late 2009, and I may have listed some of them (I only remember seeing them). Check the lists as they go up and see if they come up.

47 Grail
11:53am UTC - 7/16/2010 [X]
In case any of these have escaped notice Blood Quest, Deathwish Quest/First Quest, Vampire Bride Quest, Dreamscape Quest, and Lego Quest should be getting sent off to the collections. Those are all completed quest and pretty much all of them had around twenty something threads.

48 Lord Licorice
12:17pm UTC - 7/16/2010 [X]
@43 I'm restoring threads as the step after culling, so it's going to sit in the graveyard for the moment since we're still knee deep in the dead.

@Leon Basically if I actually did what I'd promised myself when I first put up the archives - that is, an actual monthly cleaning - this will be taken care of regardless. I don't mind people archiving drawthreads provided they realize it's only temporary because I don't want to archive shit. I could ask them to use a 'temporary' or 'deleteme' tag so I can see what to cull more easily later, but of course it's open to abuse/forgetting to use it.

49 Catharsis
08:07pm UTC - 7/16/2010 [X]
There are two Maid Quest threads archived by a troll under a false name, summary, & tags. Is it possible to do anything about this & prevent their deletion?

Their current names & numbers are:
'avatarfaggotry' - 10522934
'moar avatarfagging' - 10546476


06:56am UTC - 7/17/2010 [X]
Hey, are we getting rid of the 'What if humans were real' threads? Those were pretty damn solid, I thought. 10711954, 10710245, and 10692358.

And how are you doing the 'Create a Species' threads? I know some shitsux, but most were pretty good.

10:26pm UTC - 7/17/2010 [X]
I'm proud of you guys. Keep it up.

Minor request while everyone is busy: Can we get the description for thread 3102178 shortened a tad? Someone didn't get the memo when they posted it, and somehow that giant block o'text makes it a pain in the ass for my computer to load the Highest Votes archive.

03:12am UTC - 7/18/2010 [X]
I've noticed that every single Pokemon Tabletop Adventures thread has been deleted.
Why? Many of them were very helpful to people who are currently playing Alpha.
Not all of them were good, but many were amazing.

53 Kag
04:28pm UTC - 7/19/2010 [X]
Can thread 10633617 not be deleted? It contained some DH stats. I think it was marked for deletion because it turned into an imagedump later on.

04:31pm UTC - 7/19/2010 [X]
Why is 10788125 being deleted? If it's the thread I think it was it's fully /tg/ related.

55 PurpleXVI
08:58pm UTC - 7/19/2010 [X]

I don't know about the others, but for me, a good start didn't spare a thread that turned to 99% shit later on. Shit:quality ratios and such.

09:15pm UTC - 7/21/2010 [X]
While I agree with much of the shit being deleted... Purple uses such little tact that I want to shank his face with a rusty spork.

05:16am UTC - 7/23/2010 [X]

58 PurpleXVI
09:23am UTC - 7/23/2010 [X]

I'd like to see you try, cocksucker. What's the matter, can't deal with me not liking your shitty fanfics?

12:07pm UTC - 7/23/2010 [X]
Hey, just make sure you don't forget that there's a bunch of new 2010 stuff since you started the purge that definitely fits the definition of "shit thread".

Fantastic job by the way--there's a couple threads here and there I'd argue for but really this was a superb effort by all involved.

60 Blackguard
03:11pm UTC - 7/23/2010 [X]
I'm assuming you're clearing out writefaggotry in addition to drawthreads and dead quests.

What about the Humanity, Fuck Yeah, threads? As much as it's a guilty pleasure, so many of them are just reposts. To the point that I'm pretty sure 99% of the content in the everyone from the past month is an attached image or copypasta. Dumping those should clear out some space since they seem to be getting made and archived on an almost weekly basis.

61 PurpleXVI
03:35pm UTC - 7/23/2010 [X]

Yeah, we know, we're just holding off on purging July till it's done. But holy fuck is the shit ever piling up.


I've been somewhat harsh on them so far. But hey, if you guys spot something INCREDIBLY shit that we haven't? Drop by #Purge and mark it up for annihilation, we'll appreciate the help.

62 Blackguard
08:49pm UTC - 7/23/2010 [X]
Ok, so HFY threads are out. Rightfully so.

What of general write threads? I suppose it wouldn't be difficult for 1d4chan to host it since it's just text. If anything it makes more sense for it to get logged in there. 1d4chan allows for stories to have thier own pages, be linked to related topics, and for all writing done by the same person to be located on a single page.

63 Gorbash
10:19pm UTC - 7/23/2010 [X]
/tg/, after working through eight months of horrifying fapfics and abject stupidity, I just want you to know you're all horrible mutants and I hope you die in a fire <3

64 anonymoose
12:07am UTC - 7/24/2010 [X]
For write threads, would it be possible to just nuke the images and keep the few kb of text (at least until it can be ported over to 1d4chan).

11:20am UTC - 7/24/2010 [X]
Make sure you don't delete the first few HFY threads that all the others are reposts of.

66 PurpleXVI
08:51pm UTC - 7/24/2010 [X]

Again, shit to quality ratio. If there's five posts of solid writefaggery and 500 posts of "HUR DUR PUT IT IN HER POOPER!!!!!! IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!" then it dies.

Also anything called a "fapfic" is burned.

10:43pm UTC - 7/25/2010 [X]
Here's hoping the Games: Toonami style thread live through this.

02:10am UTC - 7/26/2010 [X]
Why are the *good* Paladin threads all getting axed?

69 Gorbash
02:25am UTC - 7/26/2010 [X]

If you think some of them are worth saving, grab their IDs and point them out, like the instructions say.

10:19pm UTC - 7/26/2010 [X]

May I request that these threads please be moved to the new archive? My campaign is still going, and I reference the writeups to make sure that I haven't overlooked anything.

Also all of the rap battles are worth saving, if I do say so myself.

71 PurpleXVI
11:26am UTC - 7/27/2010 [X]

72 PurpleXVI
11:28am UTC - 7/27/2010 [X]
Er, oooops, disregard that empty post.


Pretty sure the rap battles were spared, at least the truly epic ones with the paladin rapping vs the lich and the other members of the party joining in.

73 Lupin the 3rd
09:34am UTC - 7/28/2010 [X]
one of the Dwarf quest threads is listed for culling due to a negative score, please don't get rid of it.

74 dorf
09:35am UTC - 7/28/2010 [X]

the dorf quest thread

75 Issyl
11:01am UTC - 7/30/2010 [X]
I for one agree with Purple's highly-strict culling criteria for two reasons:

1) Remember that LL is providing a wonderful service for us for free. Administration and organization of the archives in particular is a lot of work that he chooses to devote to us. The lower number and higher quality of the archives means less work LL will have to do, and more worthwhile that work will be.

2) The archives, in my mind, are not to archive everything that is even slightly good that has been posted on the image board. Even a thread that's uniformly amusing or interesting doesn't warrant archival unless it's particularly hilarious, awe-inspiring, or awesome. I think the purpose of the archives is to create a database where people can go back and look at the best threads on /tg/ - I would expect that few people bother to go back and look at threads that are "good," or even "great." I think what we're aiming for is something a bit more concentrated, wherein every thread kept is worth reading to most people.

Just my two cents.

76 That guy with the Kirby drawfaggotry requests
12:36am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]

This one might be worth saving since it has the middle part of an ongoing story. Especially since the other parts aren't on the cut list.

As for drawthreads, I think that many people save them because so many drawthreads tend to last overnight and people who request stuff are worried about missing it if they return the next day to find that the thread has 404'd.

One solution to this could be to have a separate archive for drawthreads where we simply make a rar of all the drawfaggotry and put it up on Megaupload or Rapidshare and cull all the threads every couple of weeks, or when the archive reaches a certain size.

Just an idea.

77 Richardass
02:43am UTC - 7/31/2010 [X]
Could 10501437, the egyptian paladin thread, be saved? It doesn't really seem like a "wat do" and is more someone asking for advice, with details of a pretty damn cool campaign and providing a good paladin thread besides.

On the other hand, it does lean heavily towards "paladins, fuck yeah" cheerleading.

06:22pm UTC - 8/04/2010 [X]
8104655 is on the cull list, but not in the graveyard. I remember there were two posts on this story, one with the intro (that later diverged into semi-related writefaggotry) and one that had the ending with a just-as-planned by another PC. I think this thread is only the first part, but I can't find the second post anywhere.


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